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Can we safely ignore special revelations?

Some say that we need not believe special revelations (like those in Lourdes, Fatima, Akita, Naju and elsewhere), because they are not new teachings as those revealed during Our Lordís earthly life.  Such remarks are misleading, because the purpose of special revelations has never been to give us new teachings but to prod us to become more faithful to Godís teachings already revealed.  Godís revelations of all the teachings necessary for our salvation were completed in the times of Christís earthly life and His Apostles.  However, God never ceases to send us His warnings, encouragements, consolations, guidance, and assistance not only to individuals for their sanctification but also to the whole Church for revitalization of the Faith and purification from heresies and moral laxity.  

Thus, if one chooses to disregard special revelations, he would be in danger of failing to know and follow Godís Will and thus of offending Him.  If someone refuses to accept a gift, his rejection may be more of the person who sent the gift than of the gift itself.  Those who laughed at Godís warning through Noah perished when the Great Deluge came.  On the other hand, the king and citizens of Nineveh who listened to Godís warning through Jonah and repented of their sins were spared a major chastisement from God.  Therefore, the relevant question is whether certain messages and signs are truly from God or not.  If they are, we have a serious obligation to accept them and act upon them.  

Also consider these facts:  Naju has already been recognized by the Holy Father and several bishops who personally witnessed miracles:

The Holy Father:   Eucharistic miracle in his private chapel in the Vatican on October 31, 1995;

Bishop Daniel Chi:   Tears and tears on blood on Our Ladyís statue in Naju on January 20, 1990;

Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea:   Descent of the Sacred Hosts in the Chapel in Naju on November 24, 1994;

Bishop Roman Danylak:   Eucharistic miracle during an outdoor Mass near Naju on September 22, 1995;

Bishop Dominic Su:   Eucharistic miracle in Sibu, Malaysia, on September 17, 1996;

Bishop Paul Kim:   Descent of the Eucharist in the Chapel in Naju on June 12, 1997;

A bishop from Rome:   Descent of the Eucharist in the Chapel in Naju on July 13, 1997.

Despite these facts, the modernist priests in Korea, who distort Catholic teachings and are defiant to the Holy Father, have so far succeeded in persuading their bishop in Kwangju, Korea to declare negatively on Naju.  This is the Blessed Motherís spiritual war against the devil.  All the faithful are called to fight on the Blessed Motherís side with their prayers and sacrifices.

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