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Recent photos from Naju
(updated November 27, 2002)

Our Lord's Precious Blood came down and stained many little rocks on the Blessed Mother's mountain near Naju on August 15, 2002, during Bishop Dominic Su's visit. The Blood solidified on the rocks and remained so except on one of the rocks, seen in these photographs. The Blood on this rock has repeatedly alternated between solidifying and liquefying, reminding us that, like the Eucharist, this Blood is from the resurrected Jesus and is alive.

Julia holding a plastic case containing Our Lord's Precious Blood that was liquefying. Fr. Francis Su, two nuns, and a layman looking on.
(October 19, 2002)

Bishop Benjamin Josef Brir from Indonesia dipped his finger in the liquefied Precious Blood and showed it to the pilgrims. (September 2002)

Priests from different countries witnessing Our Lord's Precious Blood that was liquefying. (October 19, 2002)

Bishop Dominic Su from Malaysia showing the Precious Blood on his finger. (August 15, 2002)

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