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Message on February 13, 1987

Today I suffered the pains of being crucified with the Blessed Mother. Our Mother laments over the world of darkness! Our Mother who is begging us for help because the just anger of God the Father is overflowing! Mother, we are already yours. Use us as yours.



Renounce yourself. Do not worry. As I know what is in your mind, entrust everything to me and have trust in me. My daughter who is most pleasing to my heart! I am sharing your sorrows. When you suffer pain, I also suffer pain; when you are in agony, I am in agony, too; and when you are sad, I am also sad. But the pains, sorrows and agonies in this world will turn into happiness in the next world, as the happiness in the next world is different from the happiness in this world. That is why you must overcome the current hardships well. Then, you will enjoy happiness in the next world with me.

Therefore, my sons and daughters, become persons being smashed and trampled by all the people of this world and offer up even those matters. Then, you will come to me as little and humble persons.

Receive the light from my Immaculate Heart. Thus, become the apostles of my Immaculate Heart who shine the light upon all the sick souls. Achieve unity by loving one another. I want you to be faithful to one another by trusting and respecting one another and to fulfill your duties.

My beloved children! I will trust you and abide in you.


Message on February 25, 1987

An angel was circling above me, continuously sending down two rays of red light. Then, I heard the voice of the Blessed Mother.



My beloved daughter! When you come to me walking on the way of a little and poor person plowing through the path that is narrow and rough, painful and lonely, and dangerous and thorny, I will hold your hands. So, come to me. You will receive consolation from the Heavenly Kingdom. Come to me as a lowlier and lowlier person. A laurel crown that will be put on your head is being prepared.

Now, my daughter! Look at me. Receive the light of my burning Immaculate Heart and shine it on all those who live in darkness. I will be with you.

Julia:  I am so powerless. It is too unfair to ask such an unqualified one. How can this sinner who cannot even see one inch ahead undertake such a great work? However, I am a slave of the LordŐs. May it be done to me according to His Will.


Yes, that is right. Who can think of himself or herself as qualified? What is needed is a heart that desires to live according to the Lord's Will and making efforts to repent with tears before the Lord when mistakes are made.

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