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A Selection of the Messages
of Our Lord and Our Lady
in Naju, Korea

Many do not understand the infinite Love of God


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  As there are many children who do not understand the infinite Love of God and are wandering among superficial things, I will gather children from all over the world and reveal to them the amazing miracles of love.  I want my beloved daughter and you, who are her brothers and sisters, to join hands and give me devoted service in unity.  (November 25, 1991)



Pray and make sacrifices for priests 

JESUS:  My beloved little baby!  As I told you before, I can make you perfect, but I do not take away your shortcomings that have been given to you as gifts to keep you humble.  Therefore, do not be focused on yourself, but, with more strenuous efforts and through unceasing sacrifices and penances, offer yourself up totally so that all the clergy may obey and form unity with the Pope, who is the successor to Peter, whom I chose, who is My Vicar, and who is the eldest brother in the Church, and that they may convert and accomplish the mission entrusted to them, in compliance with My Will.

            Even a large majority of the clergy have alienated themselves from the source of love, have totally forgotten about My Divinity, have become blind and deaf, and, because of face-saving and others' eyes, do not defend the truth against errors which they see, and utter criticisms in the back, even though I, Who am the way, the truth, and the life, and My Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption and the Advocate, have been showing signs and screaming until Our throats begin bleeding.  This is why they are incurring God the Father's wrath of justice.

            That is not all.  Many of the clergy, whose duty is to lead the herds of sheep to Heaven, are offering Masses and the Divine Office in superficial ways, neglect their sacred duties, and are unfaithful to the tasks given to them, getting involved in gold, Go-Stop (a card game popular in Korea played for money and fun), and drinking and enjoying pleasure together with the secular world instead of abstaining from associating with women, obsessed with and addicted to all the worldly matters.  Every time they do so, I wear the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown, become nailed to the Cross, and shed blood.  (November 8, 2001) 


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  The majority of the shepherds in the Church are not accepting me even now.  Because of this, the world is covered with a terrible darkness and is about to sink into a deep chasm of darkness.  The darkness in the world has become so dense that the world now stands at the crossroads.  This crisis manifests itself in the Church as a deepening division and apostasy, which is found even among priests.  Numerous clergy and children are not only refusing to accept my invitation but are showing an outright defiance to it, cruelly nailing my Son Jesus to the Cross again.  June 30, 1997)


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  I implore you today to wash the wounds of my priests whom I love so much that I can put them in my eyes without feeling any pain.  (April 23, 1987)


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  I want the lay people to obey the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and all the priests.  They are my most beloved sons and have received the power to forgive the sins of countless people who have become contaminated with sins.  For this reason, even my Son Jesus comes down from Heaven to earth in obedience to them.  (June 29, 1987)


You should not face the approaching destruction unprepared 

JESUS:  Together with My Mother Mary, who gave birth to Me and raised Me, I have been giving many messages of love and signs in Naju, Korea, but even many of my children who experienced the miracles of love are dispersing in all directions because of the devil's temptations.  How sad and deplorable!

            All My beloved children in the world!  It is not too late yet; hurriedly come to Me, following My Mother who is imploring sorrowfully, shedding tears and tears of blood.  You should not face the approaching destruction unprepared.  Remembering that God the Father's wrath has reached an extremity and a chastisement is inevitable but that He is still delaying the time because of the prayers of the little souls, wake up from sleep and pray.  Hurriedly and humbly respond to My Mother's please by making your best, strenuous efforts so that the miracles of love may be fully realized.  (April 12, 1998)


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  In this present age, not only those who are outside the Church but also the children who say that they love God are alienating themselves from God and are already becoming murderers in their hearts, making this world no less miserable than when Cain killed Abel.

            Corruption has spread not only in the society and families but also even in the Church, making the world become enveloped in a curtain of darkness, but the majority of political leaders and superiors in the Church, whose duty is to correct the problems, are unable to form unity, blaming one another, fighting against one another, being conceited and throwing false accusations at others, while proudly displaying their learning.  What is the matter with them?  They are like the owners of ships sailing in the sea who have become blind, deaf and lame spiritually.  How could God not be angry?  If they regret, beating their chests, weeping and screaming at the time when God's chastisement for all the sins of this age which has become so corrupt comes down upon the world, of what use will it be?  Because I will not be able to do anything at that time, I am so anxiously pleading with you, speaking the same words repeatedly.  (October 7, 1998) 


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  All the children in the world!  I have told you so anxiously that God the Father's response of justice will be relentless and a safe tomorrow cannot be promised, but how can you be so negligent of listening to my anxious pleas which I scream, even vomiting blood?  I have already implored you anxiously, saying "Do not bring upon yourselves the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood" (February 3, 1994), and warned you several times that the time of the great distress is close at hand.  Even so, if you do not repent, and if even most of the clergy sing of peaceful times and fail to remain awake, what will happen to the herds of sheep which are following them?  There is no more time to procrastinate.  

            As the time allowed by God is already coming to an end, meditate on the era of Sodom and Gomorrah which were destroyed because there were not even ten just persons, and make haste to wake up and pray so that you may be saved from the chastisement and disaster of the blazing fire of sulfur which is to fall upon the world.

            My beloved children who have been called?  Bear in mind that this world has already fallen into a crisis of turning into ashes because of the extreme sins, but my Son Jesus gave you one more chance thanks to the fervent prayers, sacrifices and reparations by you, the little souls.  At least you should become completely dissolved in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who has become the sacrificial victim for reconciliation, and my Immaculate Heart; and, by turning your lives into prayers, bind up the Lord's bleeding wounds, stich them up, and clean them.

            When the sounds of prayers by you, the little souls united in love in the Holy Trinity, are combined together and soar high into Heaven, the crisis of a Third World War will be averted.  However, if the children in the world fail to the end to accept the messages of love which my Son Jesus and I are giving them, to repent, and to remain awake, I will no longer be able to hold the cup of God's wrath.  (November 9, 2001) 


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  What will happen to this age, if people turn their faces away from the messages of love and refuse to accept them which I have been screaming out, repeating the same words again and again and showing numerous signs that have never been shown anywhere else in the world?  Keeping in mind that there is now no more time to hesitate or procrastinate, let us turn God's cup of just anger into a cup of blessing by forming unity among all of you as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One, staying awake and praying, and graciously offering up your entire lives by turning them into prayers.  

My beloved children!  I desire you to bear in mind that, when you totally follow with your Amen the words of this Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, the enormous chastisement that is to fall upon the entire human race and the Church can turn into a blessing, and to comply with the intention of this Mommy who has been wounded and yet is squeezing all of herself to give you the fragrant oil.  (March 31, 2006)


This deplorable world has finally reached such a shocking stage with the sins of impurity


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  My beloved daughter!  The sins of impurity which the children in the world commit by seeking pleasure occur not only at night but indiscriminately day and night, which become gifts of joy for the devils.  They are unable to pull themselves out of the illusion that makes them think that evil is good, and are rushing toward eternal death.  This deplorable world has finally reached such a shocking stage.  Oh, my pitiable children!  If they face death without repentance, God's stern judgment alone will be waiting for them.  (January 3, 2002)  


The cunning devil instigates sexual desires of male and female, old and young, seducing them to seek a moment's pleasure, especially during the woman's ovulation time.  Pregnancies result and the little lives thus conceived are brutally murdered through abortion.  Then, the devil makes a complacent smile of satisfaction and cries out for joy.  Therefore, if the prayers of love, sacrifices, and reparations by you, who have been called as my true children, are combined, dissolved in my Immaculate Heart as total consecration, and offered up as a sacrificial offering of fervent reparation, they will also be freed from the influence of the enormously powerful devil.  (June 13, 2000)


Satan, my enemy, is seducing numerous children and even the clergy, making them compromise with selfishness and secularism and close their hearts

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  All my dear children in the world!  The world is becoming highly developed in materialistic civilization, but is deteriorating in its spiritual condition and is turning into darkness.  Even the children chosen by me are groaning with unnecessary secular concerns and are building their houses on sand, following the visible world.  How overjoyed the devil will be!

            To achieve his victory, Satan, my enemy, is seducing numerous children and even the clergy, making them compromise with selfishness and secularism and close their hearts.  Thus they become deaf and blind and are shaking like a rocking boat that has lost its direction in the current of apostasy that has deviated from the orthodox teachings of the Church.

            I speak and speak again, but they do not understand, and I show and show (signs) again, but they do not recognize them.  Many children are good only at slandering, which is like placing this Heavenly Mother, who is the Mediatrix of Graces and the Co-Redemptrix, at the top of heretics.  I feel so painful in my Heart that I cannot control my tears.

            My beloved children!  Try to enter through the narrow gate which will lead you to salvation.  Of what use will it be to beat your chest and wail bitterly after you are thrown into the pit of fire in hell by not repenting before the day when the world will end (for you) in the not too distant future? 

Come hurriedly.  Come quickly and practice the messages of love that Jesus, my Son, and I are giving you.  It is not too late yet.  Open your hearts widely, become prudent babies of mine who keep in their minds my words that I scream to them shedding tears and tears of blood and who build their houses on rock.  Thus, come to the Heavenly Paradise to which I invite you together with Jesus, my Son.  (May 8, 1999)


The devil's goal is to make you fall into misery and give up

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  Even the majority of the shepherds and the children who have been called, who say that they are making the Lord known, are becoming blind and deaf and are unable to discern because of the devil's tricks.  Because of this, Satan, my enemy, is about to cry out with joy over his near victory.  His goal is to shake up the faith and trust of you, who are supposed to make the Lord's Love and mine known, and, thereby, to make you fall into misery and give up.  Thus, he aims to make you fall and to prevent you from doing the important work.  Therefore, stand up hurriedly and go forward bravely, making strenuous efforts to accomplish the task that has been entrusted to you.  (April 23, 2000)


Those who understand the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, truly accept it, and make the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist known are extremely few

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  My Son Jesus, Who is divine, deserves all the power, honor, glory and worship, but comes to you in person in the form of bread, hiding all of His Power, Dignity, Divinity, and Humanity in order to save the children who have become lost and are wandering.  However, some who have seen so many Signs of Love until now think that the Holy Eucharist, which is the Substance of Jesus, Who is alive, is breathing and wants to be with you, is just a host, and they judge. . .

            Ah!  I am sad.  The number of the children who understand the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, truly accept it, and make the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist known is extremely small.  (August 27, 1997)


Breathe and live in my Immaculate Heart

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  Know that my birth into this world was the signal that announced the fulfillment of all the covenants of the Old Testament; and the arrival of a new era of all the graces and salvation in Christ.  And practice the messages of love that I am giving you and be united to the Love of the Lord Who wills to save the world.

            As the hands of a clock keep moving without a pause, this world as well as passion will all pass away.  Therefore, have no fear, anxiety or despair, but entrust yourselves totally to this Mama who is bringing you up and cares about you.  Do not forget that I, who share your sorrows, pains, and anxieties, am always with you.  And more energetically and more courageously, make known to the whole world the Love that is flaming up in my Heart.

            The days when the little souls gather, breathe and live in my Immaculate Heart are the days that are interspersed with my immense and powerful presence.  Therefore, Satan, my enemy, may appear victorious now, but my Immaculate Heart will surely triumph with the help from you who look powerless and unworthy. 

            Therefore, all the children in the world!  Stand up in a hurry and make a new start by combining your strength.  When you work heroically with total loyalty and displaying the power of love, I will help you, comfort you and become not only your laurel crown in Heaven but your floral crown even while you live in the world.  (August 28, 1997)


Offer up your entire life to Me through My Mother

JESUS:  My children who have been called!  I bestow the light of love and mercy upon you.  Pray and pray again.  Even if your thoughts are imperfect, offer up your entire life to Me through My Mother as littler and littler persons.  That is truly to turn your lives into prayers and offer yourselves up.  Even if it seems that darkness covers everything, follow My Mother entrusting everything to her with faith and confidence and having trust in her.  Then, you will receive light from My burning Sacred Heart and gain Heaven.  Also, the words of My Mother who said: "Through the prayers, sacrifices, and reparations by little souls, world peace will be accomplished," will surely be realized.  (June 13, 2000)


THE BLESSED MOTHER:  Even if the world fails to repent and thus becomes seas of fire as in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah, and violently raging waves threaten to sweep you away as during the Great Deluge in the time of Noah, I will protect you, who are following me with trust and faith and are making the burning love in my Immaculate Heart known.  I will sustain you as a person who never yields his integrity even in adversities and lead you to the Heavenly Garden.  Therefore, graciously offer up even the pains that cause bleeding within you for the conversion of sinners.  (August 28, 1997) 


Do not refuse the cross that has been given to you

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  My beloved children!  Do not refuse the cross that has been given to you or complain about it.  You will experience pains while living on earth, but, if you do not squander the small and large pains but offer them up graciously and follow me, you will receive a royal crown in the next world because of the sufferings in this world.  Therefore, hurriedly open the door of your hearts widely and rush toward me, who am your Mother in Heaven.  I will prepare a refuge where you can relax comfortably.  (January 23, 1997)


As I have been chosen to be the Lord's Helper, all of you have been chosen to be my helpers

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  Haven't I already said that, when you always trust this Mother's words and follow me in response to the messages of love that I have given you, new buds will sprout even on the burnt ground, my Love will flame up on the ruins, and the cup of blessing from God instead the cup of his wrath will be bestowed upon you?  I have also told you that, when you renounce yourselves and spread the burning love in my Immaculate Heart to the children in the whole world, you will experience pains, but, if you achieve unity and follow me together, what you have lost from deserting the world will turn into eternal joy by gaining me.

            My beloved children!  As I have been chosen to be the Lord's Helper, all of you have been chosen to be my helpers.  Therefore, Heaven is truly yours.  (April 1, 1997)


The Rosary defeats the devil

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  As I told you before, the rosary defeats the devils.  Tell all the faithful to offer five more decades of rosary prayers (daily).  If they pray more for the unity of this country, it will be saved from a calamity.  (January 1, 1988)   


Practice love

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  If you truly love me and love your neighbors, then, you are loving Jesus and will be appeasing the just anger of God the Father.  When my messages are spread to the world and put into practice, the just anger of God the Father will be softened and the terrible punishment will be turned away.  (January 30, 1988)


I invite you to Heaven where only little souls can enter

THE BLESSED MOTHER:  Become littler.  I invite you to Heaven where only little souls can enter.  Because the gate of Heaven is small, and large souls cannot enter it, you should become littler continuously and bring many souls to me so that they may be nurtured with my spiritual milk of love and become little souls.

            My babies who have been invited to become little souls!  The cup of God's wrath is overflowing, because the world has reached a saturation point with sins and great degradation.  Increase your efforts, remembering that the time of judgment is being delayed because of the little souls despite their small number.  When the number of the little souls increases, God's voice of wrath and breath of anger will turn into blessing and this world will become the Kingdom of the Lord.

            It is now the very time of purification.  Hurriedly hold my hands and stay in the burning Sacred Heart of Jesus and the burning Immaculate Heart of this Mother.  And offer up yourselves totally and spread the Lord's love according to the wish of this Mother, who is the Helper in Redemption, in order to save this world which has become corrupt and polluted in great degradation.  Then, even the souls who are rushing on the road to hell may return to the bosom of the Church through you who think that you are unqualified.  (June 12, 1997)

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