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Message on December 11, 1987

The Blessed Mother continued to shed tears. I could not sleep all the night through, as my head was filled with many thoughts.


Julia: What can I do, a sinner who cannot properly spread the Mother's intentions?


While I was writhing in pain with a towel tied round my head, the Blessed Mother called me.



Julia, Julia!


I hurriedly ran out of my room and prostrated myself before the Blessed Mother's statue.



My beloved daughter, little daughter! I will work with you, as you think of yourself unworthy and unqualified. Abandon useless pride. Why do you worry so much, when you should give alms to this heavenly beggar? I have already said that I love you despite your weakness. Why are you being timid to follow the Heart of your Heavenly Mother?

Now, look! I am shedding tears of joy. As you willingly came to consecrate yourself, I called my beloved priests. Not all of the priests who had been called came, but I blessed my sons and daughters through my chosen priests and I embraced all of the sons and daughters gathered here in my mantle.

And daughter! Did you see? My beloved priests! I called them. I called (one of them) from a foreign country, I chose the date of his coming, and I changed his flight schedule so that he could testify. He will report to the Pope. He is my beloved son who is very little, simple, and beautiful.

It is urgent that people put the messages into practice, but prayers are lacking. If the approval can be obtained soon, many children walking toward hell will change their course. It will also become a shortcut to world peace. That way, the prayers of Korea's blessed children will be answered faster.

Many children gather under my mantle, but they frequently disperse. So, help me. Those priests who come to me who am weeping will receive more abundant light and receive the burning love from me. Good bye!


Father Raymond Spies had asked Father Laurentin twice to arrive in Korea from December 7, 1987, but that was not possible because of his speech appointment and the airplane schedule. He could arrive in Seoul on December 8, the Solemnity of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception, but this would make him unable to visit Naju on December 8 (Naju is 200 miles south of Seoul). Then, suddenly, at the last moment, many of the flight schedules in Asia changed and Fr. Laurentin's arrival date in Seoul was also changed to December 7. Thus, Fr. Laurentin was able to visit Naju on December 8, the Solemnity of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception. In the above message, the Blessed Mother was explaining this.

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