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Julia Kim's suffering
April 22, 2011 (Good Friday)

Click for message received by Julia from God the Father

Julia begins to suffer the pain of the Crown of Thorns at the beginning of the Stations of the Cross



At the 12th Station, Julia lost all the energy in her body and felt that her death was imminent. She prayed, "Father, receive my soul. Grant that, through my death, Naju will be approved as soon as possible and the children in the whole world will be saved. I offer up myself especially for the sanctification of the Holy Father and all the clergy in the world." Julia died at that moment; she saw bright light shining down and heard beautiful music from the Angels. She found herself standing before God the Father.

God the Father said to her: ". . . I wish to send down the chastisement on this world filled with sins, but I cannot strike with my hand of justice lifted high because there is a little soul like you who so generously laid down even your life. . . Well, then, return to the world and cry out. If there were no soul like you in the world who is totally loyal and render a completely devoted service to Me, the world filled with pitch-black darkness would have been reduced to ashes. So, I give you one more chance. Go and cry out without delay"

Then, Julia saw God the Father breathing life into her body and giving a blessing to the world with His stretched hands.

Julia is alive again and stands up.


She walks down the mountain, supported by the priests.


Julia and the pilgrims pray at the end of the Stations of the Cross


Julia's undergarments were soaked with blood from her wounds caused by (mystical) scourging during the Stations of the Cross

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