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My family is being sanctified by turning my life into prayers and by practicing the Blessed Mother's messages of love


My name is John the Baptist Ji-Sung Kim from the Dong Daeshin Parish in the Busan Diocese.  As I have received the graces of repentance and am living the life of resurrection through the Blessed Mother, I would like to share these graces with you.

It was in 2001 that I first learned about the Blessed Mother of Naju by visiting the Mary's Ark of Salvation website on the internet almost by accident.  After I began learning about the Blessed Mother of Naju, I gradually realized that I had been committing all the sins mentioned in the Ten Commandments except the sin of murder for ten years during which I had not been practicing the faith.  I had been so deeply mired in the secular life that God probably thought that He could not tolerate my condition any longer.  In April 2003, the right side of my face became paralyzed through a viral infection of the nerve cells.  At first, it did not seem too serious, as I understood that a facial paralysis could usually heal in about ten days by acupuncture.  The doctor said, however, that my case was caused by viruses and would take about a year to heal.  I was hospitalized, but, as it did not seem to help, I decided to go home and receive treatment through regular visits to the hospital.  While waiting to be discharged from the hospital, I suddenly began vividly remembering the image of the Blessed Mother's face shedding tears of blood.  I felt strongly that the Blessed Mother was calling me through this illness.  After I got home, I visited the website again at www.najumary.or.kr.  Now, my spiritual eyes were opening, and I was reading the messages more avidly.  I began realizing that the Blessed Mother's messages were meant for me and that she was shedding tears and tears of blood because of me.

Thus, I began making efforts to practice the Blessed Mother's messages, reading the Bible and praying every day.  My soul was changing.  To give thanks to the Blessed Mother for this and also to pray for healing of my physical illness, I visited the Blessed Mother's House (the Chapel in Naju) for the first time on the First Saturday of June.  Soon my facial problem improved, and now it is almost completely normal.  I have also been healed of so many evil habits of mine through turning my whole life into prayers.  I was carrying in my pocket the booklet on how to convert our lives into prayers.

I used to have the habit of not talking to others easily or being kind to them.  So, even when my father came to my house, I hardly talked to him.  Now, after I began reading the Blessed Mother's messages in Naju, I talk more easily to my father and obey him more promptly.  Now my relationship with my father improved a lot, and this also brought more peace and harmony to the whole family.

Before, I never did the dishes or cleaned the rooms.  I used to think that those were not men's work.  Now, to practice the turning of my life into prayers as explained by Julia, I willingly do the dishes and clean the rooms, at the same time, praying for my soul, my father, other family members, and all others around me.   I have also learned that, by praying for others, my merits accumulate also.  As the old saying goes, I am catching two birds with the same stone.  Thanks to this method of prayer explained by Julia, my soul is becoming healthier and the relationship in my family is becoming more harmonious.  I am so happy.  When there are more dishes to wash, I am even happier, because I think, "There are more souls who will repent today!

I also had a habit of looking at obscene images on the internet, but now I pray when I turn on the computer, "Lord, grant me the graces to glorify You more by using this computer.  Amen."  As I feel the presence of Jesus and the Blessed Mother by my side, I simply cannot open the bad images on the screen. 

There is another lesson I have learned from consecrating my life to the Lord and converting my whole life into prayers.  It is the true meaning of saying: It is my fault, which Julia emphasizes throughout her diary.  During the prayers at Mass, we say, "It is my fault," but I was not practicing this in my real life.  Now I learned how to practice it from Julia's examples and words. 

Thus, for the past seven or eight months, the Blessed Mother of Naju has been transforming me from living a secular life into knowing God through her.  I am so grateful.

I also had a bad habit of drinking without restraint.  Once I began drinking, I kept drinking until dawn.  God enabled me to stop drinking through my illness.  All my praise, gratitude, and glory to God the Father!  Also, my sincere gratitude to the Lord and the Blessed Mother!

John the Baptist Ji-Sung Kim
Jungrim Park #109
63-245 3-ga Dong-Daeshin Dong
Seo-Gu, Busan, Korea

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