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The Eucharist descends for the seventh time in Naju during Fr. Spies' visit

Miracle and message on August 27, 1997

At about 11:40 a.m., while I was praying before the Blessed Motherís statue in the Chapel together with Fr. Raymond Spies and other pilgrims, I saw beautiful light radiating like the sunlight from the Crucifix and the Blessed Motherís statue. When we were praying the Third Glorious Mystery of the rosary, the Holy Eucharist came down from above. It was approximately 12 noon.

At about 6 p.m., I was again praying before the Blessed Motherís statue, worshipping and praying to the Sacred Host placed in front of the Blessed Motherís statue. At about 6:40 p.m., the Crucifix and the Blessed Motherís statue became bright and the Blessed Mother began speaking through her statue with a very sorrowful voice.


My beloved daughter! Even those who say that they know me are spiritually blind and deaf and cannot see or understand. This Motherís Heart is being so overwhelmed with sorrows that it is burning.

My Son Jesus, Who is divine, deserves all the power, honor, glory and worship, but comes to you in person in the form of bread, hiding all of His Power, Dignity, Divinity and Humanity in order to save the children who have gotten lost and are wandering. However, (some people who) have seen so many Signs of Love until now think that the Holy Eucharist, which is the Substance of Jesus, Who is alive, is breathing and wants to be with you, is just a host, and they judge . . .

Ah! I am sad. The number of the children who understand the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, truly accept it, and make the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist known is extremely small.


The Blessed Mother wept so sorrowfully, as if her Heart was being torn apart. A while later, she resumed speaking with a sorrowful and anxious voice.


My beloved children! My Son Jesus, Who has become covered with Blood on the Cross and is wearing the crown of thorns instead of a royal crown, comes to you because of His Love in order to save even those who are most wicked. The Lord, Who is your Savior, loves all the children in the world so much that He comes to you in the form of bread. However, (people) are wasting time uttering useless words instead of thanking Him and worshipping Him with fervent love and a devoted heart. Hurriedly worship and pray to the Holy Eucharist, which is the Bread of Life, with a most sublime heart, and, thus, do reparations for the insults that my Son Jesus, Who is truly present in the Holy Eucharist, has received and give consolation to Him.

Children! My beloved children! There is no time to pause or hesitate. Hurriedly spread the messages of my Immaculate Heart that is burning with love to the children in the world and, thus, help the poor and pitiful children, who are mired in sins, gain a new life and be saved.

Many children in the world have lost their sense of direction in the middle of a whirlpool of confusion, are unable to discern, are spiritually confused and unstable, and are trying to follow false prophets like the people who have become so weak that they are reduced to skin and bones. The devils must be overjoyed.

Therefore, wake up from sleep hurriedly and respond to this Motherís pleas, which she makes to you shedding tears and tears of blood, and turn your lives into prayers. Cry out to the children in the world so that the devils, who have been afflicting you, may be finished off and you may gain Heaven.

All of you, whom I have chosen, must unite with each other with a greater love and must soften the just anger of God as little souls. You must realize that God can make you successful and prosperous, but He can also exterminate you and sweep you away. I want all of you to wake up hurriedly and be saved, offering up fervent prayers and practicing love.


When the Blessed Mother ended speaking, the light disappeared and it became quiet.


While they were praying the Rosary, the Eucharist came down and landed in front of Fr. Spies and Julia. Julia was in the middle of suffering pains.

Fr. Spies holding the Eucharist that miraculously descended before the Blessed Mother's statue

Fr. Spies blessing people in the Chapel with the Eucharist

Witnesses of the Eucharistic miracle on August 27, 1997

Message on August 28, 1997

I had been in extreme pains, but went to the Chapel, supported by others, and began praying together with three priests and other pilgrims in front of the Blessed Motherís statue. My mind was full of thoughts about the Holy Eucharist that had come down on the previous day. Tears were pouring out of my eyes, when I meditated that Jesus came to this world not to be served but to serve and, therefore, lowered Himself repeatedly even to the extent of descending to the floor, which is under our feet. Jesus (in the Eucharist) first descended to the hands of this unworthy sinner; then, to the bottom of the Blessed Motherís statue; then, to the raised floor in the Chapel; and, now to the lower floor. He seemed to be saying, "As I did, you must all become lower and become humble, little persons."

Some time passed. Suddenly it became bright in front of me. I saw the light radiating from the Crucifix and the Blessed Motherís statue and shining upon us. Then, I heard the extremely beautiful, loving and kind voice of the Blessed Mother, which also sounded sorrowful.


My beloved children who have been called! This Heavenly Motherís Heart is hurting so much, because the night in this world is becoming darker and the windows of the souls remain tightly closed despite the pleas by my Son Jesus and me to accept Us. This Motherís Heart is being torn apart into pieces, because those mistaken people do not see the plank in their own eyes but are trying to remove specks from othersí with a hypocrisy that makes them criticize and judge others and concern themselves with external appearances only.

Because of the devilís schemes, division in the Church is becoming more severe and many souls are falling into a swamp and are struggling in it. But even many of the shepherds are incapable of discernment and are blaming others instead of rescuing them. I am so anxious.

My beloved children! Pray for them. Pray and pray for those who cannot see or hear, because they are blind and deaf. How can a blind person be a guide for other blind people? The sheep which follow a blind guide will all fall into a pit. Therefore, hurriedly open your eyes and ears and follow this Mother who has been imploring you with tears.

How overjoyed the devils will be, if those who have been given the task of feeding and taking care of others with the Word of God cannot hold on to the Heritage of Faith that has been entrusted to them? Ö Their responsibility before God is extremely heavy.

Know that my birth into this world was the signal that announced the fulfillment of all the covenants of the Old Testament; and the arrival of a new era of all the graces and salvation in Christ. And practice the messages of love that I am giving you and be united to the Love of the Lord Who wills to save the world.

As the hands of a clock keep moving without a pause, this world as well as passion will all pass away. But Godís Commandments will never change. Therefore, have no fear, anxiety or despair, but entrust yourselves totally to this Mama who is bringing you up and cares about you. Do not forget that I, who share your sorrows, pains, anxieties and pains, am always with you. And more energetically and more courageously, make known to the whole world the Love that is flaming up in my Heart.

The days when the little souls gather, breathe and live in my Immaculate Heart are the days that are interspersed with my immense and powerful presence. Therefore, Satan, my enemy, may appear victorious now, but my Immaculate Heart will surely triumph with the help from you who look powerless and unworthy.

Therefore, all the children in the world! Stand up in a hurry and make a new start by combining your strength. When you work heroically with a total loyalty and displaying the power of love, I will help you, comfort you and become not only your laurel crown in Heaven but your floral crown even while you live in the world. An-nyoung.


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