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November 23, 2007

Dear Friends,

May the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother be with you and your family!

All the current and retired Bishops of Korea arrived in Rome today for the ad limina meetings at the Holy See from November 26 to December 3.  The ad limina visits are the official visits that all the current Bishops in each country are required to make to the Holy See every several years to strengthen their understanding and unity between the Vatican.  It is expected that the main topic of discussion between the Holy See and the Korean Bishops this time will be Naju and the problem of modernism among many priests and laity in Korea, which are two closely-related issues.  We hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and guide all the participants in this historic meeting so that the full orthodoxy and genuine missionary fervor may be restored in the Catholic Church in Korea for the benefit of the whole world.

The liberal forces in Korea have also been aware of the importance of the ad limina meetings and have taken forceful measures to damage the reputation of Naju.  In addition to their ongoing persecution of Julia Kim and the pilgrims to Naju by prohibiting them from entering the churches and receiving the Sacraments, they instigated a secular TV company (MBC TV in Seoul, the largest privately-owned TV company in Korea) to produce a 50-minute report on Naju for the specific purpose of tarnishing the public perception of Julia and Naju by focusing on the groundless accusations of Julia and Naju as if they were truths.  The enclosed information will show how they are unjustly and illegally misleading the audience and how the Kwangju Archdiocese, which has the local authority on the Naju question, instigated and assisted the MBC TV in producing this program.  The reports by the opponents of Naju, however, are not likely to be accepted as credible by the Holy See.  The Church has well-established standards for investigating anything that touches on the faith and morals.  We have full trust in the Holy Father and his Cardinals that they will not be shaken by the biased reports by some Korean Bishops and will lead the Church firmly on the path of the authentic Catholic teachings and traditions.

It seems that the future course of Naju and of the Church will critically depend on the outcome of the Holy See’s encounter with the Korean Bishops during this ad limina visit.  We trust that good decisions will be made by the Holy Father and his Cardinals, but, at the same time, recognize that most of the footwork and manual labor are our share, the lay people’s, under the guidance and cooperation of their priests.  Let us renew our conviction and determination that the Catholic Church, which has been seriously ill, can be restored to its full vigor and purity by the Holy Spirit and our humble but devoted assistance.


Sincerely yours, 

Benedict Sang M. Lee

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