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The graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju are spreading in China also


My name is Anna Kang from Harbin in China.  We heard a lot about the Blessed Mother of Naju, and were overjoyed to see the Naju message book.  Some of the volunteers in the parish wished to visit Naju.

Then, last year several Korean people came to China and told us about the Blessed Mother of Naju.  They also gave us scapular rosaries and the water from the Blessed Mother's miraculous spring.  At that time we only knew about the water in Lourdes, and some of us had doubts about the water from Naju.  However, when a priest gave the Naju water to a dying woman, she regained health and is now working at a restaurant.  One elderly lady, who had had an eye problem for years, brought some of this water home.  When she washed her eyes with the water, her eyes became healthy.  Another elderly lady who had suffered from a back problem for years was healed after drinking the water from Naju.

Susanna Baik, who was the leader of our prayer group, also had a severe back problem and needed surgery.  The day before the scheduled surgery, she drank the miraculous water from Naju and was completely healed. 

There are many people in China who wish to visit Naju.  You cannot even imagine how intensely they love the Blessed Mother's messages in Naju.   We believe and pray that everything in Naju will be approved soon and the messages of the Lord and the Blessed Mother will be fully realized.

Anna Soon-Jung Kang
Harbin, Manchuria

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