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"This must be a miracle from Heaven!"


My name is Theresa Park from Joong-hwa Dong in Seoul.

It was about six years ago.  My mother-in-law, 80 years old at that time, had a difficult personality.  She would start a fight with anyone.  Even within the family, she was on bad terms with everybody.  One day, she could not control her anger and swallowed herbicide that she had bought at a rural market.  It was about 5 a.m., when I woke up by the sounds of someone screaming in the yard.  When I went out, I saw my mother-in-law throwing up the herbicide that she had just swallowed.  I took her to the hospital, but the doctor said that there was no hope, as her internal organs were severely burned, and asked me to prepare (for the funeral).

At that moment, I suddenly remembered the water from the Blessed Mother's miraculous spring in Naju.  The doctor said that, if my mother-in-law was given water, she would die immediately.  Nevertheless, I gave her the miraculous water when the doctor was not present, thinking that, if my mother-in-law was dying anyway, I would at least let her drink the miraculous water. 

About one hour after she drank the miraculous water, however, she became healthy and was discharged from the hospital the next day.  She said that she did not have any pain or discomfort in her stomach.  Actually, she was eating more easily than others.  She lived five more years and died last year.

My next testimony is about a healing that I received.

Because I had a severe headache for some time, I went to St. Paul's Hospital at the end of June last year.  The MRI test showed that I had a brain tumor.  To make sure, I went to a larger hospital, but the result of radiation test there was the same.  To make things worse, the doctor said, "There are three holes in the brain, which is a more serious problem than the tumor."  He said that it was a rare disease and a kind of cancer—actually, a very dangerous kind of cancer.  After a test of bone marrow also, I went home.  There was a panic in the family after learning about my fatal illness.  To prepare for my approaching death, I went to church to receive the Sacraments.

When I arrived at the church, it was five minutes before the evening Mass.  When I said to the priest, "Father, I would like to make a confession," I smelled a strong fragrance of roses, which I had smelled in Naju.  My younger sister who went with me also smelled the fragrance. 

At that time, I did not have any of the miraculous water from Naju at home, and so asked my younger sister to bring some.  When I drank it, I smelled a powerful fragrance of roses again.  The water in the bottle continued to give off the fragrance.  When I drank all of it and refilled the bottle with more water from Naju, the strong fragrance still continued.

Twenty days after the first tests, I went back to the hospital.  I was filled with anxiety and fear, but, when I arrived at the hospital gate, I smelled the strong fragrance of roses again.  After the tests, the doctor said, "Congratulations!" and continued, "This is impossible.  This must be a miracle from Heaven."  The problems in my brain completely disappeared! 

Thank You so much, Lord and Blessed Mother!

Therese Park
148-73 Joonghwa 1 Dong, Joongrang-Gu

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