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Message on May 12, 1987

After I was informed that the Blessed Mother was weeping, I went to her and saw her eyes filled with tears.


Julia:  Mother, why are you weeping again?


Immediately after I said it, I fell down and saw many souls in a vision. Some of them were walking with a cane; some were without legs; some were without shoulders; some were with only one or no arm; some were blind; some had disfigured nose or mouth; some had no ears; and some had disfigured nose or mouth. These many souls were going somewhere pushing each other, arguing with each other, tumbling down and falling down. I screamed “Mother!” thinking that they were the souls who were being tempered in Purgatory. At that moment, I heard the voice of the Blessed Mother.



Look! Because of abortions, many souls are walking toward hell. I have to implore with tears like this to save those numerous souls. I intend to save their souls through you, through your sacrifices and reparations. How can I not know the pains and agonies that you endure and offer up graciously? Now, would you participate in the pains of the little babies who were abandoned through abortion which is the result of their merciless parents' outrageousness?

Julia:  Yes, Mother. I can do anything, if you are with me.


In a moment (about midnight), my posture became that of an unborn baby with arms, feet, shoulders, legs and whole body crouched. According to a volunteer helper who watched me, my face became red like blood and even though she tried to forcefully stretch my body, my body was hardened and would not respond. Four hours and thirty-two minutes later, my body finally loosened with much effort, but the pains of the mother who delivered her child continued until about 8 o’clock in the morning. While suffering, my face and whole body became very swollen like a pumpkin and I had difficulty in balancing myself. Mother! Thank you so much. What a happy suffering it is, if my little suffering can help many souls to be saved. I am so unworthy but use me as a little instrument. Amen.


Message on May 17, 1987


I ask the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all priests. You must carry the cross and pray together at Gethsemane in order to save this world permeated with errors. Share the pains that my Son's Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart suffer? Always be awake and pray at Gethsemane so that you may not fall into sins of impurity. You can follow Jesus with love.

Oh, my sons and daughters! Live with me so that you may not give disappointment to me. As my Heart is filled with sorrows because of those who commit sins, offer up little sacrifices. Do not seek your own satisfaction, but love me in a simple way.

At this time Satan's violence is increasing more and more with a terrible force and is becoming more furious to make even fervent souls reject me. Help me. I will give you the light from my Immaculate Heart so that all of you can save the poor souls. Become the apostles of my Immaculate Heart by receiving the light from my burning Heart.

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