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    1.     The Holy Father sent his private secretary: Mgsr. Vincent Thu to Naju in September 1995 and sent the following message for Julia Kim: “I have a profound respect for the Blessed Mother of Naju and a sincere consolation for Mrs. Julia Kim.”  

    2.      To the Korean Bishops during their ad limina visit to the Holy See in 1996: “Share the wonderful grace in Naju with others in Asia.” \

    3.     To Bishop William McNaughton from the Inchon Diocese in Korea during the ad limina visit in March 2001:  I also saw the change in the Eucharist in Julia’ mouth.”

    4.     To the Korean Bishops during the same ad limina visit in March 2001:  “How is the current situation in Naju?” (The Holy Father was asking the Bishops if they had carried out his request in 1996.)

    5.     To Bishop Paul Kim from the Cheju Diocese in Korea who presented a detailed report on Naju to the Holy Father for one hour during the same ad limina visit in March 2001: The Holy Father expressed a strong joy and satisfaction and said to Bishop Kim, “I will send instructions to officials.”  Soon the information about Naju was propagated in Italy and other countries with the approval of the Holy See.   


April 27, 2014

“You are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus himself as the chief corner stone.  In him the whole structure is closely fitted together and grows into a temple holy in the Lord; in him you too are being built together into a dwelling place for God in the Spirit” —St. Paul (Ephesians 2:20-22).

“So that she (the Church) can fulfill her mission, the Holy Spirit ‘bestows upon [the Church] varied hierarchic and charismatic gifts, and in this way directs her’” (Lumen gentium 4).

“What the soul is to the human body, the Holy Spirit is to the Body of Christ, which is the Church.”— St. Augustine (En.)

The Holy Spirit is “the principle of every vital and truly saving action in each part of the Body” — (Pius XII,  Mystici Corporis, DS 3808).


The Twelve Apostles and their successors (the Bishops) are the foundation on which Our Lord built his Church. The Bishops and priests (their assistants) protect the purity of the truths and commandments and teach them to the faithful. The Holy Spirit involves Himself in that process to enable the shepherds to teach the faithful without errors and help the sheep (the faithful) to accept correctly and put into practice what they learn in their daily lives.

The Holy Spirit is constantly and essentially at work on both sides: the shepherds and the faithful.  Without the Holy Spirit’s enlightening, warnings, and encouraging, it will be impossible for us to lead a correct spiritual life that will lead us to salvation and eternal life.  If anyone becomes a member of the Church, but does not pray and puts aside the promptings and energization by the Holy Spirit from his process of making decisions and choices but follows his own will and volition only, he is not really practicing the life as a child of God, a disciple of Jesus, or a faithful member of the Church.

Deism is the system of thought which admits that God exists, but holds that once He has made the world, He leaves it alone.  Thus, Deism denies revelation, miracles, providence, the necessity of worship and prayer.  Deism was popular in England and other countries in the late 17th century.  In fact, however, this erroneous thought is widely spread in disguise and in varying degrees in our own time in many countries, even among some theologians and their followers in the Catholic Church.  As they deny God’s continuing presence and action in the human history, they are despising God’s Will and defying His Work.  By excluding the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, they are trying to turn the Catholic Church into a human religion (like many other religions) and block the way to sanctification and salvation, as without the work of the Holy Spirit there cannot be sanctification or salvation.

  Benedict Lee, Mary's Touch By Mail, 4.27.2014.

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