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The Stations of the Cross 
on the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju
April 18, 2014. Good Friday, from 3 p.m.

Julia suffers indescribably severe pains in reparation for the sins of abortion.

Julia suffers from the pains of the crucifixion at the 11th and 12th Stations. Julio Kim, Julia's husband, and Peter Kim support Julia who suffers enormous pains and collapses.

Julia suffers the pains of her heart being pierced by a spear on the Cross at the 12th Station. She stops breathing and dies. 
Her soul is lifted up to Heaven and receives messages from God the Father. She also meets angels and Saints an visits several places in Heaven. She also sees the miserable condition of our world which has turned into a sea of disorder and countless sins. This world deserves to receive God's chastisement which will turn it into a sea of fire and worms. God the Father sends Julia back into the world to help save it.

Julia comes back to life and sits up after receiving messages from God the Father in heaven. Fr. Aloysius Chang carries the Cross.

Prayer at the conclusion of the Stations of the Cross. Fr. Francis Su leads the prayer.

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