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The renewed image 
of Our Lady of Guadalupe



In 1990, Our Lady, through a message to Kenneth Staloch, asked the Cardinals and Bishops in Mexico to send her Image in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City to the United States so that she could encounter all of her children in the Americas. This means that after her the victory over the serpent in Mexico (1531 AD), now is the time for her to fight against the serpent who has corrupted the whole world.

The Bishops of Mexico were in a difficult situation because the people in Mexico would not consent to letting go of the precious original Image of their Mother. Later, Our Lady offered a solution to the problem by asking, through Mr. Staloch, that the NASA scientists in Mexico photograph her original Image to make an exact, life-sized replica. Soon the Cardinal and Bishops sent the replica, now known as the Missionary Image, to the USA.

In June 1991, in the USA, Daniel J. Lynch (judge and attorney) and his friends began visiting all the States with the Missionary Image for several years. They also visited many other countries in Europe and Asia. Mr. Lynch and his friends worked hard and eagerly to bring Our Lady to all people, that they may learn how important she is to them.

Mr. Lynch and his friends opened the way for Our Lady to fight against the serpent, so inflated with arrogance.  Now, Our Lady can travel to every place in the Americas and abroad. But a problem is still the vast number of people in the world. How can Our Lady, through her Missionary Image, encounter, speak to, and help all of them?

On August 15, 1991, Mr. Lynch’s friends brought the Missionary Image to The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother (the Grotto) in Portland, Oregon. Almost 500 persons came to the Mass. Mass ended at about noon and many persons photographed the Image, and I did too. A week later l received the photo back from Costco Photo Center. Then, we were amazed to see that an image of the Eucharist had formed right on Our Lady’s fingertips. As time went on we saw more important images. After several years many persons said that they believe what happened at the Shrine in Portland, Oregon that day to be truly Our Lady’s work. Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, the Rector of The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe examined what happened on 8/15/1991 and said in a letter, “I am personally convinced the photograph is miraculous” (Nov. 12, 2011). The Archbishop of Portland, Oregon, Most Rev. Alexander K. Sample said in his letter, “This special photograph continues to inspire greater faith and devotion to the Most Holy Mother of God” (June 25, 2019).

Now, through this Special Photograph, Our Lady’s Image can go to any and all persons in the world, and, as she is Mother of all people, she can be in every home. She enhanced her original Image with additional, important signs on this Special Photograph. This renewed Image is, as the Image of 1531, one and the same Blessed Virgin Mary. Thus, we must know that Image of Our Lady in the photograph is truly our same, living Blessed Mother.

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