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‘Do not look to the world, but to Jesus on the Cross’

Message on April 8, 1993 (Holy Thursday)

In April 1993, images of the Eucharist appeared many times in the Blessed Mother's hands in the photographs and videos taken in the Chapel. Fragrant oil continued to flow on the statue.

At about 7:40 a.m., I felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel. The fragrant oil continued flowing on her statue. Her expression was particularly beautiful today. As the area around the statue became bright, the Blessed Mother began speaking through her statue.


My children, whom I love so intensely! Today is the day for priests whom I love most. Pray for them. It is a blessed day when my Son Jesus offered all of Himself and made a covenant by establishing the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders. It is a day when priests received the precious task of baptizing you, forgiving your sins through the Sacrament of Confession, teaching you the Gospels, celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and, in

doing so, renewing the Sacrifice on Mt. Calvary and ministering graces through the Sacraments instituted by Jesus. Also, Bishops bless oil today.

What is the Last Supper? It is a feast of love and sharing. In order to give the totality of my love, which is so high, deep and wide, to my beloved Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious and all my children in the world together with my Son Jesus, I am squeezing all of myself and giving you fragrance and oil. The fragrance and oil that I give to all are gifts from God. They represent my presence, love and friendship for you.

If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it produces much fruit. But if it does not die, it remains just a grain of wheat. Salvation came to this world, only because there was the painful Sacrifice of Calvary by my Son Jesus. Repent hurriedly and become a floral crown of joy for Him.

I make a special request to all priests. Imitate Jesus, the Teacher, Who sacrificed all of Himself, and give all the children in the world the Love He showed to the disciples at the Last Supper. Do not look to the world, but to Jesus Who suffered the agony of death on the Cross. Then, you will become faithful priests.

All the children in the world! As John did together with me, all of you must stand at the foot of the Cross with all your love, contemplating on those hours when Jesus offered sacrifices. You must help priests so that they may carry their heavy crosses well. Do not fear the world, even if it does not understand or accept you when you try to practice justice. My burning Immaculate Heart will always be your home and your refuge.


Message on April 14, 1993

At about 7:20 a.m., I went to the Chapel in response to the Blessed Mother’s call. She spoke with a warm and kind voice from her statue.


My dear daughter! Today I will give you a special sign for my beloved priests who have responded to my call.

My little soul! . . . I am Mother to all of you and the Queen of Heaven. I have called many priests in order to save the souls who are wandering in darkness. But they have neglected me and distanced me because of the eyes of the world and face-saving . . . .

My beloved priests! Get closer together and hold each other's hands hurriedly. And achieve unity in total love. The devil will cause more confusion employing many different methods, but do not fall into his cunning schemes and stop spreading the messages. If you do not help me, I cannot do anything, either. Hurry up and bring those numerous sheep, which have been lost and are wandering, to the refuge of my Immaculate Heart. I need you, because I want to save all the children through you.

What will be the use of regretting at the time of chastisement? Now is the designated hour for you and the time to enter the battle. Do not worry about tomorrow or be concerned about the future in human ways. The place that I have prepared for you, the irreplaceable place for you . . . it is the great task that the love of my Immaculate Heart has chosen for you. I want you to understand this and to respond to my call without reservations. When you humbly walk a little person's way of love toward holy virtues according to my wishes and follow me in obedience, the Lord's miracles of love will be wrought through you.

Now the plans of my Immaculate Heart are about to be realized. Therefore, help the little, unworthy soul (=Julia) whom I have chosen and spread my wishes to the whole world so that they may be put into practice. When the messages of love that my Son Jesus and I give you are realized in this world, the greatest victory of establishing the glorious Kingdom of Christ will be won and you will see the glory by my side.


When her words ended, drops of fragrant oil streamed down from the forehead of the Blessed Mother's statue. I took several photographs and also did some videotaping. Clear images of the Holy Eucharist appeared on the Blessed Mother's hands in the photographs and video.

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