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Message on March 13, 1987

While I was in deep meditation with my eyes closed before the Blessed Mother's statue, I sensed that it was becoming bright in the surrounding area. When I opened my eyes, I saw the Blessed Mother's statue changed and began radiating brightly. I felt I was floating into the air in the middle of indescribable rapture and becoming one with the Blessed Mother. At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking.



Oh, my daughter! Look around. As sins are multiplying in this world, darkness is sweeping down on it. There cannot be peace in this world, because many families are getting sick. The couples joined together to live a happy life are becoming isolated individuals, because they do not forgive each other and, therefore, do not love each other but are hateful, jealous, and envious of each other. My daughter, see how serious the discords in families are.

Julia:  Mother! . . . What should I do?


Help me open my eyes. My eyes are bloodshot because of the blows from all sorts of insults. Wipe away my tears that flow every day.

Julia:  Tell me what to do.


Inform people about your family. The life you have lived has not been lived by yourself. It has been the way that I had prepared long ago. It was not easy to select a family. I will give you the strength to overcome difficulties, as I called you and chose your family in this age when many families are sick and, as a result, the peace in the world is being broken and the world is becoming covered with darkness. I want you to offer up prayers, sacrifices, and reparations unceasingly and lead a consecrated life with love.

Julia:  How can I do it?


Do not think that you have been living a chosen life because of your perseverance.

Julia: I understand it.


I have planned and guided your life, and, therefore, I want you to so put into practice and so tell others. Good-bye. An-nyoung! ("An-nyoung" is the Korean equivalent of "Good bye".)

Julia:  Mother! Please tell me more.

I kept asking, but she was silent.

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