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Message on July 15, 1987


My little daughter! I did not come to call the just. Because the sinners were walking on the road to hell, I wanted you to be delivered from death while you were sick so that you may work with me to save even one more soul. For this purpose, my Son Jesus saved you when you were about to cease functioning.

Julia:  Mother! I am very sorry. I still have difficulty in moving my body.


When you are sick and suffer pains, offer them up for those with dying souls. When you, who know that I am now suffering many of the same pains that I suffered on Mt. Calvary for my Son, Who is God the Son, offer up sacrifices and penances for those sons and daughters who do not know this, my immense thirst will be quenched by your sacrifices.

Julia:  Mother! I will make efforts. But again and again I only give you my shortcomings. What can I do?


Do not worry too much about awkward mistakes in your daily life. Do not become upset or give excuses, but have trust in me. This will make you more humble. I will rescue as many sinners as the sacrifices, atonements, and reparations that you request. When you worry even about small matters and begin feeling as I do, I feel comforted. Good-bye! An-nyoung!

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