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A visit of Six Priests and Four Lay Persons 
from Vietnam to Naju, Korea
August 21, 2013

Fr. Francis Su explains to the six priests and four lay persons from Vietnam: 
“On August 27, 1997, the Eucharist miraculously came done right here 
on this floor of the Blessed Mother’s Chapel.”

Mass in the Blessed Mother’s Chapel in Naju


After the Mass

Julia greeting the pilgrims despite her extreme pains

Julia asked for the priests’ blessing

Julia: “Now this world is flooded with sins far worse than in 
the ages of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Tower of Babel, and the Deluge. 
God the Father’s cup of wrath is filled and overflowing.”

Julia: “We can turn our entire lives into prayers. For example, 
when we wash our face, we can ask the Lord to wash
away all the dirty things from our souls.”

Julia: “If we turn everything into a prayer, not wasting even
the smallest thing, our merits will accumulate in Heaven.”

A Priest: “We came to Naju after hearing about it
from the people in Australia and the USA”

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