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Descent of Our Lord's Precious Blood 
during Prayer Meeting on June 30, 2013

During the overnight prayer meeting on June 30, 2013, 28th Anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping tears in Naju, drops of Our Lord's Precious Blood came down on the paper on which Our Lord's message of June 30, 1995 and Our Lady's message received of July 1, 1996 are printed.

English translation:

The Messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother received by Julia Kim in Naju



From JESUS (June 30, 1995)

My beloved sons and daughters! I will bestow a special blessing on you, as you came here to comfort My Mother despite the long distance.

If you have insulted Me by receiving Communion sacrilegiously, see the signs that I am giving you today and receive and worship Me with a most sincere heart. Then, I will heal your deep wounds, cure your illnesses and give you a generous heart that can love everyone. I will give you the power to liberate yourselves from the powerful army of the devil; I will give you special graces that will be used as undefeatable and secure weapons; and I will give you a strong and tenacious power to practice goodness that can trigger a chain reaction more powerful than a nuclear reaction. Therefore, hurriedly receive Me Who loves you to the extent of becoming your Food. Today I send down special graces and blessings on all of you.


From the Blessed Mother (July 1, 1996)

My beloved priests and children!  When you remember me and come to me to praise the Lord and honor me, I am comforted while suffering extreme pains in my Immaculate Heart because of the erosions in the Church caused by apostasy, and my tears and tears of blood turn into smiles.

The number of the souls who fall into Satan's temptations and walk toward their perdition continues to grow.  But you have responded with "Amen" to this Mother's wish to rescue the souls who have lost their way and are wandering by combining and offering up my love and the love and sacrifices of the little souls.  Therefore, stay awake and pray as the apostles of my burning Immaculate Heart.

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