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The Blessed Mother 
on what we can do to overcome 
the current crisis

If you truly love me and love your neighbors, then, you are loving Jesus and will be appeasing the just anger of God the Father. January 30, 1988

When my messages are spread to the world and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened and the terrible punishment will be turned away. January 30, 1988

If you offer more rosary prayers, this country will avoid a calamity. January 30, 1988

Ask the bishop to restore my position in the Church. Then, my messages will spread to the world and people will amend their lives, will be liberated from the road leading to hell, will convert and start walking on the way toward Heaven, and, thereby, will soften the just anger of God the Father. December 8, 1988

In order to prevent the chastisement, my beloved priests must accept the messages quickly. January 15, 1989

A huge battle has begun already. Since it is a spiritual war, arm yourselves with me by entrusting everything to my Immaculate Heart. Also practice my messages of love. Then, you will be able to escape from the terrible chastisement approaching the human race and the Church. August 26, 1989

When my messages are accepted by the Church and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened, order and truth will be restored, and the devils, who instigate confusion and cause turmoil, will be defeated. May 8, 1990

If you do not reject my motherly love and practice love, my Immaculate Heart will achieve a victory in the face of the threat of a new, terrifying war, and there will be love and peace in the world. I will stretch and open my mantle and hide and save in the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart all those souls who follow my words even in the midst of a huge darkness. January 29, 1991

When all the children accept me well and put the messages of love into practice, the darkness of the disorder will be defeated through the light of Godís great mercy. I hope my urgent pleas will reach all the corners of the world through you. March 25, 1991

To soften Godís anger, become an even lowlier person. Become a more humble person, offering up sacrifices and reparation of the cross, and entrust all your imperfect thoughts, daily life and sufferings to me. May 8, 1991

The world is going against me, offending me and hurting me, but there are faithful little souls who are praying by my side. Therefore, combine your prayers and achieve unity. When fervent prayers of poor souls reach Heaven, Godís just anger will be appeased. August 27, 1991

The prayers, sacrifices and devotions offered for the conversion of sinners during the Holy Hour become reparations for their sins and sacrificial offerings to Godís justice. This will soften Godí the Fatherís just anger. February 18, 1993

If my words are well accepted and practiced, the chastisement which is to fall upon all of you will turn into a Second Pentecost, and the Church will be renewed by the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit and Love. June 27, 1993

As I told you before, keep your hearts open widely all the time and make frequent Confessions so that you may receive the Lord with a clean heart. Meditate deeply on the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and stay awake. Then, instead of the terrifying chastisement of blood and fire which is to fall upon this world, the Lordís infinite mercy and blessings of salvation will be bestowed upon you. September 24, 1994

Didnít I already tell you that, when the sounds of prayers by little souls are combined together and soar high into Heaven, the cup of blessing instead of chastisement will be bestowed upon them? Now, I want to combine all of your prayers, sacrifices, penance, consecrations, self-denial, poverty and sufferings together, put them in the cup of my Immaculate Heart, and offer them up to Godís justice that demands reparation. February 3, 1994

But if you comply with the wish of this Mother who wants to carry out through you the Plan of Love and Salvation that God of the Most Holy Trinity has entrusted to me and answer with an "Amen," the blazing flames of the Holy Spirit will renew this world and make it shine and you will be saved in that light. February 2, 1995

Right now, Godís just anger is overflowing and God the Father is about to strike with His right hand that has been raised. But, thanks to the fervent prayers by you, little souls, He is delaying the hour. September 7, 1995

In this dangerous, extremely dangerous age, you will surely see new buds sprouting even on the burnt ground, when you realize that this Mother is needed for all of you and follow me. June 30, 1997


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