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‘A huge spiritual battle has begun already...’

Message on August 26, 1989

The Blessed Mother shed tears of blood. I was praying the rosary with Father Raymond Spies, who came for a three-day prayer; three Sisters, who came with Father Spies; other pilgrims; and my family. I entered an ecstasy during the Fourth Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries. It was 11:38 a.m. I could not see the Blessed Mother, but heard her warm, soft and eager voice.


Daughter! Now is the time for a huge battle between me and my enemy. Our enemy is the army of the Red Dragon, who looks like a terrible animal. All the devils are out to conquer this earth from hell. They are challenging to corrupt many souls of this world by making them reject God, commit sins with all kinds of selfishness and defile everything. Thereby, they are trying to form an army.

Daughter! See how they allure people into the traps of hell.

The Blessed Mother had hardly finished her words when the black animal figures of the devils began appearing with their carts. The carts were well decorated but were black. The devils looked somewhat like eagles. They were snatching many souls and loading them into the carts. Around the carts were the black devils and many souls attracted to the carts. In order to make the souls join them, the devils were chattering in an inscrutable manner. Many souls were giggling and having fun with the devils without knowing that it was the road to hell and without running away from or rejecting it. Soon these souls, too, were turning black. I was so sad.

As I was trying to pray for these poor souls and rescue them, the devils, looking like eagles, began hitting me violently with their wings and scratched and pecked on my head with their claws and teeth. Despite the attacks, I did not retreat. As I was no match for them with physical force, I took out my rosary and struck them with it and this made them run away. They were pulling away the carts filled with the poor souls. I chased after them and began pulling out the souls one by one, with the rosary in one hand. When I hit the devils with the rosary again, they hurriedly overturned the carts and ran away. The people thrown on the ground were getting up, repenting their sins with tears and praising God.

At that moment, I began hearing the Blessed Mother again.


Daughter! Did you see that? A huge battle has begun like this already. Since it is a spiritual war, arm yourselves with me by entrusting everything to my Immaculate Heart. Also practice the messages of my love. Then, you will be able to escape from the terrible chastisement approaching the human race and the Church.


When I got out of the ecstasy, it was 1:38 p.m. I suffered pains during the two-hour ecstasy, but the remaining pains made me unable to move myself for a total of five hours.

Oh, Lord! Glory and praise to You.

Message on August 29, 1989

The Blessed Mother was weeping from early morning.

I went to the Chapel to be with her at about 10:30 p.m. I fell asleep while praying, contemplating and suffering pains. At 3 a.m., I woke up at the sound of someone being there. I felt that the inside of the Chapel was bright, but when I looked in the direction of the statue, there was no statue. Instead, there was the live Blessed Mother carrying the Baby Jesus and shedding tears. The Baby Jesus was not wearing any clothes and His eyes were also sparkling with tears.

She was not wearing the crown on her head, but was wearing a white mantle. Her appearance was as usual, but she was sitting in a chair looking tired and pale in her face and was surrounded by bright light. Momentarily, I knelt and prostrated myself. As I was trying to say something, the Blessed Mother began speaking with a beautiful voice.


Daughter! Look. In order to save the children who are wandering in a worsening darkness, I continue pouring down the light from my Immaculate Heart upon them. But even my closest children are not renouncing themselves and are hurting my Heart intensely!

Daughter! The vicious devils are even penetrating the inside of the Church causing division, confusion and darkness. How serious the harms to the sheep will be! Therefore, daughter, pray, make sacrifices and do penance with a greater love in this time of darkness.

In order to avoid the approaching calamities, the children who have been called must climb Mt. Calvary in a deep, silent love—without sighs or lamentations, even if they are ruthlessly despised and are insulted under the heavy burden of pains. Thus, they are being crucified together with my Son Jesus for the conversion of sinners.

Daughter! Can you receive pains for the suffering priests and for the conversion of sinners?

Julia: Yes, Mother.

I immediately fell down and suffered the pains of crucifixion. When I got out of the pains, the Blessed Mother spoke to me again with a very kind voice filled with love.


Daughter! Do not lose courage. The love, sacrifices and penance being offered by the little souls who follow me may even include the terrible pains of Calvary. But it is the Will of my Son Jesus and me that the little souls are called to help purify the world. Therefore, follow my sorrowful and wounded will with great love. Good bye! An-nyoung!

The Blessed Mother disappeared with her light. I had so many things to tell her, but she left.

Julia: Oh, Mother of love and mercy! Let your will be realized through the light of the wounded Sacred Heart of Jesus and the pierced Immaculate Heart of Mary. Also let us offer an unending gratitude. Amen.

I prayed loudly. It was 4 a.m.

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