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Message on January 30, 1988 (1) [9:45 - 11.45 a.m.]

While I was agonizing about the volunteer helpers being unable to form unity but speaking ill of each other and judging each other, I began suffering the pains of the burning Sacred Hearts of the Lord and the Blessed Mother and of vomiting even excremental water without a pause to breathe. At that moment, the Blessed Mother appeared looking sad and painful. The Blessed Mother loves us so much that she talks to us to save even one more soul, even vomiting her blood, but we do not understand or follow well what she says. When she stretches her arms to embrace us, we reject her hands making her feel very painful in her stretched arms. We are not forming unity; we easily make promises but do not keep them; there are many priests but they are not quenching the spiritual thirst of the children. Therefore, the Blessed Mother feels very thirsty. She began speaking.



Father Spies is also suffering. But don't worry. Those priests who follow me will be persecuted, but I am helping them.

My pain is intense, because too many of my children are not accepting my messages. Pray much so that the messages will spread fast. You did not come here on your own, but by my call. You must not leave me, but work together with Julia and help her. As I will prepare your rewards, trust and follow me.

Daughter! Do not worry. The more you suffer, the greater your rewards will be. This applies to all of you. You are in one same body, but different duties are assigned to each of you. Do not refuse the cross given to you.

I will put you with love in the furnace to melt your impurities and make you pure. Regardless of how much love God gives you, He cannot help you if you do not accept His love. As you have been called as the apostles of my Immaculate Heart, you must accept me well and share each other's burden.

Do not grieve and weep when you see my suffering, but make the Passion of Jesus known in all the nations of the world. Some priests and religious are not carrying out their duties properly and fall into sins of impurity. For this reason, Jesus is being hit by more arrows and His Head is being pressed down with more crowns of thorns and bleeding. But there are no children who will wipe away His Blood. That is why the propagation of the Immaculate Heart must be realized as soon as possible. My Heart is being torn apart and my throat is burning, but there aren't many children to quench my thirst. Combine your efforts.

My Son Jesus and I are shivering with cold, but who is giving us clothes? I am thirsty, but who is quenching my thirst? My womb is painful as if it were being torn apart because of abortion operations, but how many of them have you stopped?

Priests, priests, my beloved priests are falling into sins of impurity. I am suffering severe pain in my abdomen. Pray and sacrifice without ceasing for priests. Pray for them with sacrifices and penances so that devils may not tempt them. I also feel sorrowful because of the Divine Office offered out of habit by religious.

If you truly love me and love your neighbors, then, you are loving Jesus and will be appeasing the just anger of God the Father. When my messages are spread to the world and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened and the terrible punishment will be turned away.

My dear children! As I called you with love, I will protect you until the end of the world or, rather, until you come to my side. Therefore, hold my hand tightly in my bosom and follow me. I will guide and lead you, when you do penance, sacrifices and reparations and when you joyfully offer up all the poor souls. I will also fight on your side when you fight the war in the world. I will help you.

Because I called you to be apostles of my Immaculate Heart, devils will become more rampant and tempt you. Hold my hand tightly so that you may not fall into temptations. . . . This country is going to be divided because of hatred, jealousy and resentment. So, your sacrifices are needed. You must work together holding each other's hands. Even at this moment, abortion operations are being carried out causing intense pain in my abdomen as if it is being torn apart. Pray the rosary more fervently.

As you are brothers and sisters united by love, do not fight because of jealousy, selfishness and the like, but love one another and work in unity.

My dear daughter! My beloved souls! All of you! Work in unity holding each other's hands. Whenever you sin, my Heart becomes torn apart and bleeds. Because this blood is being bled in vain, pray for the repentance of the sinners and pray harder the rosary for peace in this country and peace in the world. As I said before, if you pray five more decades of the rosary, this country will avoid the crisis. Thus, let all the faithful put this into practice. If all of you unite, this country will triumph.

I love this Korea. I came to you because I love Korea extremely. If you unite and love one another, you can overcome any temptation. Hold hands for unity. As I am holding your hands, all of you must hold hands one another. I will embrace you all in my bosom. If you do not unite, more blood will flow from my eyes and I will suffer more pains.

Give me alms. Give alms to this Heavenly Beggar. As you will live in my Immaculate Heart, rejoice and keep in your heart heavenly matters, desire heavenly things, renounce self-love, and walk the way of more self-renunciation and of a little person's love. Thus, come back to my bosom and become a comforter for me.


Message on January 30, 1988 (2) [10:30 - 11:30 p.m.]

While I was crying a lot because of many different and severe pains, the Blessed Mother appeared and called me tenderly and began speaking, consoling me.



My beloved daughter who asks for more suffering! I did not shed tears in vain. I called you, a weak and poor child, to lead the whole human race to the road of redemption. So, what can I do (about your suffering)? What can I do, if you are sad? So, do not be troubled too much. Since a long time ago, I have been tempering you with the fires of justice through your sufferings. You even said that God was harsh. I can understand.

So much pain has been given to you. Your heart is pierced with a sword, stops its pulsation and becomes cold on the cross which is a terrifying instrument of torture. Frightful pains come from twisting your arms and legs (with heavy wooden sticks) and crushing your heart. Your heart becomes paralyzed as countless arrows lodge in it. Your body is covered with wounds from scourging and is unmovable. Your throat becomes so dry that you cannot even swallow saliva. Your head is pressed with the crown of thorns and is bleeding. But I tell you again that, through such pains that you suffer which are so terrible that one cannot even look at with open eyes, those who are spiritually blind will open their eyes, those chained to the secular world will be set free, and many souls imprisoned in darkness will return to my immaculate bosom.

Do not worry about those who are against us, either. Those who have ears will hear; those who have eyes will see; and those who practice my messages well are accepting me and, therefore, their souls will be renewed and surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

Therefore, my daughter, rejoice while suffering pains. Give me even all of your smallest pains. The burden of atonement that you carry is heavy, but I will be with you as you climb Mt. Calvary with Jesus in love. An-nyoung!

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