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Message on December 8, 1988

It was a great feast of the Blessed Mother and the first anniversary of moving the Blessed Mother's weeping statue from the apartment to the Chapel. So, we decided to hold an overnight prayer meeting after the Pastor and Father Spies gave the permission.

I approached the Blessed Mother's statue in the Chapel with Rufino, the Chapel administrator, to offer the pray in preparation of the prayer meeting. We saw that the Blessed Mother had already begun shedding tears, which were dripping on her feet. While we were praying before the Blessed Mother's statue, I fell down pm the floor and entered an ecstasy at about 10.30 a.m.

The Blessed Mother appeared holding a rosary and was shedding tears. She looked extremely beautiful and merciful and her tears were flowing down to her feet. She began speaking with a beautiful and kind voice.



I will call the Pastor. So far, the devils have been using all available means to prevent the cooperation with the Pastor and to cause divisions. For this reason, you must be awake and pray. Pray harder for the Pastor and Father Spies. I will shine the light of my Immaculate Heart so that you may work together for unity.

As I called them (the Pastor and Father Spies) to work together holding my hands through the way of martyrdom, they will now walk that way. Hold hands with Fr. Spies more closely. This work is not what Julia, who says she is unworthy and lowly, is doing. Julia is only a channel. The work is being done by me.

Oh, my beloved children! I ask you, because too many of the children are walking toward hell. By making this known to the Bishop, restore my position in the Church. Then, the messages that I give you will spread to the world and the reformation of life will be accomplished and, thus, many children will repent and be liberated from the road to hell. As they walk toward Heaven, the just anger of God the Father will be relented.

Julia:  Mother! Even now, aren't many of the children converting and amending their lives by accepting your call?


But an enormous number of my children are walking toward hell. I am asking you, because I am so worried. Do you want to see, daughter?

Julia:  Yes, Mother. Please show me.


Yes, my kindhearted daughter! My lovely daughter who has to suffer pains! Now, look! Look at the children who are going toward hell by judging and criticizing.


I screamed, when I saw the sight.


Julia:  Oh, no! Oh, no! Mother! Jesus!


I could not look, because it was too repulsive a scene. Every time people judged and criticized each other, maggots crawled out of their mouths and crawled to those who were not attentive making them to commit sins.

On the other hand, when people spoke well of others in love, beautiful melodies flowed out of their mouths and melted the maggots with the fire of love. The maggots could not be killed, however many times they were trampled upon, but were melting away, when people practiced love and charity through sacrifices and won the spiritual battle. The Blessed Mother spoke:



Daughter, did you see that? That is why the just anger of God the Father has reached an extremely high level and punishment is near at hand.


I screamed loudly.


Julia:   No! Please forgive the numerous sinners. If they can convert by my suffering the pains of hell, I will offer all of myself for them. I have deserved hell since a long time ago . . . .

I have been able to give a little love, because you called me, who was so poor and miserable. Moreover, you have allowed me to see the Lord and Mother. Participating in the sufferings has been my proper duty.

I pray that the Lord's Will be accomplished through this shameful sinner with certainty. I cannot help being happy, even if I go to hell. So, please do not punish them.


I implored so loudly that others who were present heard me scream, "No!"



Yes, thank you. Pray with that kind of profound sacrifice and self-denial. When you offer up sufferings graciously and without despair in spite of all kinds of hatred, misunderstanding, and false rumors and, therefore, criticisms and slanders, the Lord will save many sinners from the miseries of sins and will be with you. The sufferings, so many sufferings . . . these are what you will receive in the course of your life as you asked for.

My little soul, who anguishes even over small mistakes and makes new resolutions! I find joy in you. I make it known to you that, through mistakes, you can overcome pride and reach the highest degree of perfect virtues through humility.

Have a stronger trust in me. Follow me with greater courage. Then, An-nyoung!


I came out of the ecstasy at midnight. I could not move my body and was carried on a stretcher to the Chapel office, where I stayed with the Blessed Mother. But, as many people were gathering around me instead of praying, I felt sorry and asked to be carried to the upper room. Seven people had to help. The Blessed Mother was weeping in sorrows.


Julia:  Lord! Blessed Mother! Thank you. I cannot help thanking You, because the more I suffer, the more sinners will convert. I do not want to spare anything, if my unworthy sufferings can be used in realizing the Lord's Will. May the Lord be glorified through my little sufferings and let this unworthy and lowly sinner offer gratitude without ceasing.

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