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Message on October 19, 1987

Father Hee-Dong John Park, the former Pastor of Naju, celebrated Mass today commemorating the anniversary (of the Blessed Mother's first shedding tears of blood on October 19, 1986). I received messages while I was in ecstasy. Many people attended the Mass. The Blessed Mother began shedding tears at 4:25 p.m. After the Mass, the facial expression of the Blessed Mother's statue changed to sadness and both of her eyes were becoming bloodshot. Several people witnessed this and also smelled an intense fragrance of roses. When I heard a loud scream: "The Blessed Mother is crying!" I rushed out of the room to where the Blessed Mother's statue is placed, but I fell down on the floor. At the same time, I entered ecstasy and extreme suffering began. At 6:40 p.m., the Blessed Mother called Fr. Lee (the current Pastor of Naju at the time of this message) and Fr. Park. The Blessed Mother spoke through my mouth.



Father Park, I called you, because I love you. You must testify for me holding the hands of Father Lee. Nobody fully understands my sufferings. I have difficulty breathing because of the sinners. You must help me. Many priests are turning their eyes away from me.

Father Park: In what way should I help you?


Many sheep are walking toward hell. I have implored at many places in the world with apparitions and tears, but my messages have not been reaching people well.

Father Park, my beloved priest! You did not come here by accident, but by my call. I chose you. I am in pains and need your help. I chose Father Spies, too. The messages must spread fast. The messages that I have given until now must be spread everywhere in the world. Let the Bishop know this. Tears are important, but the contents of the messages are more important. You must spread the messages that I have given until now fast.


I was participating in the Blessed Mother's suffering, and my pains was becoming more extreme.



Those who say they are testifying on my Son Jesus' behalf are giving me such pain. You must share this pain. Father Park! Hold the hands of Father Lee and Father Spies and help me. Report to the Bishop.

As I am always with you, you must make known my Son Jesus' suffering with me. Do not feel lonesome, but climb Mt. Calvary carrying the Cross of Love together with Jesus. To help many souls with prayers, sacrifices, and reparations, you need to pray with Father Lee and help me with Father Spies. You must together participate in this work. As I am preparing the laurel crown for you, you must be awake and pray at Gethsemane with my Son Jesus and spread the messages in all the countries of the world. Hold the hands of Father Lee and Father Spies and work together. Father Park! Do not forget. Julia is an instrument that I chose. You must hold Julia's hand. Do not let it go.

Many priests are turning their eyes away from me. Father Park! You must help me. To save many souls, you must carry the Cross of Love together, offer up prayers and sacrifices as reparation with me to appease the just anger of God the Father.

The fire in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart is flaming up at every moment. They are burning intensely. The Hearts are becoming torn apart in pieces. I love all priests. Every day, I shed tears for them to wash their wounds. The tears of priests should not be tears from pains but tears united with mine. The sounds of reproaching are piercing the sky.


At 7:35 p.m., my suffering ended and the sad expression on the Blessed Mother's statue disappeared and the normal expression was restored.


Julia: My Mother who unceasingly suffers the pain of suffocation as if the breathing is about to stop, the pain of being crucified again and again, and the pain of the arrow penetrating the chest because of the sinners! My suffering is little, but, through this suffering, let the sleeping souls open their eyes and the sick souls become delivered. Amen. Alleluia!

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