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Message on October 29, 1986

The Blessed Mother had shed lots of tears and blood through her statue since October 19 and her appearance was so contorted that it was difficult for me to look at. I had never seen her looking so miserable. I was so sorry and felt pain in my heart as if it were torn and about to burst. I was weeping bitterly and others near me also cried loudly.


Julia: Mother, who made your face like this? I cannot look at your face. Mother, forgive us. I have never seen your face looking so miserable. What happened? Mother, tell me. Let me know what I should do.


At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking with an anxious voice through her statue.



Practice obedience. Be obedient to your superiors as well as those who are of a lower status than you. As I was obedient, you do the same. I feel so anxious, but will give you energy. So, do not cry but stand up courageously. What can we do if people refuse to accept our love even if we give them love? Even God will not force them. Do not expect too much too soon; keep silent and wait for the right time.


After the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the Pastor and Fr. Gang came and prayed. Then, they suggested that the tears of blood on the Blessed Mother's statue be wiped off. I felt sad and painful in my heart as if it would burst, but remembering the Blessed Mother's words that we should be obedient, I wiped off the tears of blood that the Blessed Mother had shed from her face to her feet.


Message on October 31, 1986

I felt intense pain in the center of my left hand. It appeared that it was going to begin bleeding. At about 10 p.m., the soles of my feet began to harden. From about 2 A.M., I suffered extreme pains of the Cross and of the Sacred Heart together with the Blessed Mother. While suffering, I heard the Blessed Mother speaking.



Inform everyone about the importance of the Holy Eucharist. By the Holy Eucharist, the Lord will be with you and in you. He will live in you and stay there always, if you open your hearts wide and receive Him with a clean heart. But how can the Lord reign in you, if you do not keep a clean heart or do not open the door of your heart? Look how they receive Holy Communion.

I saw a large crowd receiving Communion. However, only a few were sincerely receiving the Lord. The Blessed Mother was at the Lord's side observing how they were receiving the Eucharist and was weeping because of the Sacred Hosts that were pouring down (but received insincerely) and so many sacrilegious Communions. She wants us to make frequent Confessions so that even one more soul may be saved.


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