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Good Friday
April 6, 2007

Golden-color fragrant oil exuded from the Crucifix on the Blessed Motherís Mountain in Naju.  When Julia touched Our Lordís foot, her hand became wet with the fragrant oil.



While Julia and other pilgrims were doing the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Motherís Mountain in Naju, she suffered the extreme pains of the Crown of Thorns, and blood streamed down from the top of Juliaís forehead and stained her clothes.  There also appeared a scourging mark on her ear.



Julia received some of the blood in her hand.




Despite her pains and weakness, Julia and many other pilgrims did the Stations of the Cross barefoot.




Julia fell at the Ninth Station because of the pains of scourging.




At the Twelfth Station, where Jesus died, the pilgrims prayed fervently and cried loudly.




After finishing the Stations of the Cross, the pilgrims knelt and prayed before the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary.  Tiny drops of the Lordís Precious Blood came down like a light drizzle.



Fr. Donald Lasap K. Lim (left) from San Francisco, U.S.A. (originally from Myanmar) and Fr. Herman Ando from Indonesia examining the bleeding on Juliaís forehead.



Bleeding continued for a while after the devotion of the Stations of the Cross was finished.  There also were many tiny blood stains on Juliaís forehead as if sprayed with a sprayer.


The Blessed Mother in Naju, Korea
(February 2, 2002):

ďThank you, my beloved daughter!  And my beloved children who have responded to my call with Amen!  My Son Jesus and I are with you again today in order to unite with your prayers filled with love and offered up to participate in my Son Jesusí sufferings, totally consecrating your precious time for the conversion of sinners and meditating on the Mystery of Salvation that was earned through my Son Jesusí immeasurable pains on the Cross. 

 . . . . .

In this age when Satan is trying to conquer the whole world, the prayers that you, little souls, offer up every day in order to participate in the pains of Calvary which the Lord suffered become the consolation that makes up for the death agony that your Lord suffered at Gethsemane and the sorrows and pains that He suffered when He was deserted by His disciples whom He loved so much.

Also the prayers that you offer up earnestly every day, participating in the Lordís Passion, become the penance for the sins that numerous children commit, perpetrating Godís sacred dignity.  The prayers and sacrifices offered up for the conversion of sinners become the sacrificial offerings that atone even for other soulsí sins.  The Lord and I receive much consolation as they are offered up on the altar of Godís justice.

All my beloved children in the world!  When you desire to follow me as innocent children, I will bathe you with streams of the water of mercy, nurture you with my spiritual milk, and take you to the Lord.  Also, I will let you grow spiritually through the sincere prayers that you earnestly offer up with your whole heart on this Way of the Cross where I walk with my Son Jesus, bleeding with Him.  The Lord will also bathe your souls and bodies with His Sacred Blood. . .

Therefore, rush toward me as humble, little souls, meditating deeply on the sinless Lordís sufferings on the Cross and always confessing that you are unworthy sinners.

My beloved children who have been called!  This world has already become pitch-dark.  Because numerous souls have become spiritually blind and deaf, have lost their sense of direction, and are wandering in darkness, I have shown many miracles and signs and screamed again and again until my throat began bleeding, to follow Godís Will that no soul be left abandoned and all be saved and obtain the tree of eternal life.  Even so, they do not understand and continue to walk on the road to hell.  Even my children who have been called to Heaven do not practice self-renunciation, to say nothing of achieving unity, persist in their self-will until the end, and repeatedly make themselves deserving of purgatory and hell.  As Godís response will be stern, the calamity of the flames of justice will be unavoidable.  How can a safe tomorrow be promised?

Therefore, I want at least you, who have been called and know that the time of Godís the Fatherís judgment is drawing near, to live a consecrated life with prayers, sacrifices, and reparations and to strive hard to turn your life at every moment into a prayer so that the time of chastisement may turn into the time of blessing.Ē


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