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‘Seek the highest goodness and love in your faith’

Message on December 8, 1999 (Immaculate Conception)

I went to the Blessed Mother’s mountain as a pilgrim. I did the Stations of the Cross in reparation for the insults against Jesus and the offences against the Blessed Mother. Afterwards, as I was drinking water from the spring that the Blessed Mother had given us, several other pilgrims also came. While I was holding a bowl containing water and praying, "With the Precious Blood of Jesus, with the Precious Blood of Jesus, heal all our souls and bodies. Amen," I felt deep sorrows in my heart. At that moment, I saw Jesus blessing us from above and heard His loving voice.


Yes, I will bless you personally. I already gave up all of Myself, shedding blood, for the souls stained with sins; what can I not give you, who are seeking Me? I, Who created you in your mothers’ wombs, will invigorate your souls and bodies which have become arid. Therefore, do not have fear, but gather here all together and drink this water and wash yourselves with it.

Seek the highest goodness and love in your faith and carry many souls in Mary’s Ark of Salvation, making sure that they do not get off of it; pray most fervently and come to Me through My Mother. Whenever you come here seeking My Mother and Me and cry out earnestly with all your hearts, I will bestow upon you the light from My burning Sacred Heart and the light of My mercy and let you suck milk to your hearts’ content. Then, all your thirst will be quenched; and you will be filled with graces and experience joy, love and peace.

Today, together with My Mother, who was conceived without original sin for the salvation of the world, I bestow heavenly blessings upon you.


When Jesus finished speaking, He was only faintly visible, while His hands radiating light downward were clearly visible. The Blessed Mother also was only faintly visible, while her hands blessing us were clearly visible and looked big. It seemed that she was trying to protect us.

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