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Photographs taken in Naju,
April 5-6, 2012
Holy Thursday and Good Friday

and Excerpt from Julia Kim's Testimony

The Blessed Mother exuding fragrant oil from her statue in Naju on Holy Thursday 
(April 5, 2012)


Fragrant oil exuding from Julia's head (April 5, 2012, Holy Thursday)


Mass of the Lord's Supper (April 5, 2012)


Julia speaking to the pilgrims (April 5, 2012)


Prayer before starting the Stations of the Cross (April 6, 2012, Good Friday)


Beginning the Stations of the Cross (April 6, 2012)


Julia carrying the Cross on the Way of the Cross


Julia suffering severe pains from the Crown of Thorns



Julia falling down because of extreme pain


Julia standing up supported by Fr. Francis Su, Julio Kim (Julia's husband) and Sister Maria



The Stations of the Cross continued.


After the Stations of the Cross, the pilgrims prayed under the Crucifix 


The Precious Blood of Our Lord came down on little rocks on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju (April 6, 2012)


Priests prostrating as a sign of their total obedience to Our Lord before the Liturgy of Good Friday (April 6, 2012)


 The Lord's Prayer before Holy Communion on Good Friday 
(April 6, 2012)


An Excerpt from Julia Kim's Testimony During the Prayer Meeting in Naju, Korea on Holy Thursday (April 5, 2012)

During the Palm Sunday Mass (April 1, 2012), when the part of the Gospels describing Our Lord's Passion was read, I remembered the enormous pains that Jesus and the Blessed Mother must have suffered in Their Hearts when Judas betrayed Jesus and when even Peter, who had vowed not to deny the Lord even if he should have to die, denied Him three times.

While meditating on the extreme pains that Jesus and the Blessed Mother were suffering, I also suffered participating in Their pains. In this age, even some of those who are working to make Jesus and the Blessed Mother known to others and have been known to be very close to Them are recklessly brandishing the swords of betrayal against Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Mother was shedding not only tears but also tears of blood and asked me if I could suffer more pains for the repentance and sanctification of the clergy. I answered that I would gladly suffer more pains.

During the same Mass, I fell down forcefully. The Blessed Mother showed me the current condition of the world and said, "If the clergy and religious do not wake up, (a terrible event) will occur that will make the whole world shake with fear." I hope that the sounds of your prayers will soar to heaven and things that would make us tremble with fear will not occur.

It was Palm Sunday (April 1, 2012) when the Blessed Mother said that and, this morning (April 5, 2012, Holy Thursday), I saw the Blessed Mother praying with her hands joined together and shedding tears at the place on the Blessed Mother's Mountain where many little rocks stained with the Precious Blood of Our Lord are being preserved. She came as Our Lady of Naju, but, instead of the blue mantle, she was wearing a white dress and a white mantle. The condition of the world has deteriorated to the extent that God has no option but to send down the chastisement. Nevertheless, the Blessed Mother said ardently, very ardently, to us, "At least you who know me, at least you who are on board the Ark of Marys Salvation, should remain awake and pray for the repentance and spiritual sanctification of the clergy."

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