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20th June, 1999

Dear Mary’s Touch By Mail,

I have read all the materials you sent to me covering all the written materials about Naju since its inception in 1985 up to the present.

As a Christian, I read the materials with the eyes and mind of faith. As a priest, with a theological, pastoral and canonical hindsight.

It is unfortunate that Bishop Youn has made such an unfavourable statement. I read the English text of the bishop’s declaration as published by Mary’s Touch By Mail. I read the review of the bishop’s declaration in the same issue of Mary’s Touch By Mail. I also read the following:

(i) The testimony by Fr. Roger Gaudet

(ii) True unity can be promoted by faithful exercise of the teaching authority by Hak Yoon

(iii) Fr. Joseph Homick’s petition to Cardinal Ratzinger

(iv) All church documents as quoted by these articles.

I have not read the full text of Fr. Ri’s article where he theologically defended the bishop’s declaration but I have this to say to you and all those involved in this apostolate:

(1) The present crisis is Mary’s way of promoting the apostolate faster. You should remember that even the message of resurrection proclaimed by the apostles was met with such orders by the religious and civil authorities of their time — yet they never gave up.

The more the authorities tried to suppress them, the more it spread throughout the whole world. In my opinion the Naju message is urgent and God who initiated it must find a way of making it spread faster.

(2) From the editor’s note of special issue of Mary’s Touch, 1998 #2, it seems that Fr. Sun Song Ri’s theological errors are now overflowing and God can no longer condone these errors, therefore, has decided to expose him to others to save the future of the church in South Korea and the young seminarians. If such a man entrusted with the care and formation of future priests is ready and willing to sacrifice the truth of the Eucharist on the altar of his so-called "unity", then the church is in trouble over there.

I am afraid that such a man might accept abortion, euthanasia, marriage of gays, etc., under the canopy of his "unity".

It is my prayer that God will guide you in this moment of crisis. Remain faithful in the teachings of the Mother Church and NOT to individual teachings. Canonically, a particular bishop is not what we understand to be THE MAGISTERIUM.

In my next letter, which will follow shortly after this, I will send you a comprehensive report of what we are doing out here in order to promote the Naju messages.

With every good wish,

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph (JMJ)

Signed by Rev. Fr. Godwin Nnadozie, Msp.
St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Mafikeng, South Africa


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