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Message on June 27, 1987

Julia: Mother, my beloved Mother! I am sorry for always falling short of fulfilling your wish.


Do not tremble. Have faith in my motherly power and wake up the sleeping souls. I will welcome all of the repenting souls.

Your love must be fervent. Love can flash and flame up only through unceasing sacrifices.

Make constant efforts to blind Satan. Also, on Thursdays, offer up atonement for the Blessed Sacrament. Pray unceasingly to restrain the evils that are being committed in offense against the Lord and to compensate for the sacrileges committed against the Holy Eucharist.


Message on June 29, 1987

When preparing for the commemorative Mass and overnight prayer meeting for the 2nd anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears (on June 30, 1985), a golden light and a blue light shined from the altar in the Chapel. I was fascinated by the light and suffered the pains of the Crucifixion and of the burning Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart for 20 minutes. After I suffered the pains, the Blessed Mother appeared wearing a crown on her head and carrying the Child Jesus and blessed me placing her hand on my head and blessed other persons in the Chapel.



Daughter! Many of my children testifying for me are living without self-renunciation and, therefore, are unable to spread love as they should.

Julia:  Mother! Tell me. I am unworthy, but will spread your love.


Even at this time, it is necessary to make more sacrifice and atonement because of the sins being committed by many of my children. To do so, you need to suffer more. By doing so, you are participating in my suffering. When people accept your testimonies well, the messages that I give you will change their souls. In this age when errors are widespread, these errors are powerfully permeating even into my beloved children. Because of this, I intend to spread my voice through you. I intend to save the people in the world from darkness by shining the light from my burning Immaculate Heart upon them. Therefore, become a sacrificial victim.

Julia: Teach me, Mother!


I am carrying the burden of atonement for you; so carry the burden for other souls. There are too many souls who fall into hell bruising my Heart. When you offer up penance and prayers to atone for the sins of the countless souls who are ungrateful, they will be saved.

Julia: Mother, How can I, such a feeble one, make you known? How can such an unqualified one dare . . . ?


I love you despite your weakness. I want all of your love to be directed toward me. I want the lay people to obey the Pope, cardinals, bishops and all the priests. They are my most beloved sons and received the power to forgive the sins of countless souls who have become unclean with sins. For this reason, even my Son Jesus comes down from Heaven to earth in obedience to them.


Message on June 30, 1987

At about 11 a.m., perspiration began from the forehead of the Blessed Mother's statue and, soon afterward, the sweat dried. This phenomenon was observed by many pilgrims. From about 4 p.m., the Blessed Mother continued shedding small quantities of tear and gave many gifts of grace to the pilgrims. For example, they smelled different fragrances, shed tears of repentance and atonement, and, after reviewing their own previous lives interspersed with mistakes, made firm resolutions not to hurt the Blessed Mother's Heart any more.



Oh, my sons and daughters! Come back to my bosom. I intend to be your refuge in this dangerous world. I will set a fire in you with the flame from my Immaculate Heart.

Oh, my beloved children! When you renounce yourselves and return to me, I will help you with the power that tramples on the serpent.

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