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An exceptionally bright rainbow appeared on the sky of Portland, Oregon in the late afternoon of July 29, 1991 (The above photograph does not adequately depict the actual spectacular brightness and overwhelming beauty of the rainbow and the golden light that covered the entire east and north sky of Portland).  Two days later (August 1, 1991), the airplane carrying the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe landed at the International Airport of Portland. For 15 days, the Missionary Image was displayed in the churches of Oregon including the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland on August 15, 1991, the last day of the tour in Oregon. After the Mass at the Sanctuary, a photograph of Our Lady was taken (by Benedict Lee) and later was found to contain totally unexpected and amazing images such as the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Spirit, the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady, Our Lady praying and crying for the unborn babies, and more.  This photograph of August 15, 1991 is tentatively called “The Special Photograph of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe”.


In1988, Our Lady revealed to Kenneth Staloch, a locutionist and a respected RCIA instructor near Seattle, her desire to visit the entire United States and other countries in the Americas.  Later (19901992), Our Lady gave more messages to Kenneth explaining the reason and purpose of her Missionary Image.  Beginning in 1991 until now, the volunteer workers of Dan Lynch Apostolates in the State of Vermont have carried the Missionary Image to more than 1,000 parishes in the United States and several foreign countries including Russia, China, and Japan.  Until now, numerous fruits have been born such as miracles and conversion of people to Our Lord and His Church thanks to the overflowing graces that Our Lady brought to them.  (Kenneth was born in 1916 and died in 2003).

Now, The Special Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe taken at the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland, Oregon on August 15, 1991 makes it possible that all persons in the world can not only see Our Lady’s Image in the Basilica in Mexico City or during its replica Image’s tour but actually own the exact copies of the original Special Photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe permanently, through which Our Lady can be intimately present with us as long as we recognize and trust her as our true Heavenly Mother and Queen.  She will console, encourage and protect us and safely guide us to her Son Jesus and His Teachings for our sanctification and salvation.  When we lack Faith, this photograph may look meaningless and useless, but when we have Faith, Humility, Trust and Love for God and Our Lady, we will know that it is a most precious gift.

Below are selections from Our Lady’s messages which explain her Missionary Image.

Note:  These messages that Kenneth Staloch received from Our Lady have not been officially approved or examined by the Archdiocese of Seattle yet.   Nevertheless, we cannot abandon or neglect these extremely important messages of Our Lady, which are the only heavenly messages regarding the Missionary Image.  These messages can also make clear to us how Our Lady evaluates the present world’s spiritual and moral conditions and how anxiously she is calling us to be converted and help her for the successful accomplishment of her Mission given to her by the Holy Trinity.  The Church does not prohibit the publishing or reading of such messages that have not been officially discerned yet, provided they contain nothing contrary to faith and morals (cf: The decrees of Pope Urbanus VIII and the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith. A.A.S. 58, 1186 approved by Pope Paul VI on Oct. 14, 1966).

  Benedict Lee, 6/5/15


These messages were received by Kenneth Staloch,



August 14, 1990

“The miracle I began on 12 December 1531, at the geographical mid-point of the Americas. Has continued without ceasing to the present time.

I gave you my image on the tilma worn by my faithful son, Juan Diego.  My image, as Your Lady of Guadalupe, remains today as an ever active miracle; sustained by me for all to see.

However, I have been prematurely retired and restricted – not the reverent nor appropriate thing to do to the Woman Clothed with the Sun, your heavenly Mother.

My hands have been tied.  I know it is love that has imprisoned me in that geographical mid-point of the Americas but it has kept me from my continuing mission, nevertheless.

If my image on Juan Diego’s tilma was intended to bring only those 8-9 million people to my Son Jesus during the few years following 12 December 1531, why would I sustain the miracle of my image today, 459 years later?

Consider, for a moment, the possibility that I wanted to present my image for the sole benefit of those people during that short period of mass conversion and at most, no longer than the few years of life found naturally in the tilma’s fibers.  Would not the fiber and therefore the image itself have been reduced to only a small quantity of dust?  Would not loving hands have protected that dust in an appropriate container, in a place of honor?  That would have been continued in memory of a miracle I had performed for a certain time and a certain place, long ago.

But that is not the case.  I continue to sustain my miracle, even today.

I still want to be carried to my children throughout the land.  I want to travel throughout the length and breadth of the Americas.

My Son’s Vicar on earth, Pope Pius XII, proclaimed me Empress of All the Americas and that I have predestined the Americas for a special purpose.  Pope John XXIII proclaimed me as Queen of the Americas.  Pope Benedict (XIV) said of my image, ‘God and Mary have not performed such a marvelous deed for any other nation.’

Once again, Your Lady of Guadalupe must move among all of my children in all of the Americas.  Permit me, through the ever present and operative miracle of my image on Juan Diego’s tilma, to bring many millions to my Son Jesus, through me.

I must be free to move about among my children so they may see me, their Mother, and come to her for comfort and help in these dark and dangerous times.

Release me from my present confinement with the same love that placed me here in this beautiful Mexican place of honor, respect and devotion.

I must be free to meet and turn all hearts in the Americas toward my Divine Son.  I must be free to move among my children at will.  All of you must be my means of release and the means of my movement throughout the Americas.

I will melt your hearts with my motherly heart filled with love for you.  I want you to give all your prayers, works, joys and sufferings with me, in me, through me and for me so that I may lead you safely to my Son Jesus.

As soon as you release me from my present captivity, located at the mid-point of the Americas, take me on a journey that will reach all states in the United States of America.

I want to stay, in a place of honor after that of my Son, at my beautiful National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during the next week-long Rosary Congress.

Pray for my help in determining the route of my journey and the places where I will linger awhile.  Do not hurry me, unnecessarily.

I want all of the Americas to prepare for my visit to the United States of America by prayer, fasting, confession and repentance of sin, taking part in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass often, receiving my Son’s Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist often, adore Him in the Blessed Sacrament and prayerfully study Scripture and all of the teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Obey the teachings of the Magisterium, the Bishops in unity with my Son’s Vicar on earth, Pope John Paul II.  Pray my Rosary every day.

I want you to, immediately, place your entire pro-life force and efforts under my banner as Your Lady of Guadalupe.  I will give you my powerful protection and help.  I will lead you to victory over the forces of death which are preying upon babies in the wombs of their mothers.

Together, my dear children, we will end the horrible evil of abortion.  I will help you stop all abortions.  There will be no exceptions.  Together we will bring about a new era of protecting all human life, that is, each person, from conception to natural death.

I will put a stop to the present bloody human sacrifices like I did among the pagans after the miracle of my image began in 1531.

In my image, you will see me as I want you to see me.  In my image, as Your Lady of Guadalupe, there is no intermediary between you and me.  There is no human seer needed as a go-between.

So few of you have noticed and given proper attention to my constant miracle going on before your eyes.  My image is a continuing invitation to give yourselves to me so I may do with you what I have planned in bringing my children of all the Americas and the whole world to my Son Jesus through my Immaculate Heart.

Do not delay, now is the time, while I sustain my image for you.  I want to continue the mission I began in 1531.

Follow the example of my faithful son, Juan Diego, who has now been beatified by my first son on earth, Pope John Paul II, whom I have formed in my Immaculate Heart since he was a boy.

No third person or persons, seers, are relaying details of my appearance to you.  You see with your own eyes, your Mother, Your Lady of Guadalupe.  I want all my children to see me.

As you go forth under my banner, as Your Lady of Guadalupe, you will have no better guide than what my faithful son, St. Louis de Montfort, recommends as the True Devotion to me.  Through this devotion, you will do all with me, in me, through me and for me as I lead you, as always to my Son Jesus and His Sacred Heart.

Please pray for and support my beloved priests in the Marian Movement of Priests.

I will send my angels to your side during all of your battles against the evil one and his works.

Coming to my shrine, in this captivity, inspired by your tender love for your Mother, is good.  But recall how I came to Bishop Zumarraga through the miracle of my image.  I did not wait for him to come to me on Tepeyac Hill.  Recall, also, how I came to Juan Diego and even sought him when he tried to hide from me.

My appearances to Juan Diego (and to Juan Bernardino, Juan Diego’s uncle) were made to them privately by me.  They could tell others of my appearances to them but future events were needed to substantiate what they had told.  I particular, Juan Diego, at first was an intermediary between me and Bishop Zumarraga.

Then, I revealed myself, through my image, directly to the Bishop and the others in the Bishop’s house, at the time.  These children of mine were only the first of all I want to see me in the Americas, until I take my image away.

Immediate preparation must be made for me, in my image, to travel all over the Americas so all will come and see me.  Start my travels in the United States of America where my Divine Son Jesus is so neglected and rejected.  Through the miracle of my image, I want to come among you and covert millions of your hearts to my Divine Son Jesus.  Am I not here?  Am I not your Mother?




October 17, 1990

You, my children, do not serve me and my request to travel throughout the width and breath of the Americas by using worldly wisdom, logic, caution and a concern for human respect.

As obedient children, you will serve me by immediate actions based on complete trust in my motherly love and concern for you.  You do your part and I will do mine.  Together, we will overcome all obstacles to my journey.  Stay close to me.

The time for my journey to begin is now, while I sustain the miracle of my image.  I want millions to see my image, the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  I will melt their hearts to conversion.  Through my Immaculate Heart, I will lead them to the Sacred Heart of my Son.

Any hardship found along the path of my journey will be small compared to the joy of helping me bring millions of souls to my Son Jesus and His Holy Church.

My first son on earth, my Pope, John Paul II, will help you in all the ways that only he can accomplish through his office as the successor of Peter.  Go to him.  Listen to him.  He represents my Son Jesus on earth, today.

Increase your prayers and fasting.  Hasten your steps.




October 30, 1990

My children, I know of your loving concern for the care and protection of my image during my travels throughout the Americas.  With my motherly love, I look tenderly upon your concern.  My journey is necessary so I will help you and comfort you in those concerns.

Follow what I, Your Lady of Guadalupe, told you to do in my other messages.  Next, I want you to look to the Holy Family: the Infant Jesus, me and holy Joseph, my husband.  Did not Joseph, in obedience to a message of an angel from God, protect my Bay, the Infant Jesus, and me from harm?  Did he not protect us on our journey to and from Egypt?  Holy Joseph will do the same for my journey throughout the Americas when you call upon him.

With the help of my Joseph and your own prudent care, my image will make the entire journey safely.

The safety of my image, the miracle I continue to sustain for you, my children, will be much greater traveling than it will be remaining at this geographical mid-point of the Americas against my wishes. 




November 10, 1990

Now that my previous three messages are being carried to many and my journey throughout the Americas is about to begin, I wish to gather you, my children, as one family for that journey.  You who have searched for me, so lovingly, in many different directions and places, may now cease your search and join that family.

Am I not here in your Americas?  Yes, I am here in the miracle of my image.  I have sustained my miracle as a special gift for you, so necessary for you in these times.

Now, after 459 years, it is the time for me to begin my journey so all, in the Americas, may see me with their own eyes and know deeply the great love I have for each one of you, my children.  You will have happened to you what had happened to those millions of my children, one by one, so long ago.

Now that your search for me is over and you have found Your Lady of Guadalupe, give me the attention you have always wanted to give me, the Ever Virgin, the Mother of The True God.  You, my children of the Americas, have a very special place in my plans for bringing all to the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus through my Immaculate Heart.  In my plan, the journey of my image throughout all of the Americas, is necessary.  Prepare now.  Do not delay.  My children, you will not deny me, if you love me.

Give adoration and thanks to God.  Pray My Rosary.  Fast and do penance.  Pray for one another.  Support one another.  Love one another.  Pray for my Pope, my Bishops and my priests.




April 17, 1991


Today, I greet you my sons, Bishops of that land where I choose to leave my image on Juan Diego’s tilma, so long ago, in 1531.

Recently, I had requested that you release my image from that mid-point of the Americas so it could travel freely; being a means I have chosen to convert millions of my children to my Son Jesus.  You know of the millions of conversions following shortly after I gave my image and how human sacrifice stopped.

After thoughtful deliberation, you have judged that the release of my image cannot be permitted because of certain sensitivities involved.  My sons, as the Magisterium in your land, your judgment will be obediently accepted by all who accept the authority my Son gave His Church.

As Queen and Mother of all the Americas, my concern for my poor wounded children grows greater in my Immaculate Heart every day.  I want to reach them through my image.  My sons, Bishops of Mexico, there is a way you can meet my request.  My plan will require haste and much work on your part.

I request that you invite to my Shrine in Mexico City, the Bishops of all countries, territories and islands making up the Americas.  Set the meeting on the Feasts of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart.

Provide a replica of my image to the Bishops of each country, territory and island of the Americas.  As the replicas travel their paths out from my image, those paths become rays of my love, care, protection and help for all my children everywhere.  You my sons are responsible for making those paths which will become my promised special rays. 

Invite my first son on earth, Pope John Paul II, who will bring unity and blessings needed for this my missionary work.  Arrange ceremonies worthy of such a great and beautiful occasion. 

To my sons, the Bishops of Mexico, who will extend the invitations and to my sons who will respond, I feel deeply how your flocks long for the care of their Shepherds.

Make haste!  Did I, a young Virgin with Child, not make haste to the hill country to help my cousin Elizabeth?  I expect no less response from you my sons to this crucial request that I make.  Ponder well the promises of the Memorare.




April 28, 1992

My children of the Americas, this is your earthly home.  I came to your home, the Americas, for a special visit and for a special purpose, beginning in the year 1531.

It was then that I left a portrait, an image, of myself on the tilma of Juan Diego.  In my great love and concern for all of you, I gave you visible proof of my special visit to your home, the Americas.

My special visit to your home will continue for as long as I sustain my image.  Since 1531, and to this day, my faithful children have openly and with much affection greeted me, as a guest in their home, by the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The special purpose I came to fulfill started over 460 years ago.  From formerly worshipping the serpent-god, millions converted to the Catholic Church instituted by my Divine Son, Jesus Christ.  During those early years the terrible practice of human sacrifice ended. 

For many years, I was truly accepted, honored and my wishes were carried out.  I was treated as a special guest in your home, the Americas.

My special visit continues.  However, over time it began to be ignored and unnoticed.  This grieves my Divine Son and me deeply.  The special purpose I came to fulfill depends so much on your cooperation.  You are a part of my plan.  I knock softly and lovingly at the door of your heart.  Please let me in.

You are in great need of my motherly love and protection.  You and your home, the Americas, are being destroyed by pagan practices.  Also, confusion is found even among you who want to lead good lives; even among you who search for me, the Mother of God.  The distractions multiply.  Please return to me, Your Lady of Guadalupe, with your whole heart and the gift of your hands for my work.

As a new reminder of my special visit to your home, the Americas, I have asked my sons, the Bishops of Mexico, to give a replica of my portrait on the tilma, as a Missionary Image, to each country, territory and island of your home, the Americas.  My Missionary Image, given to the United States of the Americas, is now journeying across that land.  Here, especially, the distractions turning you away from Your Lady of Guadalupe are many and strong.  As I said to Juan Diego, on Tepeyac Hill, I say to you as Your Lady of Guadalupe, ‘Am I not your Mother?  Do you need anything else?’”

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