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ĎRemain awake and pray so that you may escape from the flames of justiceí

Message on December 21, 1999

I was so anxious to see the Blessed Mother who had shed tears that I went to the Chapel at about 1:30 a.m. It had been a long time since I had last been in the Chapel. I greeted her, prayed, and sang hymns. After I lit a candlelight, I heard the Blessed Motherís voice. She spoke so sorrowfully, weeping.


My beloved daughter! Who will pay for Abelís blood? The fire in My Heart is flaming up vehemently like an active volcano, because most of the shepherds, who are called leaders, are blocking the numerous sheep who are trying to enter Heaven at its gate instead of guiding them to Heaven.

Those evil people, who are like a beast with a human face, because they are alienating themselves from the justice of God, are rejecting the Cross of Jesus, and are not following me, blossom like flowers and grow thickly like weeds. Thus, they have become like hidden graves. If they reach the end of their lives without repentance, Godís response will be severe and they will be thrown into the fire that burns forever.

All the children in the world! A safe tomorrow cannot be promised. At least you, who are supposed to know me, must remain awake and pray so that you may escape from the disaster of the flames of justice. I have repeatedly said that when the sounds of prayers by little souls soar high into Heaven, you will escape from the disaster of the flames of Godís justice, but even my children who have been called do not remain awake, making me overcome with sorrows. At least you, who are supposed to know me, must hurriedly become little souls remembering Godís words: "Wisdom will be taken away from the wise and knowledge will be removed from the shrewd," and arrive at His glory through the Paschal Mysteries, namely, the great Salvation through His Cross, Death, and Resurrection. I will hold your hands and lead you to Heaven, while you suffer in following me, regardless of any distress, destitution or natural disaster. You will enjoy eternal happiness. Make a constant effort to live a consecrated life of sacrifices and reparation. An-nyoung!


After the Blessed Mother ended speaking, her tears dropped on the glass top of the box which had been placed to protect the spot on the floor where the Eucharist had landed miraculously on August 27, 1997.

(Translatorís note: Julia says that she was again severely attacked by the devil while writing down the messages. The devil was so angry that she was writing down the messages that he lifted her up and threw her down forcefully. He was not satisfied and did it again. Those downstairs could hear the big noise twice. Juliaís body was covered with many bruises. She could not move herself because of the pains. One of her toenails was severely damaged and that toe became swollen.)

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