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Message on April 18, 1987

While praying for the world peace and the sanctification of priests, I suffered pains in reparation for abortions from 7 to 8 a.m.



My beloved daughter! Pray for priests without ceasing. Your suffering pains shedding blood and sweat will become the energy that can help priests. When priests work to correct those who have fallen into errors because of their ingratitude, how can they be liberated from their sins unless your sacrifices and reparations accompany (the priests' work)?

Now, stay awake and pray for priests without ceasing. It is urgent. Also pray for peace in this country and for the end of misguided birth controls.


Message on April 21, 1987

I suffered the pains of crucifixion for two hours which involved my head and both arms being stretched sideward and upward.



I want the priest and all of you to become united as one and participate in my Work of Salvation. Keep the Bishop informed through your spiritual director so that more of my children may participate in my Kingdom.

Do you know how intensely my Immaculate Heart is burning to save even one more soul that is contaminated with sins and is enervated? I want to save those poor souls that live as blind persons even with open eyes, live as deaf persons even with their ears, and are deeply-rooted in the evil habits. I want to help them renounce themselves and amend their lives. When they renounce themselves and return to me, I will be their strength. I will give energy to the enervated souls and help them free themselves from sins.


Message on April 23, 1987

The Blessed Mother began shedding tears at noon and shed tears of blood from 5:30 p.m.



Daughter! Today I shed tears of love burning in my Immaculate Heart for my most beloved priests, to wash all their wounds and console their hearts. I want you to also become their comforters.

Priests! . . . My most beloved priests are now walking on the path of loneliness. They are walking on the lonely and painful path of the Cross and climbing Mt. Calvary tired and suffering. They are walking on an alienated path of the Cross, suffering severe pains in their wounds. Help them.

For the conversion of sinners who are deeply mired in evil habits and to wash away their filthy dirt permeated with sins, priests are teaching them how to practice love following the Will of my son Jesus and are carrying the burden of sacrifices and reparations in place of the numerous souls who despise and ignore them (the priests) countless times. That they (the priests) may not be infected by the secular world but be faithful to their vocations, I want you to pray for them with me. They are my sons who deserve to receive respect and love from all.

Julia:  Mother, what should I do?


Listen well and tell people. From now on, all of you must respect and serve priests and religious as your parents who gave birth to you. You must also become their comforters. That is because this age is too evil and filled with errors and, therefore, devils are so rampant and are mobilizing all the available means and methods to ruin priests. They know that they gain more by ruining one priest than destroying one thousand or ten thousand lay people.

Now, look how good-hearted those priests who returned to secular life are. That is why I am praying shedding tears that they may not walk on the road to hell but repent. I want you to pray for them, too.

Now, look! Many priests are suffering pains, because of those who have family-life vocations are judging and criticizing them. How can you, who have been called to family life, judge priests and religious, while being unfaithful to your own vocation? Why are you trying to remove the speck from others' eyes while missing the plank in your own?

I implore you today to wash the wounds of my most beloved priests whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain. (This is an idiomatic expression in Korea used sometimes by parents regarding their children.)

Julia:  Mother, tell me.


Be awake and pray. It is my Son's wish to save many souls through them (priests). The religious! . . . Pray also for my beloved daughters (nuns). They have many knots in their hearts. They have a human nature just like yourselves and, therefore, can make mistakes. Whenever they do, offer them up with prayers.

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