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The Blessed Mother receiving from God the Crown of the Queen of Heaven and the Power to defeat Satan especially in our current times

The following is an excerpt from the book: The Victorious Queen of the World, which contains a spiritual diary of Sr. Maria Natalia and also the commentaries by Stephen A. Foglein, an engineer and refugee from Hungary in 1972.  Sister Natalia was born in 1901 near Pozsony, in present Slovakia.  She received the messages in Hungarian. She died on April 24, 1992, in the odor of sanctity.


The messages in this chapter are similar in many instances to the messages of La Salette, Fatima, and other modern messages and warnings.  The essence of these messages can be summarized thus:  we are living at the end times, but not at the end of the world.  At this time God will enter into history through signs, miracles and catastrophes, which will make the reality of God and His truth self-evident for all souls and force men to choose between God and His adversary Satan.  The significant signs of God's intervention in history can be summarized as follows: 

1.   It will happen through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2.   The sinful world will be cleansed.

3.   The Church itself will be cleansed and renewed.

4.   The coming age will be the age of heavenly peace, almost the state that was lost in   Paradise, in which all nations will become Christian and there will be only "one fold and one shepherd" (John 10:16).  This age also will be the age of Mary and the Holy Spirit, her Spouse.  Devotion to Mary will be at its height.  The Church will proclaim new dogmas about Mary: one possibly will be "Mediatrix", the other will be: "Co-Redemptrix."

Then after this "second paradise", mankind will become bored with the peace of God: "they will forget that the sins of man are the cause of all the trouble on this earth" (Secret of La Salette) and will make way for the forerunners of the Antichrist that will usher in the end of the world.  But let's hear the messages that Sr. Natalia received.

The secret of the Divine Heart

Once in a vision the Lord showed me how the greater part of the world will become a pile of ruin.  I saw cities and farms; everything looked like a forest after fire (See also Washington's vision).  There was no sign of life anywhere.  Then suddenly the Divine Savior appeared.  I saw Him walking among the blackened ruins.  He lifted up His right hand toward heaven, while His left hand pointed to earth.  I asked Him: "My Jesus, what are You doing among these ruins?"  He answered, "I am searching for a foothold to sow the seeds of the promise of My Heavenly Father, but everything is just burnt out, blackened ruin."  I understood that His right hand raised toward heaven signified the impending punishment, while His left, pointing toward earth, represented His extended mercy.  As I watched the vision, writing appeared above Jesus' right hand:  "IT WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS WAY IF MY PEOPLE WILL CONVERT.  BECAUSE OF REPARATION, THE HEAVENLY FATHER WILL HAVE MERCY ON THE WORLD.”


"I am telling you again!"

Jesus said, "I am telling you again: pray that before the holy peace of the world and the great mercy to come, sinners in the Church and in the world may convert to God and accept My Mercy, by amending their lives.  Otherwise all those who will not convert before or during the period of grace will receive eternal death!"  "You who are just, should not be afraid!  Pray, and trust the power of holy prayer!  Rejoice because you found mercy with My Heavenly Father.  Do not be afraid, rather rejoice, because My Immaculate Mother with her power as Queen, full of grace, together with the heavenly hosts of Angels, will annihilate the forces of hell!"

Why is the promised world peace coming so slowly?

A priest asked the above question of me, and I received the following answer from the Blessed Virgin:  "The age of world peace is not being delayed.  The Heavenly Father only wants to give time to those who are able to convert and find refuge with God with a contrite heart.  Many will convert even from among those who now deny the existence of God.  The world received the grace of this extension of time before the chastisement, because the Heavenly Father has received with favor the reparation and self-sacrifice offered throughout the world. . .  Your reparation has power because I am praying with you and consoling the greatly offended God with you.  Even your breathing should be an expiating prayer before God." [To the same question, in the book by French seer Jeanne L. Ramonet, Jesus answered thus also through His Immaculate Mother: “If at the time of the great flood, God inundated the earth with water gradually to give time for repentance, He is doing the same today in His infinite goodness and mercy.  As a warning He strikes a blow here and there to send a message of warning to show them how they can avoid the consequences of His anger.  Think about the excesses of the weather, hurricanes in places never heard of, drought, waves of the sea pounding beaches and destroying buildings, and many other catastrophes, often unexplainable, etc.  If these warning blows get the desired result there will be no need to fear further.  But if they do not achieve the result God wants to achieve, then He is forced to send greater punishment to cleanse souls.]

The exaltation of Satan

The Blessed Virgin told me that the decisive victory which will end the saturation of the world with lies, and that will open the way of the promised holy peace, will come when Satan will have gained power everywhere; when he will have seduced most souls; when in his haughtiness, which knows no bounds, he will feel that he can ruin all God's creation, including souls; when the true faith and light will live only in a few souls, because all of uncertain will have gone over to his side; then the victory will come suddenly and unexpectedly.

The power of Mary Immaculate

Jesus said, "This world is obstinate in its wickedness.  As this stubborn wickedness progresses, so the world is getting further and further away from Me.  But I cannot repent of My love.  I extend My hand toward them, which is mercy and punishment at the same time.  Mercy and love for those who love Me, and punishment for those who despise Me. . .  The world has reached the point where wickedness itself begs for a stop.  The power of My Immaculate Mother is able to stop the crumbling mountains; it is able to hold back rivers overflowing their banks; and to calm the roaring sea.  She will be your help."  [And again the same theme can be found in J. L. Ramonet’s messages:  Yes, there will be terrible calamities on earth as I warned humanity, because mankind has soiled the road that leads to God with the mud of sin. . .  This will be the worst time of the world and the Church . . .  In the terrible hours of the chastisement, flee to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, she will be your refuge and you will receive mercy through her.]

The intercession of the Blessed Virgin

So far in our days the Immaculate Heart of Mary has prevented the catastrophe of the world.  A terrible fate awaits humanity if men will not convert.  The Lord Jesus wishes to give His graces through our Immaculate Mother.  This is why the Holy Virgin is the one who calls us to repentance and penance.  The Lord Jesus wishes to give His gifts for us through the intercession of our beautiful and victorious Blessed Mother, who ceaselessly prays for humanity.

The fire of the Holy Spirit

I saw God's Holy Spirit — as a devastating fire — inundate the world.  This fire did not bring peace, nor mercy, but devastating punishment.  Wherever the flame of the Holy Spirit swept through, the evil spirits by the thousands fell back to hell.  But before everything was ruined, I saw the Holy Virgin fall on her knees before Jesus, praying, asking for mercy for the world.  Jesus did not look at her, but watched the Heavenly Father.  The Heavenly Father did not pull back His hand extended over the world in His just anger.  Then the Holy Virgin took from her shoulder the mantle of peace and suddenly covered the world with it.  All those parts of the world that were covered with the mantle escaped the punishment and shone in the blue color of peace.  But where the mantle did not cover the surface, the red color of anger could be seen glowing like embers.  I understood that we could escape from the just punishment of God only if we sought refuge under the mantle of our Blessed Virgin Mother, and pleaded for mercy through her.

How can we hasten the victory?

A priest asked me to ask the Blessed Virgin:  "What shall we do to hasten her victory?"  The answer came from the Blessed Virgin: "If you want to hasten the great miracle of the victory of your Queen, with which I will save the world, then you who are close to me should help me by trusting me and my Son as little children would trust their mother, besides making reparation, the life offering and praying.  Your trust so far has not been sufficient, and yet the effectiveness of your prayer depends on your trust.  If you pray with full confidence, the victory that you are eagerly awaiting will bring the joy of worldwide peace in a cleansed environment.  Trust me.  Trust me always, my children!"

Jesus praying

Once I saw Jesus as He prayed to His Heavenly Father, I asked Him:  "My Jesus, for whom or for what are you praying now?"  Jesus answered, "My child!  I pray for those for whom you should pray too!  Beseech the Heavenly Father that the wickedness of men on earth will cease soon.  Pray earnestly that the hearts of men may soon be filled with holy and heavenly peace, the peace that I brought to earth, that this peace may spread everywhere.  With My prayer I obtained from My Father that the time of suffering will end soon to make room for the coming of heavenly joy to you.  But before that time will come, you must go through heavy trials.  Yet you can mitigate the weight of these trials by prayer, supplication and unending reparation.  Therefore pray fervently and with holy hope, that the angels and saints of heaven also plead for mercy with My Heavenly Father together with Me and My Immaculate Mother.  Console the deeply offended God not only for your own sins, but for the sins of others.  Only in this way can the grace of the great miracle, the promised peace will be effective in you.  It is very near now."  [Jesus said to Maria J. Jahenny: The world will be laid in its casket, but after being cleansed in its own blood, it will be resurrected in such glory as I was resurrected from My grave . . .  The reign of My peace will be wonderful and from the rising sun to the setting sun My name will be praised and will be called on for help.  This will be a call to all the nations to come and find refuge in My Heart.  Tell it to My children, do not doubt the coming victory.  If they doubt, they hurt Me.]

The age of peace

Jesus showed me in a vision that after the cleansing, mankind will live an angelic and clean life.  There will be an end to the sins against the sixth commandment and an end to lies!  The Savior showed me that unceasing love, happiness and divine joy will signify this future clean world.  I saw the blessing of God abundantly poured out upon the earth.  Satan and sin were completely defeated and took leave.  The cleansed world will gain, through the Blessed Virgin Mother, the peace of the Lord.  But the Lord never told me when all this will be realized.

The trials of the Church

The Lord Jesus let me know that just before the victory that will bring peace to the world, great confusion and terror will reign in the Church.  The reason for this confusion will be the penetration of godlessness into the sanctuaries of the Church; tradition will be ruined and there will be worldliness everywhere.  This calamity will go together with the hatred and enmity among nations that will result in the outbreak of many wars.  I learned that many will attack the Church; their goal will be to alienate the believers from the Church, to take away their trust in her, and thereby they will become free prey for Satan.

The fate of those who do not convert

The Savior said, "The right hand of my Father will annihilate all those sinners who, despite the warnings and the period of grace and the tireless effort of the Church, will not convert.

The renewed Church

Jesus also told me that the Church, cleansed and renewed by great sufferings, will again be clothed in humility and simplicity, and will be poor as at the beginning.  The spirit of holiness will penetrate all the members of the Church, and they will live by the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount.  As we get closer to the end of the world, this simplicity and poverty will have wider and wider acceptance. 

The Queen of Peace

I saw that when the glorious peace arrives and love reigns, there will be only "one fold and one shepherd."  Mary, the mother of all believers, will guide the life of souls, appearing under various forms.  She will be the Queen of the Coming Age.  She will be the mediator between God and men through Jesus Christ; she will distribute all graces through the powers she has received.  Her mantle will cover the whole earth, and her tiara will decorate it.  Her Heart will direct the whole world till the arrival of the Last Judgment.

─ Mary’s Touch By Mail, Gresham, Oregon, February 22, 2015

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