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Our Lady's message on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

Message on June 18, 2000

The Blessed Mother:

My beloved daughter! Tell my children who have been called. This Mother, who wishes that not even one among the children in the world become lost, is consoled by your offerings filled with love and devotion as you try to turn your whole life including even the most trivial things into prayers according to this Motherís wish.

This Mother, who shines light upon the road to Heaven as the Heavenly Prophetess, today offered up my beloved children whom I have called, on the altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is burning with love. Therefore, become awakened so that you may not fall into despair or discouragement, and try to live the life of resurrection.

My little souls who have been called! Even if you are feeble and weak, offer up yourselves completely and become dissolved in my Immaculate Heart so that you may be united with my love and become one. Thus, if you become one, as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one, respond to this Motherís wish to end violence and terror, saying "Amen," and follow me, then Satan, who has been trying to conquer this world, will be defeated and run away and you will hold the victory banner of my burning Immaculate Heart and sing the glory of the Lord.

However, keeping in mind that, if you do not accept my words, I will be unable to help you, turn your life into prayers with a sublime heart and utmost devotion.

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