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The Blessed Mother urges us to be faithful to the Heritage of the Faith

Numerous children, who have gone far away from my Son Jesus and me, have been swept away by storms and have fallen into errors and, because of the resulting lack of faith, are not able to accept the Dogmas and are causing an enormous disorder in the Liturgy and Laws in the Church. Even many shepherds have fallen into this disorder and are walking along the way to hell. The gates of hell are wide open to receive them. February 2, 1995

My enemy’s fury is increasing rapidly and he is crying out joyously and victoriously over the fall of many priests. This Mother in Heaven cannot help weeping continuously because of the heretics who have deviated from the true and traditional Church. Many priests, who should look after the sheep which have been lost and are wandering about, are facing the danger of losing the true faith. They even sometimes forget about the Resurrection of Jesus, because they are immersed in the spirit of the world which is permeated with disbelief and errors. Thus, the tide of a great apostasy is spreading extensively inside the Catholic Church. Therefore, try to become signs of my love filled with my Motherhood. May 9, 1995

Many priests are studying the teachings of the Church superficially, without depth, and behave accordingly. That is why my son, the Pope, is suffering even more. October 27, 1995

How numerous are the clergy who do not defend the truth but keep silent for fear and remain as spectators because of face-saving and the eyes of others, even when they see errors and despite my messages of love that I have been screaming (to you) until my throat bleeds! October 31, 1995

The violent whirlpool of errors is becoming more severe, and heresies, scandals, and bad examples are spreading even in the Church. My most beloved priests should lead all back to the Lord, but are keeping silent, and the sheep entrusted to their care are being threatened and tempted by terrifying wolves. June 30, 1996

In this current age, how numerous are heretics and false prophets who are using my Son Jesus’ name and mine in trying to lead even the holy Church into a whirlpool of disorder and confusion with cunning temptations and deception. . . Therefore, dear priests and children who have been called by me! Work hard hurriedly to help the numerous children, who are swaying in stormy seas of clever but false teachings and are swarming to this place and to that place, come aboard Mary’s Ark of Salvation. November 25, 1996

Courageously and adhering to the Heritage of the Faith that has been entrusted to you, unite with the Pope more humbly, following the messages of my burning love. January 18, 1997

How overjoyed the devils will be, if those who have been given the task of feeding and taking care of others with the Word of God cannot hold on to the Heritage of the Faith that has been entrusted to them? Their responsibility before God is extremely heavy. August 28, 1997


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