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ON AUGUST 13, 2013

The Blessed Mother exudes fragrant oil 
through her statue in Naju (August 15, 2013)

+Praise Jesus, praise the Blessed Mother!

I am so pleased to see you all! You responded with “Amen” to the invitation from the Lord and the Blessed Mother and came here. Even if you were urged by your parents, it still was a call from the Lord and the Blessed Mother through your parents to participate in this retreat.

When we pray to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, we often ask for what we need or want, don’t we? Now, however, it is Jesus and the Blessed Mother, shedding tears of blood, Who implore us: “Children, help Us! Children, We need your help!” The Blessed Mother entreats: “Shouldn’t you who know me stitch up my Heart that has been torn apart?” Jesus screams: “Is there anyone who will lower Me from the Cross?” The Lord and the Blessed Mother specially called you to this place, because They wish to perform the miracles of love through you as Their instruments. Some of you had already participated in the youth retreats in Naju in previous years. Some of the participants became applicants for religious life. 

Now, this world has become so thickly covered with darkness that God cannot help but send down the chastisement. The people in this world have rushed to the brink of a high cliff and many of them are falling off the cliff.

Are you well informed of what is going on in this world? I rarely watch TV or read newspapers, but I hear that many terrifying calamities are occurring at various places in the world. This means that the chastisement is already coming down little by little. God the Father is lifting high the cup of chastisement. When He turns it over, the whole world will become seas of fire. This cup has not been turned over yet, because the Blessed Mother is weeping and holding God the Father’s arm pleading: “Please wait a little longer, as the number of the little souls is increasing.” That is why God is not pouring the cup of chastisement on the world yet. But the cup is shaking despite the Blessed Mother’s desperate efforts, because sins continue increasing and overflowing in the world. Thus, some of the chastisement is coming down on different places of the world causing fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other disasters. It is just like when the cup that you hold is shaken, some of the water in the cup spills on the floor. Many people were already hit by the disasters and some even died. This is because God the Father cannot just continue looking at the rising tides of sins any longer and the cup of wrath is flowing over. Again and again, God the Father sees the rising sins in the world and is about to turn over the cup of His just wrath, but the Blessed Mother desperately continues holding His arm imploring repeatedly. This is what has been going on until this moment. 

Now, this world has become a pandemonium that is so shocking that we cannot even look at with our open eyes. You may not have seen the actual scenes, but they have been shown to me several times. So many people go to hell because of the sins of false accusations and abortions (and other sins). When I was leaving home today to come here (the Blessed Mother’s Mountain), my belly swelled like a balloon. I felt as if it was about to burst. While coming here, I unfastened the buttons of my clothes, but as we were arriving here I prayed: “Jesus! Please let me button up.” I was surprised that I had no difficulty in buttoning up fast despite my swollen belly. The pains that I suffered were reparations for the abortions (in the world). 

Abortion is murder. You know this, don’t you? Most people, however, do not know it. Nowadays, pills are available for killing the fertilized eggs, which are already little human lives. Some years ago, there was a young medical doctor working in Naju as a volunteer. On October 19, 2006, he personally collected the samples of Our Lord’s Precious Blood for DNA tests in Seoul. After several years’ service, he left Naju due to his mother’s insistence (that he work in a hospital). So, he began working in a children’s hospital. He did not stay there for long, because he saw there that medicines were being prescribed to kill unborn babies. Nowadays, abortion is carried out not only by surgical methods but also by pills. The babies’ fathers who supply such pills to the babies’ mothers are accomplices to murders.

When we criticize, judge, and slander others and split them up, we are inducing those who hear us to commit more sins. Then, we earn hell and many others also earn hell. Especially, we must pray hard for priests and Sisters, because they are powerfully influential on the lay people and can lead so many souls to Heaven or to hell. 

This is why the devil is eager to mislead even one more priest, as he knows how powerful a priest’s influence can be on the lay people. The devil can send numerous souls to hell through one depraved priest. The devil is always seeking the opportunity to find more priests whom he can mislead. 

Priests and Sisters carry a heavier duty (than the laity) to strictly observe the Ten Commandments, but how is the prevailing state now? Since the Gwangju Archdiocese issued its (negative) Declaration (on Naju) (on January 1, 1998), some (a minority) of the priests and Sisters (in Korea) have been spreading false rumors (about Naju) causing many people to accept the errors as if they were truths and have been committing sins and walking on the wrong way. One person, who had been healed of cancer by drinking the water from the Blessed Mother’s spring in Naju, threw away and smashed into pieces the bottle that contained the water from Naju after watching the DVD produced by the PD Notes department of MBC TV Company (in Seoul). This DVD contained so many lies and false accusations that were fabricated to destroy Naju. The leading priests in the Gwangju Archdiocese had given the distorted, false information about Naju to the MBC TV reporters to make this DVD, which have caused countless people in Korea and abroad to see and hear and accept the erroneous information and commit sins. These priests also instilled false information into the minds of many Sisters in Korea and instructed them to teach lay people. Most of the lay people cannot even imagine that any of their priests and Sisters can tell lies and, therefore, easily believe whatever they hear from them. It is urgent that Naju is officially recognized by the Church as soon as possible so that the numerous people in the world may know the truth and be saved. It appears that the critical time is coming very close to us. 

When the current Holy Father, Pope Francis, was the auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires in Argentina, he ordered that the Eucharist that had miraculously bled be preserved carefully and, then when he became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, ordered a scientific examination of the Eucharist that had bled. The medical examination confirmed that this Eucharist that bled was truly the Flesh and Blood of Jesus.

In contrast, the Gwangju Archdiocese in Korea has condemned the Eucharistic miracles in Naju until now insisting that it is not possible that the Eucharist changes into real flesh and blood. Some people who heard this from the Gwangju Archdiocese are saying that those who believe in the Eucharistic Miracles in Naju are cannibals (man-eaters). (The numerous Catholic martyrs during the Roman Empire period (the first to third centuries) also heard the same accusations.) There is no need for us to hate them, as they do not know what they are doing. Jesus said before He died on the Cross, “Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing.”

Because of their lack of correct information they criticize us as cannibals and say that they do not like the Eucharist that turned into red blood. While the Gwagnju Archdiocese is spreading the false rumors against Naju and is leading countless people to the darkness of errors and to commit sins of falsely accusing the innocent, Jesus continues to come to us every day through His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist. 

Have you read the book of the Blessed Mother’s messages? There is so much important information in it. The Blessed Mother invited you here so that she could guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven. As she invited you in person, you will enter Heaven if you follow the contents of her messages of love (Amen! – audience). I pray that the Lord and the Blessed Mother will be with you throughout the three-day retreat and pour abundant grace on you so that you may carry it home with you (Amen! – audience). To receive the Love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother which They wish to pour on you, you need to open wide your minds and hearts. Open yourselves wide to accept the Lord and the Blessed Mother!

In March of 1990, I was invited to the Marian Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States. As some pro-choice people were trying to find and harm me, I did not go outside until the day I was scheduled to speak at the Convention. 

Eight people had been invited to speak at the Convention. They were Bishops, Priests, Sisters, and three visionaries including me. Six of them spoke on March 24 and Josyp Terelya from Ukraina and I spoke on March 25. I was allowed to speak without time limit. Do you remember what March 25 is? It is the Solemnity of the Annunciation celebrating the Archangel Gabriel’s coming to Virgin Mary and announcing the Conception of Jesus. It is not a feast of obligation, but we must know it if we love the Blessed Mother. From the time I arrived at the Convention Center, the miracle of the sun began. Many of the participants saw the Blessed Mother holding the Baby Jesus, the resurrected Jesus, Jesus nailed to the Cross, and other images in the sky near the sun. 

More than 7,000 people gathered in the Convention Center including more than 100 of Bishops and Priests and about 200 Sisters. Many of them came from other States, some from thousands of miles away. There were several people who spent two days for traveling to Pittsburgh. As the capacity of the center was 7,000, there were many people who could not enter. Some were crying. 

I spoke with the themes of “ABORTION IS MURDER” and “HOW TO TURN OUR ENTIRE LIVES INTO PRAYERS” for three and a half hours. The young lady who interpreted for me finally whispered, “Can you finish now? I cannot continue any longer because of pain in my legs.” She later completed her graduate studies and became a vice-president of a large corporation in Japan. The participants in the Convention eagerly listened to my testimony. Hundreds of people were forming lines to make Confession. About 50 young men said they wanted to become priests. The Convention was overflowing with grace.

After the Convention, I visited several other cities speaking to more people and returned to Korea one month later. At the airport, the lawyer who had invited me to the Convention told me that he had received more than 50 letters and 100 phone calls per day with testimonies to miraculous healings after the Convention. Fifty letters per day in one month would be 1,500 letters. The Convention was a big success. The Koreans who attended the Convention were surprised by being treated specially by other participants, as they were eager to talk to them and some kissed them on their cheeks. The news about this Convention even reached President (elder) Bush. I was informed that Mr. Bush wanted to meet me and went to Washington, D.C. Because of some interference, however, Mr. President could not meet me. Instead, he instructed his assistants in the White House, about 30, to hear my testimony like at a seminar. This probably was better than meeting the President only. Those who were in the meeting were very elated and satisfied. They were anxious to read the English edition of the message book. President Bush soon signed a law that made abortions more difficult. Now, the current U.S. President seems to be more open to abortions and homosexuality.

If the Gwangju Archdiocese had approved the Blessed Mother of Naju and the English edition of the Blessed Mother’s message book had been published at that time, America would not be in such a difficult and morally lax condition. That’s why the official recognition of the Blessed Mother of Naju is needed as soon as possible. But because the Gwangju Archdiocese continues to block it, many people who received grace are turning their backs on Naju and so many people in the world are being denied free access to Naju and to the information about Naju. When something is wrong, it should be corrected. But the Gwangju Archdiocese persists in its efforts to destroy Naju regardless of its truthfulness and the support from the Holy See, because they are sensitive to others’ eyes and want to protect their pride. Recently, the Gwangju Archdiocese even gave some money to the poor people who had been visiting Naju and told them to stop visiting Naju. Throughout the 28 years since the beginning of miracles in Naju, the Gwangju Archdiocese has never interviewed the pilgrims who received special graces in Naju or ordered the scientific investigation of the miracles, neglecting their important duty. 

How lovely you will be before the Lord and the Blessed Mother when you grow up well and work for the Lord and the Blessed Mother! Isn’t that true? Have confidence! Never despair or step back thinking that you are too weak and insignificant to do anything worthy. Also, always be careful with your mouth. When we speak ill of others while we are conversing with our friends, maggots crawl out of our mouths. If our friends convey what they heard to others, maggots crawl out of their mouths, too. If evil words spread to more and more people, an enormous quantity of maggots will crawl out of countless mouths. These maggots cannot be killed by trampling on them or striking them with rocks. They cannot be burned with fire, either. These maggots will only melt away by the melody of kind and loving words. When we repent our having spoken evil words and begin speaking kind and loving words and also lead our lives accordingly, the maggots will disappear. Let’s not carelessly criticize or judge others or slander others as many do in the secular world. Some people brag about themselves and even tell lies to make themselves appear greater. Are these violations of the Ten Commandments or not? (They are! – audience). 

We must never tell lies. Nowadays, even some of the priests and Sisters do not hesitate to speak what is not true about Naju. When people tell lies again and again, it becomes a habit making them speak what is not true without any qualms of their consciences. When we follow the good people, we are likely to walk on the good way; when we follow the bad people, we are likely to walk on the bad way. If we listen to and follow someone who is walking toward hell, we are likely to walk toward hell as well. When Person A slanders Person B, Person A is influencing others to hate Person B, which means that more bad fruits are produced. When we spread untrue negative information, we are killing others spiritually. A spiritual murder can be a greater sin than a physical murder. Evil rumors spread fast and wide like the nuclear reaction and bear many bad fruits. On the contrary, when we speak good words, good fruits bear to us and others. We should not only do many good works but also say many good words. 

Lately, I have been very happy because of a sister (a volunteer helper in Naju). Whenever I see her and talk with her, I become joyful and hopeful. It is not that she never makes any mistakes. She does make mistakes as anyone else. But when I mention her mistake, she says, “Ah, I did make a mistake again. I will make efforts to correct. Thank you!” Then, I feel so thankful to her and say, “Thank you!” She responds, “No, I thank you!” Both of us say, “Glory to God!” This way, we happily laugh together every day. In comparison, when we hear lies, specious pretenses or justifications, we immediately feel a pain. Years ago, there was a young man who was studying at a seminary. He spent his vacations in Naju but I was worried because he was spending much of his time chatting on the computer. I had been worried about many of the young people nowadays misusing their precious time on useless or harmful activities with computers. When I asked, “Is it chatting again?” he promptly changed the scene on the screen and said, “No, it was no chatting.” His lack of honesty made me feel sad. If he just admitted it, I would have felt less sad. 

These days, everybody is trying to save electricity (because of the unusually warm weather during summer in Asia). I use only one small electric lamp in my room upstairs and do not turn on the air conditioner. Several days ago, I went downstairs to the bathroom and came back to my room upstairs but remembered that I did not turn off the light in the bathroom. As I was going downstairs again, I slipped and got hurt on several places. As I was falling, the devil pushed my head forcefully against the sharp edges of the wall. My head hit the edges of the wall so hard that I thought I was dying. In the past, the devil had lifted me and threw me down hard several times, but that pain and damage at those times were much milder compared with what I suffered when I hit the edges of the wall. The lower parts of my body also became swollen and bruised. I offered up the pains and wounds for those who would participate in this retreat. The devil was especially angry, because I had been offering up my sufferings in reparation for the sexual sins and abortions (in the world). When I fell and hit the edges of the wall, Peter Kim, who was sleeping downstairs, heard the loud sound and thought that something very heavy fell. 

This world has become a pandemonium of uncontrolled sexual disorders. Let’s follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother with our clean souls and bodies. The majority of the people in the world are walking toward hell. Among those who are married, only very few are truly happy. They met and married because they liked each other, but soon they become disliking each other, quarrel, and even beat each other. These days, some wives beat their husbands. A close friend of mine was beaten violently by her husband and was hospitalized for 3 months. Another woman was riding a car with her husband, but her husband yelled at her: “Get off the car!” Then, he stopped the car and pulled his wife out of the car and beat her and trampled on her. Some of her bones were cracked. Later, she wrote a letter to her husband saying: “You are the only man whom I love!” and the two lived together again, but they are still fighting. The life in this world is really difficult. The volunteer helpers in Naju, on the other hand, are leading a truly happy life. You, participating in this retreat, are also blessed people. If we do not follow the people of the secular world but follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother and, thus, become reborn in love, our life will be like that of Heaven. 

As we are weak humans, it is possible that we sometimes commit sins and make mistakes. But, if we recognize our sins and mistakes and make efforts to overcome them, we can follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother. The way with the Blessed Mother is a safe shortcut that is not slippery. I hope you do this retreat well until its end and receive much love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother (Amen! – audience). 

When I was a fourth grader at an elementary school, I climbed a lacquer tree by myself and was severely poisoned with lacquer all over my body. I could not move at all for three days. On the fourth day, my mother returned from travel and brought the medicine. In the same year, four new swings were installed in our school and I really enjoyed swinging and was very good at it. When I was a sixth grader, I fell from the swing real hard and lost consciousness. As my mother was out of town, I was carried home by the teachers but was left at home alone until my mother came back three days later. My mother saw me unconscious but breathing. She carried me to a pharmacy 3 km away where the pharmacist injected some medicine into me and I restored consciousness. It appeared that I was okay and without any wounds. At that time, I did not know that it was God Who protected me and restored my health. Much later, only after I knew God, I realized that such things (of God rescuing me from disasters) had happened to me countless times. I am sure you also have been saved from dangers many times. The Lord gave me Love and, with His Love, has allowed me to receive various sufferings in reparation for the sins in the world. 

You may sometimes have difficult relations with some of your friends, but you can overcome them with love. Conflicts can occur even among families. If any of you are experiencing alienation by your friends, realize that it is a grace and a chance that can make you experience the pains that others who are being alienated suffer and can decide to be friendly to others. As Jesus became our Friend, we must become friends of others. You are my friends. You are the Lord’s friends as well as His children. Our Lord also called us as the Blessed Mother’s real children. Jesus is sometimes our Father, sometimes our Elder Brother, sometimes our Friend. The Blessed Mother is like our Elder Sister in addition to being our true Mother. Jesus is not a severe and fearful Person. He comes to us as Love Itself to save us. 

Even if you currently do not have your father or mother or your brothers and sisters with you and even if we have lived difficult lives, let us cultivate hearts that love others around us. Let our hearts settle and dissolve in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. 

We all have some undesirable habits. I have them and you may have at least one bad habit even if you are not aware of it. Isn’t it true? Therefore, we need to pray that all these bad habits and wounds be taken away entrusting every thing to the Lord and the Blessed Mother. By the Will of Jesus, we will have peace in our hearts. Then, the Blessed Mother will offer us up as beautiful flowers to the altar of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Amen! – audience). That we may be born anew in Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother, let’s ask the Lord to forgive us for having hated others, having failed to forgive others, and having made other mistakes. 

A little while later, we will attend the Mass. Let us open wide the doors of our penitent hearts so that we may worthily receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus is the Spring that never dries, the Medicine of Salvation that heals the sick souls, and the Doctor to the patients. Jesus loves even those souls that have become so dirty and perverse by sins, because Jesus is Love Itself. He will give a heart of the poor to those who have been rich in their hearts and give a heart of humility and lowliness to those who have craved to become higher. When we make efforts to become lowlier persons all the time washing others’ feet, Jesus will elevate us. Therefore, let’s not wish to be treated highly or seek to dominate over others.

God the Father sent Jesus Christ to the earth 2,000 years ago to save the world because He loves people so much, but now He has to send down the chastisement because of the rising floods of sins. The chastisement has so far been delayed thanks to the Blessed Mother’s pleading with God the Father. At the times of Noah and the Deluge, the Tower of Babel, and Sodom and Gomorrah, the Blessed Mother was not present. As we now have Jesus and the Blessed Mother, the present time is very different from the old days. In the Old Testament days, it was said that one can revenge an eye for an eye, an ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth, but now we are taught to treat our enemies with love (Amen! – audience). Nevertheless, our current age has become filled with the evils that are worse than in the old days. The chastisement could have come down long ago if it were in the old days, but the chastisement is being delayed for now thanks to the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother invited her countless, numerous children, but only a few including you have responded with “Amen!” to her invitation to be little souls. There are so many people who had been invited to be little souls but are not responding to the sublime call and are not leading their lives as little souls. Let us make efforts to live as little souls until we go to the Kingdom of Heaven (Amen! – audience). 

Repentance means not only regretting the past sins but also means leading one’s lives according to God’s Will. This is the true repentance. If one confesses his sins even shedding tears but continues to tell lies, neglect parents, and commit spiritual murders, this person is not loving God. On the other hand, if one totally repents his or her sins and, as St. Mary Magdalene poured perfumed oil on Jesus’ head and feet and dried His feet with her hair, he will be forgiven of his sins regardless of how bad his sins were. Jesus said, “I wish to enter you and live there, but I cannot do so because you are not opening the door of your hearts.” If we completely repent your sins and mistakes saying, “I will make a new start now,” and approach Jesus through the Blessed Mother, Jesus in the Holy Eucharist will come to us and start a fire in our hearts. If there have been some people you have hated and could not forgive until now whether they were your parents, your girlfriends or boyfriends, your brothers or sisters, your teachers, or the priests or Sisters, offer up all the difficulties with them and entrust yourselves to Jesus and the Blessed Mother (Amen! – audience). 

Now, close your eyes. Here on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju, there is nothing that is not a sign or evidence of the grace from above. On this Mountain, Jesus, nailed to the Cross, has shed tears, exuded body fluids, shed blood, exuded fragrant oil, blinked eyes, and even came down from the Cross. The large statue of the Blessed Mother above her spring has shed blood from her forehead suffering pains from the Crown of Thorns, shed bloody tears from her eyes, blinked her eyes, and blessed people by raising her arms. Some of these miraculous movements by Jesus and the Blessed Mother have been photographed. 

In addition, St. Andrew Dae-Geon Kim, the first priest in Korea and a martyr, blessed the Blessed Mother’ Mountain. On August 15, 2002, Jesus shed a very large quantity of His Precious Blood on thousands of small rocks of this Mountain, as if He was pouring down His Blood. On June 11, 2002, I touched the Precious Blood on a rock on the Mountain with my finger. At the moment I touched it, a strong pulse was felt making an audible sound. This was recorded by a video camera. Thus, every thing on this Mountain, even a plant and a rock are the evidence of the grace. Therefore, with our boundless faith and trust, let us totally entrust ourselves to Jesus through the Blessed Mother. 

[Prayer] Place your hands on your chest. Jesus! You are truly alive and present with us. Receive praise and gratitude from us forever and ever. In this age when the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few, You called Your beloved sons and daughters. As the Lord called them with special love, send down boundless blessings on each and every one of them. With the power and authority that You alone possesses, lay Your hands on each of them so that the Holy Spirit may renew their every cell from the head to the feet. Thus we get closer to You pleading for Your forgiveness of our sins. Everyday and at every moment, we try to arm ourselves with the prayers of the life, but sometimes our arming is not strong enough and we join forces with the devil. However, Lord, heal and make clean the souls of all these young ones who have been called and are resolving to make a new start. Operate on them and remove all of their spiritual cancers. If they have perpetrated any violations of the Ten Commandments, wash and wipe them away today with the Precious Blood that You shed from Your Seven Wounds and the tears and tears of blood that the Blessed Mother shed as well as the fragrant oil and the real mother’s milk that she exuded. If they have any clogged spots in them, pierce and open them. Work Your miracles of love on them. 

You sweated and shed tears and Blood even for the children of the secular world. Would You not sweat and shed more tears and Blood for these children whom You called? Jesus! Send down the necessary grace on each and every one of them. We ask You to forgive them and grant them to resurrect anew together. All these children must have sustained many wounds. Completely heal all these wounds that they have received since their birth until today. Let them forget everything that they wish to erase from their memories so that they may disappear as the east is far from the west or rather forever. Grant that they make a new start. 

After they suffer wounds, they can receive more wounds by remembering their past wounds. They can also suffer from the wounds that they do not even remember. Heal all these wounds and make them mild. 

Jesus! We realize that our will and intention are often not realized. From now on, grant that we do not seek the realization of our own will but only follow the Lord’s Will. Send down boundless blessings on each and every one of these sons and daughters of Yours so that they may become humble and walk the way of love as little persons imitating the Blessed Mother’s humility. 

Jesus! When we drive a car, hold our steering wheels and also hold the steering wheels of all our lives. Even in the secular matters, take over our steering wheels so that we may not follow our own will but realize the Lord’s Will. We entrust our every action to the Lord and the Blessed Mother. We are different from each other in many ways. How can we be the same in our characters? Give us generous hearts so that we may understand others despite the differences and may willingly accept others’ advices when we made mistakes. When we make mistakes, we should be willing to accept others’ advices even from the children. We can spiritually grow, if we gratefully accept others’ advices if the advices are just. Lord, send down the grace that each person needs.

In following the Lord and the Blessed Mother, we frequently do not understand the reason why things develop as they do. To enable us to understand better, Jesus and the Blessed Mother have given us the messages of love. As when people have difficulty in understanding these messages, the Lord and the Blessed Mother said that they would be led to understand the messages through Your chosen soul, may it be done according to Your Words. 

We, humans, are always imperfect. To the Lord, on the other hand, every thing is possible. Lord, there is nothing that is not possible to You. Humanly, these young persons are suffering much under the hot sunlight, but spiritually they must be very happy. When they first came to this retreat, they might have had some doubts and distractions, but grant them the grace of realizing that this retreat was helpful and fruitful and can even change the direction of their lives and thus let them feel happy, joyful, peaceful, and satisfied (Amen! – audience). Our lives can change according to the changes in our minds and hearts (Amen! – audience). 

Jesus! If we follow You, we can really enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The shortcut to Jesus is the Blessed Mother. But, if we do not follow this shortcut but are indulged in the secular gossips, lies, pretenses, and justifications, how can we enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

Jesus! Today, cut out all the evils in us, let all of us be born again in the Holy Spirit so that we may work throughout the remainder of our lives for the glory of the Lord and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and may enjoy the eternal happiness in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Protect, look after, and guide all your sons and daughters! I entrust every action of theirs to the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Let them become kind and loving to their friends at school, to the family, and to whoever else they meet, but also correct what is not right. Lord! Have mercy on us and totally realize Your Will. Thus, may it be a greater glory to the Lord and consolation to the Blessed Mother, and let our gratitude everlasting. Lord and Blessed Mother, during the remaining two days in this retreat, be with us and realize the Lord’s Will. Heal thoroughly all the wounds sustained by these sons and daughters. 

We can meet the Lord, only if we realize and admit our sinfulness, because the Lord came to this world not to call the righteous but the sinners. If we do not confess our sinfulness, You will not come to us. Also, as the Lord did not come to be served but to serve, have mercy on us so that we may also be able to serve others. 

Jesus also came to us as the Doctor. Jesus! We are sick. Come to us as the Doctor and operate on all the cells in us with the Holy Spirit so that we may be healed and become clean and be filled with joy, love, and peace throughout the remainder of our lives. Amen.

We offer up this ardent prayer despite our unworthiness and sinfulness, wishing that all these sons and daughters of Yours may resurrect anew through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother and in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ Who has resurrected. Amen.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen. 

I love you very, very much. Receive lots of grace. 

Translated from Korean at Mary’s Touch By Mail
Gresham, Oregon, U.S.A.
September 3, 2013

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