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Message on November 5, 1986

At 4 p.m., I resumed to suffer the pain of the Crucifix and the pain in reparation for abortions. The pain in my abdomen was indescribably intense. The pain was so severe that I felt my abdomen was being torn apart.



Is there anyone who will lower me from the Cross? Moment after moment, the number of those who crucify me increases. I am suffering on the Cross together with my Son Jesus. Help me. I cannot appease God the Father's just anger without your help. Can you share the pains that I suffer?

Julia: Yes, Mother! If sinners can repent and again be presented to the Lord in His palace because of my suffering, I am willing to suffer any pains.


Because of birth controls and abortions, I am suffering extreme pains as if my abdomen were being torn apart. Because of the misconception of the dignity of human life in consequence of human cruelty and desecration, little lives are roaming about in limbo after having been stripped of human dignity and being treated only as a lump of bloody flesh. Pray for them and soothe their wounds. And offer up atonements for the sins being committed at night.

Can you see the blood being vomited out of my throat? God the Father's just anger is overflowing. Because I love you all, I am holding on to you all even vomiting blood in order to save even one more soul that is failing.

I will stay in you, if you renounce yourselves and come to me, I will be with you and in you. Form unity among you with love. If you unite with one another in love, Satan will retreat. Become apostles of my Immaculate Heart and console me by doing so.

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