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Seven Sacred Hosts descend to the Chapel in Naju

Message on July 1, 1995

We had been planning celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping, but, instead, were praying quietly as pilgrims in front of the Blessed Mother’s statue. During the prayer, there were flashing lights from the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother’s statue. Then, the wooden image of Jesus turned into the live Jesus. He was on the Cross, bleeding. Blood was flowing from His forehead, which was being pressed down by a crown of thorns, His side, two hands, two feet and Heart. Jesus spoke sorrowfully.

During the overnight prayer meeting, Fr. Francis Su, Fr. Jerry Orbos, Fr. Pete Marcial, and other pilgrims pray over Julia, who was suffering pains in reparation for the sins of abortion. The baby girl (bottom center), who was suffering from Wolf Syndrome, was miraculously healed the next day.


My beloved soul! It has been ten years since My Mother Mary began shedding tears and imploring you in order to bring to Me all the children in the world who are filled with pride and hastening on their way toward hell. The Heavenly Mother, who deserves to be respected, is receiving extreme insults and pains instead of respect from the numerous children in the world. Offer up to the Heavenly Mother all of your suffering heart that has desired to comfort her.

My little soul! You know well that the spiritualism that secretly calls on the power of Satan is not from God. Satan can certainly weaken people’s free will, but cannot destroy it unless people cooperate with him. I am watching the insults, ridicule, scourging, and humiliation by the enemies, the opponents of My Love, in the past, at present and in the future. You know well what will happen to those who are dragged into eternal perdition and also that the devils can be active in many different ways and to different degrees, as they can mobilize whatever means that are available to them. So, make haste so that the numerous children in this world may return to Me, and quench their thirst in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which is a Mystery of Love, in which I give up all of Myself.

Julia: Lord! I am not able. I am filled with shortcomings and unworthiness.


Yes. I dwell in your heart that feels your unworthiness and littleness. Do not focus on yourself. I will not take away your shortcomings from you. I can make all of your soul and body perfect in one moment. But, I am leaving your shortcomings as gifts to you so that you may lower yourself further and further and come to me as a little soul. So, you will experience many pains and misunderstandings in following Me and My Mother, but these will not be stumbling blocks.

Julia: Thank you, Lord. I am not worthy, but will follow Your Will.


Yes. Thank you, my little soul! This world has become one which is swarming with heretics. In this age which is placed in the middle of a danger, try to imitate Me.

My real, personal and physical Presence in the Mystery of the Eucharist is an indisputable fact. I have repeatedly shown the Eucharist turning into visible Blood and Flesh so that all may believe that the Eucharist, which is a Mystery of the Infinite Love, Humility, Power and Wisdom, is My Living Presence. If certain priests do not believe in this Personal Presence of Mine in the Church, they certainly do not qualify as co-redeemers. When they ignore Me, Who is Christ, true God and true Man, they will be publicly denying My Divinity while acknowledging My human nature. That is because they have lost the ability to discern between good and evil and between authentic and unauthentic.

My beloved little soul! Never be discouraged. I will always be with you. Entrust everything to Me without worrying. I will send angels to protect you.

Now, look at Me clearly. Today I will give you a Sign of Love, while all of you are looking, with the same love that I had when I gave you the Seven Sacraments and gave up all of Myself. Help Me, all of you, in saving this world, which is becoming sicker and sicker, by uniting with each other and practicing love.


Jesus raised His hand, which was bleeding, and blessed all of us. Then, the Blood that was flowing from the Seven Wounds of Jesus gradually turned into Sacred Hosts and were falling down. I had been listening to the reading of the Lord’s message holding hands with Fr. Su from Malaysia. I was surprised and jumped up and tried to receive the Hosts. But the Hosts fell so forcefully that they passed by my hands. I was standing speechless. Everyone in the Chapel heard the sounds of the Hosts falling on the altar before the Blessed Mother’s statue. At that moment, Jesus resumed speaking.


My Mother has repeatedly asked for a tabernacle to be prepared (in the Chapel). But because it has not been prepared yet, I am giving you today My Flesh and My Blood in a special way for all of you.


When Jesus ended speaking, His appearance returned to that of His wooden image on the Crucifix.


Message on July 2, 1995

Fr. Francis Su and Fr. Pete Marcial dipped their fingers in the Precious Blood on Julia's tongue and wiped them on a piece of white cloth. This cloth is being preserved at Fr. Raymond Spies' residence.
The Archbishop (of the Kwangju Archdiocese covering Naju) instructed us to consume the seven Sacred Hosts that came down at 3:45 a.m. yesterday. In obedience, two priests who witnessed the falling Hosts yesterday and five lay people, including me, were selected to receive the Hosts. I could not help crying a lot, because we had to consume the Sacred Hosts that Jesus Himself gave us while bleeding on the Cross instead of preserving Them. I was the last to receive Communion. When I received the Host, I smelled a powerful fragrance of roses from the inside of my mouth and felt that the Sacred Host was becoming larger. Someone sitting nearby asked me to open my mouth. When I did, those around me were so surprised and shouted, "The Host turned into Blood!" Many began crying loudly.

A while later, I entered an ecstasy. I was walking with the Blessed Mother. She was extremely beautiful, wearing a white dress, a blue mantle and a blue sash around her waist. She spoke in a soft, kind and pleasant manner.


Daughter! More and more children are falling into the sweet temptations by the devil, who tried to compete against God with a preposterously big ambition. They do not realize in what kind of a situation they are and receive Communion sacrilegiously. They are earning more and more of God the Father’s just anger. Do you want to see?

Julia: Yes, Mother!

As soon as I replied, I saw a place crowded with numerous people. The Holy Father and many other clergy were celebrating Mass. Many priests were offering Mass while they were in sins. Many religious and the majority of lay people were receiving Communion while they were in sins, without realizing their sinfulness. They were eating up the Eucharist without any hesitation. The Blessed Mother felt so much pain in her Heart and spoke.


My beloved daughter! In this manner, they get lost and are wandering in darkness. They cannot even recognize themselves. How can they understand themselves, when they have lost even the sense of direction? First, they walk in fog, then, in darkness, and, then, far away from the source of love, totally forgetful of the Lord’s Divine Nature and blind and deaf spiritually. Where would they be going? This Heavenly Mother desires to save all the children who have gotten lost with your help.

Daughter! My messages of love that I am giving through you, who are unworthy, can be a guide for all the souls. But because only very few are following them, big calamities that Satan wanted and caused are occurring repeatedly. God has not taken away the devils’ abilities that they were created with. That is why they proudly came to the world and are reigning. They lead people to sins, instigate them to disobey God, infuse pride, which is a terrible vice, into them and constantly plan evil schemes.

Their hypocrisy and malice become combined together and become like a mixture of explosive gases making the spiritual warfare more fierce. You will not even be able to discern, unless you remain awake.

My daughter who suffers willingly! To save this world which is decaying under the dark curtain of death, it is necessary that priests respect and fear God, lead a holy life following my Son Jesus, and lead the numerous sheep to Heaven. That is why signs were given today so that these priests, who have responded with an "Amen" to the invitation to become little souls, may testify.

My beloved priests! My priests whom I love so dearly that I can put you in my eyes without feeling any pain! You were given the power to change bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord in the Church. You were also given the power to forgive sins. Therefore, hurriedly teach the Mystery of the Eucharist to all so that they may make sincere Confessions and receive the Eucharist with clean hearts. Help them follow the Lord.

The Lord gave up all of Himself for your sake. He not only shed Blood two thousand years ago but even now is squeezing all of Himself on the Cross for you, is coming to you in the form of bread and is consumed by you. If people knew this, they would not have joined forces with the devil.

This great power (to change bread and wine into Jesus) in the Blessed Sacrament, a Mystery of Salvation, was not given even to Cherubim and Seraphim but was given to priests. How many of them are truly paying attention and are coming to me?

I ask my beloved priests to help all those who thirst and crave for worldly things to truly repent and return to the Lord through the Eucharistic Signs that have been given through the little soul who professes to be unworthy and unqualified. All these should be for God’s glory and for the salvation of souls. Entrust all the rest to me. When you follow me entrusting everything to me, your union with God through His Incarnation will continue in the Mystery of the Eucharist. This union is unprecedented and beyond human description.

Now, entrust the remainder of your life to me with complete trust, pursuing the highest good and walking a little person’s way of love. Come to me humbly. Then, you will be removing the thorns of rose bushes for me and will be applying fragrant balsam to my wounds.

Receive the special blessings that God the Father and God the Son in Heaven are bestowing on all of you today. All the children! I relay to you the greetings from all the angels and Saints and also send you my deep love! Then, an-nyoung!


The Blessed Mother finished speaking and disappeared. I opened my eyes at the sound of many people crying. It was the inside of the Chapel.

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