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First Tears of Blood

Message on October 19, 1986

Today, the Blessed Mother shed tears of blood at about 5:20 p.m. At the moment I saw this, I was frozen with an overwhelming shock and remained standing still for a while. Fr. John Park, the Pastor of Naju, was informed by telephone and came with several parishioners. They witnessed the tears of blood flowing down from the Blessed Mother's eyes to her cheeks.


As the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are One, all of you must also become one, and console me.


Message on October 20, 1986

Three Sisters from the Naju Parish, three other Sisters from Gwangju and five lay people came. While I was praying with them, I fell down when the Blessed Mother let me participate in her suffering. At that moment the Blessed Mother began speaking.



This world is decaying with sins. Even with the Sacred Blood of my Son Jesus, it is difficult to appease the just anger of God the Father. Look! Let me borrow your body and your mouth. I am shivering with cold. Who will console my Heart that is shaking with cold?

Now, it is not you who are praying to me, but instead I am imploring you like this. Pray for priests who are my sons. They continue to be tempted. To protect them, you need to give clothes, food and water to those people whose souls are naked, hungry, and thirsty. Through these souls, Satan is proliferating his power. To stop this, you need to offer prayers combined with sacrifices and self-denials, and also offer up poverty and penance graciously so that these people may come back to my Immaculate Heart. Today I called you specially. Renounce your ego and selfishness. I will be your shield. Even the burning arrows thrown by devils will not dare harm you. Therefore, do not worry but pray much. At least you! Stand on my side and take the lead courageously to save this world permeated with evil.


Message on October 21, 1986


My daughter, my beloved daughter! Listen to me well. I have been imploring with tears at many places in the world. It has been very difficult to find souls who are consecrated to converting sinners by participating in sufferings with me for the sake of my Son Jesus and me. But you have promised martyrdom. That is why I am asking you to find such souls for me. I want you to offer up your pains combined with more prayers, sacrifices, penance, poverty and self-denial.

Julia: Mother, may your words be realized unto me.


Yes, thank you. The sins in the world are so numerous that God the Father's just anger has reached an extremely high level. (Shedding tears)  Daughter! I will call the religious. Through them, I will breathe my spirit into those of my children who do not know me and let the light shine from them like a river. But how can they understand my words, if they do not open their hearts? Daughter! Help me. Quench my burning thirst by offering up your sufferings and sacrifices filled with your love so that they may open their hearts widely.


Message on October 22, 1986


Listen to the sounds of nails being driven into me. I am being crucified together with my Son.

Julia:  Mother! How can we treat all the painful wounds of Jesus and how can we pull out all the nails from Him?


Who will pull out these nails and take out the arrows and swords? The nails that my close children drive (into Jesus and me) are larger and go deeper and, therefore, are more difficult to pull out.

Now, my children! Receive the pliers that I give you and hand over to me the hammers that you have been holding in your hands until now. Pull out all the nails with the pliers. Also, keep these weapons well. The devils' job is to take the pliers away from you and give hammers back to you. As they constantly keep their eyes on you, be alert and be on your guard. The shields and weapons that you can use in confronting them are truly prayers and the arrows of love. Before love, all the devils will surrender.


Message on October 23, 1986


Go to the Pastor. As I told you before, I need an assistant. So, as I called him to be an apostle and vanguard of my Immaculate Heart, work with him. This is the time to consecrate (you) to me, but why are you hesitating repeatedly? I make this request to you with my Son Jesus, because most people do not live a consecrated life pricking my Heart and causing pains. Also consecrate the Blue Army and, thus, offer more rosary prayers and sacrifices for world peace and the salvation of human race. Sacrifices are truly beautiful fruits of self-restraint, penance, poverty and self-denial. Always be obedient and work as a very little person. Then, I will always be with you.

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