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The Sixth Annual Youth Retreat in Naju

August 13 - 15, 2012

Day 1, August 13



Getting acquainted in the Blessed Mother's Chapel


Singing together


The Mass


Sister Maria explains the retreat


Arrival at the Blessed Mother's Mountain about 3 miles from the Chapel


Dinner on the Mountain


Open your minds and hearts



Working together on the projects assigned to each group

 Julia Kim welcomes and encourages the participants


Making a confession to the priest


Julia hugs each participant


Julia giving some gifts to the particpants

Day 2, August 14

Mass in the morning


(From the left) Fr. Francis Su, Fr. Lawrence Jung and Fr. Aloysius Chang


Fr. Francis Su (Malaysia) teaches the practice of saying "It is my fault."

Beginning the Stations of the Cross



Julia washing the participants' feet


In the evening, fragrant oil came down on the rocks at the Twelfth Station


Fragrant oil floating on the water from the Blessed Mother's Spring


Fragrant oil also came down at the place where little stones stained with the drops of Our Lord's Precious Blood are being preserved


Julia getting ready to start the campfire


Praying together around the campfire



Day 3, August 15



Some gymnastics in the morning


Writing down their fruits from the retreat


Cleaning the floor of the vinyl chapel


Ending the retreat

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