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The Blessed Mother 
on the Dangers of Our Time

Now is an age of sins and disorder. This world is overflowing with disorder and, as a result, a great calamity is looming over the entire human race. Even if I try to hold it off, what use will it be, if the world does not repent? There has never been another age when so many children of the world strayed so far away from repentance and brought ruin upon themselves in cooperation with the devil and under the control of the devil as now. All of them must listen to my voice of love. August 15, 1990

Their sins are many, but I have pity on them and wait for their return. But, if they persist in being indifferent to me and rejecting me, Godís arm of justice will soon be raised and the cup of His wrath will overflow. What will be the use of regretting at that time? August 15, 1990

Spread my messages of love vigorously to all the children so that the lost Love of God may be restored in every corner of the world. The storm is already becoming violent. I want to rescue this world into my Immaculate Heart, as it is facing the grave danger of being swept away by the storm and being destroyed. November 11, 1990

This world is decaying with corruption and degradation. The human race is facing a crisis under black clouds and sins are spreading like a horrible cancer. The storm is already becoming violent. This world is exposed to a grave danger, as the storm rages on. How would this Heavenly Mother feel in her Heart, as she watches all this? January 29, 1991

The darkness has even infiltrated the Church in coldhearted and elaborate ways. Thus, the last hour of bleeding for purification is waiting for you. If you do not live according to the Words of Truth, you will soon suffer calamities and will surely regret it. What will be the use of regretting after the justice of God is realized? I am imploring like this to my children, who have been called, as the time permitted for conversion is approaching its end. Be awake and pray without procrastinating. January 29, 1991

You must repent, because the sins of this world have reached an extremely high level. The world is mired in evil habits and delinquency. As order is disturbed, chaos is increasing, and the spiritual world is being destroyed. All things are collapsing, provoking the wrath of God. March 10, 1991

You must also remember that, as birth becomes near, pains intensify. Because governments, peoples, and societies are resisting the God of Justice, they become surrounded by a huge darkness. Because they are not opening their doors widely to Christ, Who is coming, various tribulations and agonies are resulting. March 25, 1991

The devil is so violent that he is even mobilizing some of my priests in driving my messages into a whirlpool of confusion. For this reason, a terrible danger is pressing down upon the world, and the hour of apostasy and betrayal is drawing near. The degradation of the human race is worsening every day and the world is standing on the edge of a cliff. Humans are bringing about their own destruction. January 23, 1993

Because they are not following the Lordís Words and my messages of love, many chastising warnings are falling upon them: earthquakes, floods, droughts, traffic accidents, fires, hunger, disease, major destruction, many kinds of ecological disasters, abnormal climates. . . Even so, they do not wake up, making my Heart burn and burn so much that I shed tears of blood. January 23, 1993

A multitude of souls are moving farther away from God and rushing toward perdition, and the whole human race is faced with an unprecedented danger to their lives and freedom. My Son Jesus is looking down at this poor humanity, lamenting over the sinnersí indifference and betrayal, and wishing that all of you would offer the Holy Hour devotion sincerely as sacrifice and penance. February 18, 1993

Tell the children in the world that they must respond to the Lordís call hurriedly, if they want to be saved. How blind and deaf they are and how stubbornly they are refusing to follow me! I have been screaming until my throat bleeds, asking them to repent quickly before the cup of Godís wrath, which is already filled, starts overflowing. But because so many children in the world are not listening to my words and are ignoring them, the cup of Godís wrath is now beginning to overflow little by little. February 3, 1994

Numerous children, who have gone far away from my Son Jesus and me, have been swept away by storms and have fallen into errors and, because of the resulting lack of faith, are not able to accept the Dogmas and are causing a great disorder in the Liturgy and the Church Laws. Even many shepherds have fallen into this disorder and are walking on the way to hell. The gates of hell are wide open to receive them. February 2, 1995

My messages of love will be the brake that suppresses disorder. All the children in the world must hurriedly understand my messages of love and accept them. If the children in the world do not follow the Will of God and do not accept my words, God will respond with severity, and they will not be able to escape from the fire of justice. A safe tomorrow cannot be promised. February 2, 1995

I have already told you that the terrifying judgment of God will come. As you know, that day will come like a thief at night. Destruction will come suddenly, when people sing of peaceful and secure times. It will be like the pains of delivery to a pregnant woman, which are sudden and yet certain and cannot be avoided. The souls who accept my messages accept me. Those who reject them reject me and reject the Father in Heaven. June 18, 1995

The decisive time that will determine the fate of the whole human race is being prepared. Therefore, hurriedly wake up from sleep and listen to the voice of this Heavenly Mother who is imploring you so ardently. September 7, 1995

JESUS: Because My Motherís loving and kind words for the past several centuries have been ignored, sin has reached a saturation point, even within the Church. September 22, 1995

How numerous are the clergy who do not defend truth but keep silent for fear and remain as spectators because of face-saving and the eyes of others, even when they see errors and despite my messages of love that I have been screaming until my throat begins bleeding! October 31, 1995

Numerous children in this world are neglecting to make Confession even when they are in the state of mortal sin. For this reason, the world is cascading down by corruption like a tidal wave and is about to be conquered by the ferocious one. June 27, 1996

In this current age, how numerous are heretics and false prophets who are using my Son Jesusí name and mine in trying to lead even the holy Church into a whirlpool of disorder and confusion with cunning temptations and deception! November 25, 1996

Ah! I am sad. The number of the children who understand the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, truly accept it, and make the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist known is extremely small. August 27, 1997

Because the day when the new heaven and the new earth will be accomplished is not far, Satan, my enemy, who is trying to cover this world with darkness, is making his last desperate effort. August 2, 1998


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