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Message on September 14, 1988

I was agonizing over some people who consider themselves to be exemplary members of the church but pass rash judgment on me and criticize me based on their preposterous misunderstanding. I sought the Lord while suffering pains and heard the Lord's voice.



Children! Look. The devil will try every possible means to shake your faith and trust (in Me). You should not think that such things will never happen to you. Enter My Sacred Heart and deepen your understanding of My Heart and My Love. Do not lose trust for even one moment lest the devil will sneak into your hearts. When you are lacking in trust, you not only hurt My Heart, but also sadden God the Father.

Be sure that the only way you should walk is the way of love, the way of a little person's love. Until you come to the Heavenly Kingdom by walking this way, live only for love, trusting Me completely, live only for love. Even if you suffer pains unceasingly (from others), preserve your loving heart through those pains. I love you even when you make mistakes by misusing free will, because I know well that you will not leave My side.

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