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  The Blessed Motherís Message in Naju, Korea on June 30, 1996

All my beloved children in the world! By following this Mother, who makes bright your way as the Heavenly Prophetess, do not fall into disappointment and despair, be freed from attachments to yourselves with a special awakening, and, thus, be reborn with the supernatural love. Even if you face the hour of bloody persecution, you will be guarded and protected by the love which was bestowed upon you today, and you will find refuge in my mantle. Therefore, offer yourselves up genuinely and totally and, thus, face the new Resurrection. Whenever you come to my poor house (the Chapel in Naju), which you call a bathhouse for your souls and the house of salvation, and express your filial love, I will open my Immaculate Heart to the children from all over the world, bestow my love and graces upon them, comfort them, encourage them, and nurture them.


Our Heavenly Mother brings us
urgent calls to reform

For the purpose of defeating the proud and defiant fallen angel, God chose a loving mother, a humble handmaid of His, as He promised right after the fall of our first parents (Genesis 3:15). In the Virgin Mary chosen as the Mother of the Saviour, God is contrasting every aspect of the devilís perverted nature with her virtues, which are a reflection of His own infinite Love and Goodness. She is never an obstacle in our worshipping God, as many of us still mistakenly believe.

She is rather a concrete realization of Godís Love and Mercy for us, always leading us to Him. The warmth of her motherly bosom, her loving and healing touch, her constant concern for us, and her ardent prayers for us are in reality Godís gifts for us.

The devotion we have toward Mary should not be just a lip-service. As St. Louis de Montfort stated in his book, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (#44, #32), God has chosen her to be treasurer and dispensatrix of all His graces. All His graces and all His gifts pass by her handsÖ Since Mary has formed the Head of the predestined, Jesus Christ, it pertains to her to form also the members of the Head, who are the true ChristiansÖ She has received from God a special power to nourish souls and to make them grow in Him.

St. Augustine and St. Louis de Montfort further said, she is the mould or the model according to which God forms the elect. One must be marked with Maryís seal and reproduce her characteristics to have a place among those loved by Our Lord.

The Child Jesus

Mary is also the helper to her Son Jesus in saving the world (= the Co-Redemptrix) and a good example to us, as all of us have been called to participate in Christís redemptive work through prayers and sacrifices. In his encylical, Jucunda Semper (Sept. 8, 1894), Pope Leo XIII stated that Mary was associated with Jesus in the painful work of the redemption of mankind. St. Pius X calls her "the repairer of the fallen world" and continues to show how she was united to the redemptive work of her Son (Ad diem illum, Feb. 2, 1904).

An early example of Maryís intercession on our behalf was the miracle at the wedding in Cana. Even though it was still too early for Jesus to perform a public miracle, He did not refuse His Motherís request. In the 16th Century, the Catholic missionaries were not making much progress in evangelizing the Indians or ending the horrible practice of human sacrifices in Mexico. Through a special intervention by means of messages and a miraculous image of hers on Juan Diegoís tilma, she obtained the conversion of almost 10 million Mexican Indians to the Catholic Faith.

Now in more recent times when the devil has spread his influence all over the world and even infiltrated the Church, Our Lady has intensified her efforts to carry out Godís Plan of Salvation entrusted to her to defeat the devil and his forces once and for all. Her campaign against the devil in modern times began in Paris, France, in 1830, when she gave us the Miraculous Medal through St. Catherine Labourť. The images on the medal clearly describe her as the Woman with twelve shining stars as her crown (Revelation 12), radiating the light of mercy upon us, and crushing the head of the serpent with her heel. The image of Maryís Immaculate Heart being pierced with a sword along with the Sacred Heart of Jesus being pressed by a crown of thorns reminds us of the role of the Blessed Mother as the Co-Redemptrix. The year 1830 inscribed on the globe under Maryís feet marks the beginning of the modern Marian Age, at the end of which she will achieve the victory.

Since 1830, the Blessed Mother has appeared at Lourdes, Fatima and other places in the world, giving us her messages for our repentance, healing us spiritually and physically, and strengthening us with graces so that we may persevere and prevail in the battle against evil.

Since the last part of the 20th Century, when the devil has been leading humans to unprecedented moral decays and loss of faith, the Blessed Mother has been giving us an amazing abundance of supernatural signs, messages and graces in the small town of Naju at the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula. Monsignor Matthias Perez Merino, a theologian from the Vatican, visited Naju in the summer of 1990 and said that Naju was the synthesis of all of the Marian messages. In her messages through Julia Kim, the Blessed Mother herself has called Korea her youngest child, implying that her signs in Naju are the last ones. Several times Our Lady has predicted that her victory and light will spread to the entire world from this small land of Korea made fertile with the blood of so many martyrs.


The following is a summary of the major signs in Naju:

1. 700 days of weeping. Our Lady wept tears and tears of blood for a total of exactly 700 days (between June 30, 1985 and January 14, 1992) through her statue owned by Julia Kim and her family in Naju. Samples of the tears of blood were tested in the medical laboratory of Seoul National University and were found to be human blood.


2. 700 days of fragrant oil. Fragrant oil was exuded from the forehead of Our Lady's statue in Naju for 700 consecutive days (Nov. 24, 1992 to Oct. 23, 1994). While the oil was exuding from the statue, many people around the world received small pieces of cloth from Julia that had absorbed the oil. In addition to the fragrant oil, the Chapel in Naju frequently becomes filled with a powerful fragrance of roses. Our Lady has said that this fragrance represents her presence and her love and friendship for us.


3. Mystical sufferings and the Stigmata of Julia. Even before Our Lady began weeping through her statue in 1985, Julia promised to Our Lady a life of reparation after seeing a vision of Jesus suffering and bleeding profusely on the Cross for the redemption of all sinners. Since then, she has suffered extreme pains numerous times in reparation for the sins in the world. She has also received the Stigmata several times while suffering the pains of the Crucifixion. The wounds heal after a while.


4. Eucharistic Miracles. The essence of our Faith in the New Testament era is that God became man and dwells among us ó the Incarnation of the Second Divine Person. While hidden from the eyes of the world, Christ, true God and true man, reveals Himself to us, teaches us, forgives our sins and nourishes us spiritually through His Church. Christ is present and at work in our world at this very moment through the Sacraments and the members of His Church.

Christís presence in the Holy Eucharist is substantial and total, as the whole living person of Christ with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity is present. In the Eucharist, Jesus is hiding His glory and power behind the humble appearances of bread and wine, because He wants us to approach Him for our faith in Him and our love for Him and not for any superficial, vain reasons. As the shepherds and the Magi came and paid homage to the Baby lying in a manger at Bethlehem, Jesus wants us to be poor in spirit and loving in our hearts when we approach Him.

The clouds of errors and eroding faith have covered the minds of many, however, and the awesome reality of Christís Real Presence in the Eucharist is not certain to them any more. The practice of frequent Confessions in preparation for Holy Communion has also disappeared in many parishes. It is no surprise that this weakening of the belief in Godís Incarnation has occurred simultaneously with the neglect toward the Blessed Mother, as she is the channel through which the Incarnation becomes a reality. Whenever we neglect the Blessed Mother, we are also going to lose the clear sight of Godís Incarnation among us.

Now, it is no surprise again that the Blessed Mother gives us most powerful signs to awaken us to the Real Presence of her Son in the Blessed Sacrament. In addition to her messages, Our Lady has given us Eucharistic Miracles 19 times through Julia Kim. In twelve of them, the Sacred Host that Julia received turned into visible Flesh and Blood in her mouth. The locations and dates of these miracles as well as the celebrants of the Mass are as follows:

(1) Naju Parish Church on June 15, 1988 (Pastor of Naju)

(2) Naju Parish Church on May 16, 1991 (Fr. Jerry Orbos and Fr. Ernie Santos from The Philippines)

(3) At Mass in a hotel room in Rome, Italy, on June 1, 1992 (Fr. Jerry Orbos) (Julia was in severe pains.)

(4) St. Francis Church in Lanciano, Italy, on June 2, 1992 (Fr. Jerry Orbos)

(5) Naju Parish Church on September 24, 1994 (Fr. Jerry Orbos)

(6) St. Anthonyís Church in Kailua, Hawaii, November 2, 1994 (Fr. Martin Lucia)

(7) Naju Parish Church on June 30, 1995 (Pastor of Naju)

(8) The Chapel in Naju on July 2, 1995 (witnessed by Fr. Francis Su and Fr. Pete Marcial)

Á (9) During an outdoor Mass on a mountain near Naju on September 22, 1995 (Bishop Roman Danylak, Fr. Joseph Finn, and Fr. Aloysius Chang)

(10) The Holy Fatherís private chapel in the Vatican on October 31, 1995 (Pope John Paul II)

(11) The Cathedral in Sibu, Malaysia, on September 17, 1996 (Bishop Dominic Su)

(12) Naju Parish Church on October 19, 1996 (Fr. Francis Su and other priests)

In addition, on seven occasions, the Eucharist miraculously descended to the Chapel in Naju:

(1) & (2) November 24, 1994 (witnessed by Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea; Fr. Raymond Spies; and other priests and lay people) Ť

(3) July 1, 1995 (Fr. Francis Su and Fr. Pete Marcial)

(4) July 1, 1996 (Fr. Francis Su)

(5) June 12, 1997 (Bishop Paul Kim)

(6) July 13, 1997 (a Bishop from Rome)

Á (7) August 27, 1997 (Fr. Raymond Spies & Fr. Francis Elsinger)

Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea until 1997, made detailed reports to the Holy Father and other top prelates in the Holy See.


Our Lady is carrying out a major plan for human conversion on a worldwide scale. As her efforts intensify, especially through Naju, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Holy Eucharist is the focal point in Our Ladyís messages and the central key in Godís Plan of human salvation. In her messages in Naju, Our Lady deplores so sorrowfully the miserable state of our lukewarm devotion to her Son in the Holy Eucharist and the widespread loss of faith in His Real Presence in the Eucharist as well as the neglect of the Sacrament of Confession, which is so necessary to prevent horrible sins of sacrilegious Communion and to prepare our hearts for receiving Our Lord more worthily. She is anxiously calling each one of us to practice and spread her messages so that more people may reform their lives and be saved.

Julia draws water from the miraculous spring in Naju. An image of the Eucharist is visible in the bowl. Many miraculous healings have been reported in connection with this water. Some people have smelled the fragrance of roses from the water.

Pilgrims from San Francisco in front of the Chapel in Naju in July 1998

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