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Julia saw Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell

Message on July 24, 1988

At about 9 p.m., I suddenly lost energy in my whole body and fell down. I barely went upstairs to my room supported by others, but I still struggled with excruciating pains. A while later, I entered an ecstasy and saw Heaven, purgatory and hell.

In the secular world, people often use the expression: the difference between the heaven and the earth. Yes. That was what I saw. It was an unconceivable difference! The saved children were sharing peace, joy and love in the flower garden, whereas the condemned ones were burning in the intense flames with resentment and hatred.

Heaven—Our True Home

Countless angels are performing a beautiful and majestic symphony and chorus to welcome the souls who are entering Heaven. Also, numerous Saints are welcoming them with loud cheers. Jesus is waiting for them with open arms and the Blessed Mother is stretching out her hands to hold them. God the Father is smiling, expressing a welcome with His eyes. St. Joseph is also greeting them joyfully.

It is a place where there is no jealousy or envy. All are practicing love with one another. It is overflowing with love, peace and joy. It is a place of heavenly banquet where one never becomes hungry even without eating.

The Blessed Mother prepared crowns of flowers and is putting them on everyone. They are dancing holding each other's hands. In the flower garden, Jesus and the Blessed Mother are together holding up her mantle and all are entering the inside of the mantle. All are humble to each other and are keeping order to avoid inconveniencing others. Their faces are full of smiles and are beautiful.


It is a place where one must walk into the terrible flames of fire. There, one does the unfinished penances of this world and becomes purified.

It is a place where those who died in the grace of God but still have unfinished reparations must walk into by themselves to complete the atonement. When they are completely purified, they are lifted into Heaven by the Blessed Mother's help and the angels' support. The process can be expedited, if we in this world pray for them. When we help them with sacrifices and penances for them, they can enter Heaver faster.

It will be too late to regret not having done penances in this world. So, while living in this world, one must offer love constantly through sacrifices for others.


When angels tie the hands of the condemned souls and drop them, devils snatch them violently. Then, they fall into the flames of fire. It is a place of perdition from which one cannot come out forever. It is useless, however hard one may regret and struggle. It is a sea of fire full of hatred. Who will grab their hands? Nobody.

People struggle like a person drowning and trying to grasp even a straw, but only run around in the fire that becomes hotter and hotter, tearing and scratching each other, and trying to take food away from each other but all the food burns in the fire and nobody can eat anything, which make them snarling more angrily at each other. With their protruded eyes, they become horrible devils. It was a terrible scene I could not look at with open eyes.



Daughter, did you see them?

The string that connects Heaven and earth together is I, your Mother. My Heart is aching so severely, because errors abound everywhere in the world and the devil is tempting even my chosen children to become infected with and mired in the outrageous errors.

That is why I intend to spread my voice to the children of the world through you. I want to let them recognize the light that comes continuously from my Son Jesus and understand my love and thus come out of the pitfall of darkness they are falling into now.

My little daughter, who rejoices in suffering pains for my Son Jesus and me! It hurts my Heart so much, because numerous children who have been called to Heaven are walking toward purgatory and hell.

Even some of my priests, whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without hurting my eyes, are going toward purgatory and hell. I want to save them through you. When you endure and offer sufferings well, you are treating my wounds with fragrant oil.

Julia:  But Mother, I am so incapable. Many times, I do not satisfy your Heart and find it difficult to renounce myself completely for you. Help me. Oh, my Mother! Our shield and our comforter!  I entrust myself, such a faint one, to you completely so that your will may be fulfilled.


Even at this very moment, numerous souls are walking toward hell. I wish to save them through your sacrifices and sufferings. Will you take part in the pains?

Julia:  Yes, Mother! How joyful it is to suffer with you for the conversion of many souls! Before I knew you, I had been so unhappy and so miserable. But now I thank God and you for allowing me to take part in the sufferings despite my unworthiness.


Now, my dear daughter! My beloved daughter who asks for more sufferings! Now you are suffering pains. But daughter! I suffer even greater pains than you do.

Julia:  Should the most merciful Mother suffer all of the enormous pains? Mother! Let me receive all those enormous pains.


Through the pains that you and I suffer, the children who have been mired in errors will be saved and the souls who have become dirty can be cleansed by the precious Blood of my Son Jesus and saved by amazing miracles.

Julia:  Mother, I offer myself to you truly and completely.


Daughter! My daughter who has to suffer! Even though all your sacrifices and penances are heavy in this world, I will hold your hands and, therefore, do not worry. I will stand by you.

Julia:  Mother! I am so unworthy. How can I desire great things? If many souls can be consecrated to the Lord by my suffering the pains of hell, I will gladly do so. I wish to offer my pains with love and joy according to your will, to save even one more soul.


Yes, my daughter! That is why I love you so much. Such a heart will flow into the world and the spiritually blind will open their eyes and the sick souls will return. But, if they refuse to accept my words, I will not be able to do anything for them after their death. The reason is that, at that time, the justice of my Son Jesus will have to be realized. Thus, the evil ones will be ashamed and regret, but it will be too late.


Terrible Pains of Hell

I had to cry and scream in an extreme despair that cannot even be imagined with the human minds.

The Blessed Mother is endlessly suffering pains and calling us to prevent us from going to the cursed abyss where the condemned souls separated from God are lamenting, screaming, regretting, and struggling in many different ways in vain under the just judgment by Jesus. We must respond saying "Yes" to the endless and endless calls by Our Mother.


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