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Prayer Meeting on June 30, 2013
in celebration of the 28th Anniversary
of Our Lady's first weeping in Naju, Korea

The Blessed Mother continues exuding fragrant oil through her statue in Naju


His Excellency Bishop Dominic Su from the Sibu Diocese in Malaysia giving his homily during the Mass on June 30, 2013

(His Excellency Bishop Dominic Su of the Sibu Diocese, Malaysia, sent the following testimony to Dr. Ricardo Castañon Gomez who had conducted scientific tests on Julia Kim in Naju in 2002 and submitted the test results to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican in 2003.)


31st August, 2003


Dr. Ricardo Castañon Gomez
Calle Pilar De Zaragoza 45-4
28028 Madrid


Dear Dr. Ricardo Castañon Gomez,

On 15th August, 2002 at about 9:30 a.m., my two brother priests - Fr. Francis and Fr. Philip - were concelebrating with me in the open air on the hill of Naju where mysterious things have been happening since 1985. On that day, there were pilgrims from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea participating in the Eucharistic celebration which ended at about 10:30 a.m.

Upon hearing that fresh blood was found under the table where Bishop Roman Danylak from Canada celebrated Mass in 1995, we went to have a look. Within a few minutes, more and more stones were seen to be covered with blood. At about 11:20 a.m. Julia Kim arrived at the scene. She had a vision of our Lord Jesus whose heart was torn apart because of the sins and ungratefulness of His people and was bleeding profusely. The blood dropped on the stones. Julia asked my two brother priests and myself to taste the blood. It tasted like blood indeed. Meanwhile we were led by Julia to sing: Blood of Jesus Christ my Lord ( 2x ), Heal my body, heal my soul, For you love me so. Amen ( 3x )

I remembered that it was the same spot where I also celebrated Mass on 22nd August, 1995. At that time the Eucharist in the mouth of Julia Kim was turned into live flesh and blood for a few minutes.

I believe that the Lord Jesus allowed this extraordinary phenomenon to occur in order to let us realize that His sufferings, like shedding of His Precious Blood was not a past history which took place 2000 years ago. What happened then is still and will be relevant and effective till the end of the world. Through this phenomenon, Jesus also wants to affirm the teaching of our Church's Magisterium that He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary without any intervention of man. I understand that some scientists have been trying to make a thorough analysis of this blood. We should not be surprised if they find the blood to be identical with that of Mary.

On 15th August, this year we went back to Naju to celebrate the first anniversary of this extraordinary phenomenon. If the Holy See would like us to testify before the relevant authority for investigation, we would be ready to do so.

Testimony given by Bishop Dominic Su and Father Francis Su.

Rt. Rev. Bishop Dominic Su (signed)
Rev. Fr. Francis Su (signed)


Fragrant oil again came down on the floor of the Blessed Mother's chapel in Naju


Beginning the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju


The Stations of the Cross continues together with Jesus and the Blessed Mother


Bishop Dominic Su carrying the Cross during the Stations of the Cross


Praying at the end of the Stations of the Cross


Bishop Dominic Su touching Jesus' feet on the Cross which often becomes wet with blood and water


Procession to the vinyl chapel on the Blessed Mother's Mountain


The same procession


Entering the vinyl chapel for the Mass, more prayers, and testimonies


Julia greeting Bishop Dominic Su with a bow


The pilgrims brought gifts of candles and flowers for the Blessed Mother


Fragrant oil and the Mother's milk came down on the acrylic cover that protects the stones stained with the Lord's Precious Blood

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