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Letter from Mary's Touch By Mail
on the occasion of the election
of Pope Benedict XVI

(AFP photo)

April 22, 2005


Dear Friends, 

Together with you, we rejoice over the election of our new Pope, Benedict XVI, and give thanks to God for giving us such a reliable and saintly shepherd.  We are convinced that the persisting dilutions and distortions of the divine teachings by many in the Church for the past several decades under the pretext of attuning to the progressing world and human agenda have been the underlying cause of all the major problems in the Church such as the weakening of the faith, moral disorders, and the loss of missionary zeal.  Our new Pope has made it clear as the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for the past 24 years that his main concern is about the lack of doctrinal discipline in the Church and that he will not be equivocating or hesitant in dealing with this problem.  Of course, we expect the new Pope always to be charitable in pursuing dialogue and persuasion to promote doctrinal integrity and unity and minimize the use of more disciplinary means which he sometimes used in dealing with some theologians who were obstinate in their deviation from the authentic Church teachings.  But, at the same time, he is not likely to squander this precious opportunity that the Lord is granting him and the Church for purging all the human-oriented doctrines that may sound sweet but can never really deliver the true salvation that Our Lord promised us.  Errors, or non-truths, preclude the true faith and also precede and promote moral failures. Actually, errors are what bring about all kinds of evil and disaster.  Can we imagine that a building, a bridge, an automobile, an airplane, or a computer built based on incorrect principles and calculations could function safely and efficiently?  The devil's first step in inducing Eve to commit a sin was to lure her with a sweet lie.  When we are negligent as to the Truths and Commandments from the Lord, we will be exposing ourselves widely and dangerously to the temptations by the devil, like a person who builds his house on sand.  Rehabilitation of ourselves in the authentic divine teachings of the Church, pure from all errors and compromises, is the key to revitalizing our faith and restoring the missionary zeal in the Church.  This is why we are so grateful to the Lord and the Blessed Mother for choosing a person like Joseph Ratzinger as our new Pope and are so hopeful about the prospect of the necessary reforms being made in the Church in coming years.   

The new Pope has also been better informed than any other Cardinal in the Conclave about the current situation in the Catholic Church in Korea.  As the head of the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, he received many detailed reports from the Apostolic delegate in Korea and others.  Some years ago, Cardinal Ratzinger issued a warning to three theologians in Korea for their radical liberal doctrines promoted through their speeches and publications.  They were removed from their teaching positions in the seminary, but have continued spreading their heretical doctrines in defiance of the Holy See.  One of them even became a member of the Naju Investigating Committee in the Kwangju Archdiocese and played a leading role in producing the Archbishop's negative declaration on Naju.  Of course, from the standpoint of a radical liberal, the messages and miracles in Naju are totally unacceptable, as these messages and miraculous signs draw people to every Church doctrine that is resisted by the liberals—namely, the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist, the essential role of the Blessed Mother in the Church and for our salvation, the importance of the Sacrament of Confession and penance in reparation for our sins and others', the need for obedience to and unity with the Pope, the preciousness and dignity of the priestly vocation, the sanctity of marriage, the precious value of human life from the moment of conception, and so on. 

Especially since early February, when the health of our late Pope, John Paul II, began to decline sharply, the persecution of Naju by the Pastor and the Archbishop has intensified dramatically.  Now, the Naju Pastor openly demands that Julia and her volunteer helpers close down the Chapel and the Blessed Mother's Mountain and bring the Blessed Mother's statue and all evidence of the miracles as well as the message books and other publications to his office.  But how can Julia surrender the Blessed Mother's statue to the Pastor who has vowed to destroy the statue into pieces and demolish the Chapel with a bulldozer?  The Pastor says that he will allow Julia and Julio, her husband, back to the parish church, if they publicly declare that all the messages and miracles have been fabrications and promise that they will never promote them again.  Doing this would be a betrayal of the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and Julia and Julio will never do it.  Now that Cardinal Ratzinger has been chosen the new Pope against the liberals' expectations and hopes, the Naju Pastor and the Kwangju Archbishop may think twice about continuing their intense persecution of Naju.  We don't know yet, and will keep watching.  We will also continue making periodic reports to the Holy See on the changing conditions concerning Naju.  We also invite all our friends inside and outside Korea to continue their prayers for the Blessed Mother's triumph as soon as possible and also to multiply their efforts to spread the truths.  The Blessed Mother has said in Naju that she has been chosen by the Lord as His Helper and also that we have been chosen by her as her helpers.  We are unworthy and weak, but the Blessed Mother relies on our cooperation to accomplish her triumph over the devil.  Every little help that we give her will make a difference.  Nothing is insignificant if sustained by faith and motivated by love. 

There are some people who are good Catholics and say that it is enough to go to Mass, make Confessions, and be faithful to the Church teachings and that the so-called "private revelations" like those in Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, and so on are not necessary.  They are correct in that the private revelations, or more correctly the special revelations as they were called during the Council of Trent, do not bring us any new teachings and that we have every truth and every Sacrament necessary for our salvation in the Church already.  If any reported special revelation pretends to give us a new teaching or alter an existing one, we need to reject it immediately as false.  But, to work out our salvation, knowing and believing the teachings and commandments is only the first step.  We must put them into practice and must also spread them to others in the world.  The Lord's only purpose in giving us the special revelations is to help us in that second aspect of our faith life.  Without the Blessed Mother's messages and miraculous image in Guadalupe, the massive conversion of the Mexican people to the Catholic Faith probably could not have happened.  God is now sending us the Blessed Mother along with her messages and miraculous signs so that we may overcome the terrifying evils of materialism and secularism of the modern world and succeed in revitalizing the whole Church in the true faith and charity.  The Church teaches:  "So that she can fulfill her mission, the Holy Spirit bestows upon the Church various hierarchic and charismatic gifts, and in this way directs her" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #768).  The charismatic gifts including apparitions, messages, and miracles, if genuine, do not compete with the hierarchic gifts but reinforce them in producing the supernatural fruits in the souls of the faithful.  That is why St. Paul said: "Do not quench the Spirit.  Do not despise prophetic utterances.  Test everything; retain what is good.  Refrain from every kind of evil" (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22).  In Naju, Our Lord said on September 22, 1995, immediately after Bishop Roman Danylak from Canada and others witnessed a Eucharistic miracle through Julia: "Because My Mother's loving and kind words for the past several centuries have been ignored, sin has reached a saturation point, even within the Church".  Again, we are not formally obligated to accept the messages and miracles in special revelations, but we are still truly invited by the Lord and the Blessed Mother to accept them with love and gratitude, make them our own, and put them into practice in our daily lives.  Refusing to accept this invitation may not be a sin against the faith but still is a failure to appreciate and utilize the precious gift and offer of help from Heaven.  When we truly understand and accept what the Lord and the Blessed Mother are offering us in Naju, which seems to be the last, full blossoming of the series of the Marian messages and miracles for the past several centuries, we will be amazed at the miracles of our own lives changing for the better and the whole Church restoring the splendor of her truths and the vitality and fervor among her members for the evangelization of the whole world. 

On April 16 of this year, from 8:30 p.m., Fr. Pete Marcial from the Philippines was celebrating Mass in the vinyl-tent chapel on the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju.  There were about 260 volunteer helpers and pilgrims at the Mass.  Suddenly and totally unexpected while they were singing the Sanctus, two Sacred Hosts came down and landed on the altar.  Fr. Marcial and many others saw the two Sacred Hosts descending from above.  Besides, the spots on the altar where the Sacred Hosts landed became wet with fragrant oil giving off an intense sweet fragrance.  This miracle was a great joy and consolation to those at the Mass, as the heavy clouds of worsening persecution were looming over them.  It was a clear sign that God would be with them throughout these difficult times.  We also think that there must be some more significance to this miracle, which we can only speculate at this time.  April 16 is the feast of St. Benedict Joseph Labre of the 18th Century France as well as the birthday of our new Pope.  One of the reasons why the new Pope chose "Benedict" as his name may be this connection between this Saint's feast and his own birthday.  Could this miracle in Naju be an indication that Cardinal Ratzinger would be elected Pope three days later?  Does it also mean that Pope Benedict will play a key role in officially recognizing Naju?  We only hope and pray.   

Our special offer announced recently that 300 copies of our 4-page color brochures (the 2005 issue or the 2004 issue, or any combination of the two) would be sent by Priority Mail to any location within the United States for $30 remains valid.  Now we also add the 2000 issue under the same condition.  This 2000 issue is called "Mary's Touch - Special Issue", which everyone on our mailing list must have seen already.  This issue contains a summary of the miracles in Naju.  All three issues contain color photographs plus the text.

Thank you for your help.  We pray for God's blessing and the Blessed Mother's love for you!


Sincerely yours,

Sang M. Lee
Mary's Touch By Mail

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