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Message on February 3, 2007
First Saturday

Pilgrims praying on the Way of the Cross
on the Blessed Motherís Mountain in Naju on February 3, 2007


Pilgrims in the vinyl chapel on the Blessed Motherís Mountain
(February 3, 2007)

The Blessed Mother continues exuding fragrant
oil through her statue in Naju (February 4, 2007)

On this First Saturday, many unexpected difficulties occurred from early in the morning, and I offered up all these pains for the spiritual and physical well-being of the Holy Father, the head of the Church, for all those who come to the Blessed Mother of Naju as pilgrims, and for the repentance of sinners.  From about 8:30 p.m., I prayed the rosary with the pilgrims with a heart of utmost devotion, sacrifice and oblation, walking on the Way of the Cross.  When we were praying the Third Sorrowful Mystery, we reached the area where the little stones stained with the Lordís Precious Blood are preserved, and I entered the area.  While I was meditating on the mystery of the Lord wearing the crown of thorns, I saw the Lord before me, bleeding miserably on the Cross.  I was so startled that I almost collapsed.

Then, because I could not see Jesus any longer, I looked up at the image of Jesus on the Crucifix at Mt. Calvary.  Suddenly, I saw the Sacred Heart on the image of Jesus on the Crucifix opening, and brilliant and colorful light radiating from the Sacred Heart and illuminating the bloodstained stones.  Then, brilliant and colorful light poured out of the bloodstained stones and shone on all the pilgrims gathered on the Blessed Motherís Mountain.  At that moment, the little bloodstained stones began moving and making sounds!  The stones seemed to be dancing, filled with joy.  While I was gazing upon this, I heard the loving and kind voice of the Lord.



My extremely beloved little soul who graciously offers up any pains (that befall you)!  The extreme pains that you offer up for the repentance of sinners will never be in vain.  I will bestow overflowing graces upon the children who visit this place by virtue of your gracious oblations through the sacrifices, which you have been offering up joyfully, knowing well that more sufferings become required of you especially when the children whom you have offered up receive abundant graces or reach a new birth

My extremely beloved children who have responded to My Motherís call with Amen!    I am sending down the light of all My love and mercy for you, who are praying here, at My Motherís earnest request and also seeing the heart of My little soul, whom I prepared and chose, which is filled with sacrifices, love, and gracious oblations accompanied by extreme pains for reparation. 

I and My Mother have been anxiously making earnest appeals to save all the children of this world, even manifesting the most sublime and purest love and unprecedented signs, but the messages of love given through My little soul remain unaccepted, and little pains like headaches, bruises, and scratches are not offered up but are only complained about.  Meanwhile, you have responded to My Motherís call with Amen and are praying with your whole heart.  What is there that I would not lay down for you?

My beloved children!  Many children are seeking physical healing, but there is something more important than that.  When you totally accept in your hearts My love with which I wish to save all the children with the inestimable merit of the sufferings on the Cross and the love that flames up in My Sacred Heart, and the boundless love of My Mother who loves you so much, the names of all of you who came to visit Me and My Mother will be recorded in the Book of Life in the Heavenly Kingdom.  Now, I send down boundless blessing on all of you gathered and are praying here where I and My Mother accompany you.Ē


After Jesus ended speaking, I saw a shadow of someone passing by on top of the dome in the area where the little stones stained with the Precious Blood are preserved and wondered if it was Jesus.  I looked up, but could not see Him.


A priest from Indonesia giving the blessing at the end of the Mass in the vinyl chapel on the Blessed Motherís Mountain in Naju (February 3, 2007)


Julia giving her testimony after the Mass (February 3, 2007)


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