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‘From Korea, I will make my love and victory spread to the entire world...’

The Blessed Mother had some tears in her left eye, and the Chapel was filled with a powerful fragrance of roses throughout the overnight prayer meeting on October 19, 1991.
Message on September 17, 1991

I started praying in the Chapel at about 11 p.m. with brothers and sisters who had experienced a special love from the Blessed Mother. We fervently prayed to the Blessed Mother for the corrupt world, for priests and religious and for the many souls who had fallen into disorder because of their indiscreetness.

Suddenly a black object appeared above us. Then, light radiated from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother's statue and enveloped the statue. At that moment, light emanated from the statue, melted the black object and shone on all those who were praying. The light was so intense that I fell down and heard the soft voice of the Blessed Mother filled with love.



My beloved children! Follow me without worrying. The Lord, Who is listening to you because He wants to help you, will bestow His Love on you. When you follow me believing my words completely, everything will be accomplished. From Korea, which is my youngest child and which I love so much, I will make my love and victory spread to the entire world.

Now is the time. Stay awake and pray. Many souls are walking toward hell because of the cunning violence of the devil, the enemy of the Cross, but I stretch out my mantle and am waiting for their return, because I love them all.

My dear children! Listen to my words well. Look back at history, when people did not listen to the many warnings given by God. What will happen to this age, if people, like those of the past, remain indifferent to or reject the Words of God and my messages of love? Keep in your heart the words of this Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, and offer up even the pains that cause bleeding inside of you.

In this age of aridity—an age of an endless desert, the victory can be won only through love. When you love, you must also shed some tears. Tears will help the seeds to bear good fruit and also help the absorption of heavenly nutrition by the souls who are hungry and have been deprived of vitality because of delinquency.

Children! All the souls reaching the Bosom of God will enjoy eternal love, peace and joy in the Lord's Love. But those who betray the graces, are ungrateful and insult the Holy Spirit will be cut off from the Lord forever.

Satan is striving with all his power to promote a tendency of despising the Holy Laws of the Lord, but my burning Immaculate Heart will achieve victory, when the sounds of little souls’ prayers to my Immaculate Heart soar high to Heaven. You will surely see my victory.

Now, daughter! Cry out. The victory of my Immaculate Heart is close at hand. You will soon see the day when I will, through you who are unworthy, convert the children who do not know me, open the eyes of the people who do not believe, and silence those who criticize.


Suddenly, in front of me, it became bright and there was music by a military band. I saw many angels dancing in a circle holding garlands of roses. I heard the music, but couldn't see the band. The angels looked like young girls and had wings on their shoulders. These wings were not like those of birds, but seemed to be made of beautiful, sparkling, blue cloth. The angels' dresses and wings made waves as they moved their shoulders. They looked beautiful beyond description.

Then, I saw a man with an angel on his right and a black, hard-to-recognize, object (devil) on his left. When he prayed sincerely from his heart, the angel offered a fresh rose to Heaven, whereas, when he prayed superficially, the angel offered a wilted rose. The angels stored the fresh roses and the wilted ones separately. When the man made sacrifices and reparations, forgave and reconciled with others and offered all his life with a joyful heart, fresh roses were offered, but when he was only enduring (difficulties) and lacked love, wilted roses were offered. When he did good works, roses accumulated in Heaven, but, when he did evil and criticized others, the devil was overjoyed and threw the roses, which had been accumulated in Heaven, into the flaming fires of hell, one after another.

God can do everything Himself, but He acts through priests and lay people. Likewise, the devil also does his work through humans. Thus, he employs all kinds of ways and means in using people around us to make us angry, resentful, unable to forgive and commit many mistakes.


Daughter! Did you see that? Good and evil always coexist inside you, because your guardian angel and the devil confront each other: the angel helping you to do good works and the devil afflicting you and tempting you to do evil all the time. The guardian angel stores roses one by one in the treasure warehouse in Heaven. Thus, when a soul offers many good works by saying prayers and making sacrifices and reparations, many roses accumulate. When that soul rises to Heaven, all the angels make a garland with the roses and dance holding it. The Saints also welcome the soul with majestic music.

But, even if good works have been accumulated, the devil will burn the roses in the fire of hell by taking the roses out of the treasure warehouse, when evil deeds are committed. Because one goes to hell only when there are no roses left at all, the devil strives with all the available methods to win even one more soul over to his side and, thereby, to form his army.

Therefore, daughter! Do not give chance to the devil. Arm yourself with love and win the victory. Do not forget my bloody merits and the power of the Lord's Sacred Blood, and knock at the door whenever your cross is too heavy. I will open the door for you with joy.

The souls, who are elevated high on the Cross and offer themselves gracefully as victims to the Lord, are truly the souls who glorify the Lord and are the little soul who are closest to me. I want all the children to become completely humble and to be tightly embraced in my bosom of love like the Baby Jesus. I will make you spread the strong fragrance of my Motherhood to all the corners of the world.


Message on October 19, 1991

There was an overnight prayer service commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears of blood. At about 10:50 p.m., I saw a vision. There was a large crowd swarming in one direction, as a man dressed in white and riding a white horse was chasing after them holding a sword about 25 inches long in his hand. The sword looked like a white feather. As he wielded the sword among the crowd, everyone hit by the sword fell down. They struggled to stand up, but couldn't. There were some people who did not fall. They had a mark of the cross on their back resembling the letter "T." Angels appeared and led them to a beautiful church-like place decorated with roses. At that moment, there was the beautiful and kind voice of the Blessed Mother from the statue.


I am your Mother who has been elevated to Heaven. Because the devil knows well that I came to this world to help you, he is becoming more active employing all the available methods to alienate you from me, the Mother of Love, and attacking you fanatically using all kinds of cunning schemes. But the Lord intends to advance the date of purification to separate good and evil in response to the prayers by the little souls who are working for the Lord and following me. Soon it will become the Age of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart. At that time, there will be many people who will regret and wail. Therefore, make haste. The souls who follow the Lord carrying the Cross, spread and practice the Gospels and accept the messages of my burning love will be saved and receive and enjoy eternal life.


It became quiet, when she finished her words.

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